MPQ Server Outage -- September 14 2017 [Fixed] (merged threads)



  • Bloody_Marvel
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    Probably one of the mirrors down, depending on which one the game's connecting to.
  • BCblue27
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    Honestly. When will they learn to stop messing up such critical components of the game?! You know, the components created by...oh, THEM? Terribly frustrating. This had better fix the loading times as well whenever it's up and running. 
  • Dayv
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    [Updated topic to show "devs aware" and "merged threads", merged another thread on this issue.]

    [Latest official status update is here.]
  • DiscoStucat
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    Daiches said:
    i am confused.  My game won't access on ios, gives me the check my internet connection message.  But my wife's is fine.  also on ios.
    This is not the thread to humblebrag about having a hot wife with her own iPhone! 
    SHE has an iPad actually!  Where is the thread for that?  (Asking for later)
  • Asmodaeus
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    Still having issues connecting :(
  • Mjolnirmight2
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    Android, still not working
  • pcr42
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    edited September 2017
    Only about 5 mins to until the end of current game. That's 3 days of grinding wasted.
  • Hyoga
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    Same problem for me :s

  • GrimSkald
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    Just checked.  Looks like there were issues with the first iteration of the Sinister Six event in early July (two months ago.)  I don't think expecting the game to function perfectly when a new event starts (and the new event starts for everyone at the same time,) is exactly fair - big player loads is not something you can always account for.

    The last time there was a server outage that was unrelated to a new event launch was early June (three months ago.)

  • Colognoisseur
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    PvE s2 ends: 10min
    Servers back up: 10min 01 sec
    Compensation: Standard token + 25hp
  • madsalad
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    Can't wait to submit my ticket for my shield break in PVP during the outage and I end up coming back -500.
  • UchihaSage
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    Cant connect to the game. Please fix and compensate me for this malfunction...
  • Bloody_Marvel
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    I think customer service's gonna be busy for the next couple of weeks...
  • SkadenFrudee
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    If the server is down for all, there's nothing happening to all, right? Can't they just give extra time on all timers and only the people who have other things to do get hosed when the servers are running again? I ask as someone in s5, and therefore unaffected. 
  • broll
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  • Bloody_Marvel
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    It's not everyone. Depends on what server you're connecting to.