***** Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) *****



  • IrisRyu
    IrisRyu Posts: 131 Tile Toppler
    The general response to Emm5 seems to be pretty lukewarm, but she snapped me out of my Chasm addiction and I think she’s great!

    It’s nice to be able to play with AP again and her cheap match damage negation is highly effective. I’m running her with Electro in Juggs PVP and there have been a few times where the enemy team (almost always boosted Apoc) scores a massive cascade that would prove fatal to anyone else and she just shrugs it off for -6. 

    Full disclosure, I don’t have a champed Okoye and while I recognize Apoc’s value, I don’t enjoy playing him. As a result, I have limited play experience with damage boosters. I don’t know if Emma approaches their damage ceilings, but I do know that my boosted 452 Electro’s black is hitting for 167,000 pts with zero red AP. There may be better boosters, but she has zero hoops to jump through, which, for me, is a fair trade-off.

    I thought Emma’s purple Mental Block was lame when announced, but it does work in practice. If the enemy somehow has enough AP to fire a power, I’m normally able to launch her purple tile and mitigate the damage.

    Agreed that the required 8 tile destruction to fire her red is cumbersome and outside of destroying team-up tiles for Electro, I never use it. Still, her match damage negation, power disruption, stun immunity and power boosting make her a stellar support character in my book!
  • mani82
    mani82 Posts: 115 Tile Toppler
    As usual use when boosted character will find her use when boosted and will be warming the bench other times
  • Bzhai
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    Hear me out here: Shuma + Hawkeye + Emma

    Team overkill.
  • IrisRyu
    IrisRyu Posts: 131 Tile Toppler
    mani82 said:
    As usual use when boosted character will find her use when boosted and will be warming the bench other times
    I also used Emm5 in Simulator at the end of the last season and still thought she was great even without the god boost. Since her abilities are all percentage based and don’t change when boosted, I don’t think it’s giving me a false sense of Emm5’s viability, but we’ll see…

    And, yes, Emm5 and HawkEyeball play very well together!
  • max5esq
    max5esq Posts: 54 Match Maker

    I really like her, I have her fully covered (5/3/5) and even under leveled and not boosted she is passively boosting her teammates damage output by huge amounts, at 13 red AP all your teammates powers are doing double damage. Unlike apoclypse or Okaye, you are starting the match with plus 70% she is a bit squishy but I find myself using her alot.