Android Black Screen Crash Bug (Update 12/17: Full Fix Deployed)



  • Zantom
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    s22 Ultra, still unable to log in.

    PSA for those that have alliances or want to do dailies or just play, I have been able to load a free android emulator on PC (I used LDPlayer). Just install Facebook and log in, then install MPQ and you are good until this is resolved.

  • axmoss
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    It's weird. Doesn't work on my s22u, even with uninstalling and reinstalling mpq. But it works on my z fold3. Dunno why. Hopefully this bug is fixed soon.

  • Sweets786
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    Uninstalled and reinstalled from Google play on S22 and restarted phone, still nothing. I barely even get a black screen, I click and it's black for a second and then disappears. Sad...

  • Spudgutter
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    So for those of us who cannot even get to a loading screen, does it see that as well?

    Are they cool with us using an emulator to get on and play? Hadn't thought of that as an option, and obviously it is not as ideal or functional as my phone, but if it helps me still able to help the alliance a little bit I can try but don't want to get flagged

  • Chaosssx
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    Hi i finally decided to do what someone on reddit suggested and downloaded an older version of the game. Just wanted to ask about the expired offers since I was about to buy the Mthor offer of around 1000 shards for 43 cad before I wasn't able to log in. I dont know if this has been addressed yet but just wanted to confirm if past offers will be coming back or not.

  • DyingLegend
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    Hopefully we will get an update today

  • Josechocr
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    @IceIX said:
    Update: People are asking about compensation, and I've got some news on that!

    Affected players: We know who you are. I mean, you're crashing, we see that. So to anyone who is affected, we'll be compensating by crediting with max placement/progression rewards from the missed events. While we unfortunately can't add points to the current Versus season, at least you won't be missing out on anything rewards-wise.

    Player-base: Just because you weren't crashing doesn't mean you weren't peripherally affected. You could be in an Alliance with an affected player and lost Alliance placement, could have been set up to do a........... club activity, maybe some shield hopping, etc. Since it's impossible to tell who is affected and who isn't, we'll be doing a blanket gift of a Namora cover to the player-base when we get all this fixed up.

    Hope this news helps tide you all over, and truly sorry for the inconvenience!

    Thank for the News, I hope we can get the game back soon

  • Korvac
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    Devs, any chance we can get an update on the status of a patch?

  • SteveSmith
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    Is there any update at all?

  • Brown_The_Bear
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    It's been a week already.

  • S0kun
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    We haven't forgotten about this. As mentioned on 12/9, we issued a partial fix which resolved a few bugs on the backend that you won't see manifest in your builds, but it's still part of a larger fix to resolve the issue. No new update that we can mention specifically yet, but tomorrow we plan on announcing another fix that will get some Android users to access their accounts via Steam. Details to come in the morning PST.

  • DyingLegend
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    Looks like I'll be waiting even longer. I don't use Steam lol

  • LFChikarason
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    That's not encouraging, but thanks for the update

  • Dprodeje97
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    Been staring at a black screen for a full week.

  • DyingLegend
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    We are in the work around stage of the fix. This will probably be a long pole item, not resolved until next year due to the multiple parties that are involved with the fix.
    Hopefully I am completely wrong, I've given up for now.

  • dv8mad
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    I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra. It looks like others with issues have this model as well. I just wanted a bigger screen for games. WaStEd! LOL

  • killahKlown
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    You guys with the s22s are going to be swimming in rewards when you get back. I'm a little jealous

  • DyingLegend
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    @killahKlown said:
    You guys with the s22s are going to be swimming in rewards when you get back. I'm a little jealous

    I'm sure they will cap it at some point right ?? 😂

  • killahKlown
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    Doubt it. Every event you're impacted negatively by this, you'll get top event rewards.

  • Timemachinego
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    Whatever update or fix went through seems to have changed some things on my end. I was 100% fine and now the game fails to load a good 1/5th of the time. Obviously not horrible or anything, I just make sure I'm in well before I need to be, but it is something to note.