MPQ Server Outage -- September 14 2017 [Fixed] (merged threads)



  • Bloody_Marvel
    Bloody_Marvel Posts: 209 Tile Toppler
    And the final Lightning Round too...
  • Nelixav
    Nelixav Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    What a bad timing, i was doing good on this pve
  • DyingLegend
    DyingLegend Posts: 1,188 Chairperson of the Boards
    Not working for me either on android
  • danielrandkai
    danielrandkai Posts: 89 Match Maker
    Same here. Sigh. Final grind ticking away ticking away...
  • Fratriarch
    Fratriarch Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    Samsung, android, post-updating, europe. Same issue.
  • Bigtone
    Bigtone Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    I had a chance to finish in first for first time....ugh this sucks. I had a cover that I was going to roster, it expired in a couple of hours and I just needed a few HP to roster it. If it expires while the servers are down, will it be gone?
  • abmoraz
    abmoraz Posts: 712 Critical Contributor
    Same issue on both my android tablet, however my android phone can still connect and play.  Weird.
  • FokaiHI
    FokaiHI Posts: 272 Mover and Shaker
    Unshielded. Going on 10 min now. 
  • rixmith
    rixmith Posts: 707 Critical Contributor
    I just tried again and was able to connect a play a match.
  • turbomoose
    turbomoose Posts: 748 Critical Contributor
    I was just posting about this , it's just as I was completing the last levels on the story ending today 

    if if it doesn't come back up I'll lose position and ISO was due to finish top 20
  • Phumade
    Phumade Posts: 2,471 Chairperson of the Boards
    LOL I thought the servers were starting to reject access by 32 bit devices.  but looks like everyone is having the problem
  • Lucifier
    Lucifier Posts: 244 Tile Toppler
    i have nothing to say, i just posted this comment, so i get notification about any new comments here.
  • Bloody_Marvel
    Bloody_Marvel Posts: 209 Tile Toppler
    Coming up to 30 minutes now... Don't think I can finish my grind anymore...
  • Starfury
    Starfury Posts: 719 Critical Contributor
    And as always, this would't be a problem if PvE didn't have to be played with a stopwatch.
  • FokaiHI
    FokaiHI Posts: 272 Mover and Shaker
    Some got back in. Most are still out
  • smkspy
    smkspy Posts: 2,024 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yep, mine still down too right on my final pve grind. Lucky I just had 7th clears for hard nodes and the easy nodes left.
  • pstar782004
    pstar782004 Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    Still can't login after 20 minutes. This is causing me my T10 ranking. 
  • Evilplayer
    Evilplayer Posts: 29 Just Dropped In

    At least i hope we get some moonstone covers as conpesation.
  • Sluggo
    Sluggo Posts: 504 Critical Contributor
    Been down about a half hour for me now. I'm supposed to start my slice 2 final grind ... about now. 

    I won't claim "this will cost me a T1", but I was coasting to an easy t5 finish. Hopefully they'll be back in the next 10 min.