List of Powers Chasm Broke (or, things you didn't know were start-of-game abilities) FIXED!



  • TheEyeDoctorsWife
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    Please fix the characters in the following order:

    1. Adam Warlock
    2. Shang Chi
    3. Okoye
    4. Apocalypse
    5. The rest
    Even though i use 2 of them 95% of the time I hope they are fixed dead last along with any other meta 
  • obikenobi12
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    Big Wheels Wheelhouse ability isn't working. It's not even working correctly in matches where Chasm isn't even present. His Wheelhouse ability keeps resetting at 0 every turn and he doesn't do any damage or rotate the board. This is very frustrating as I haventhismability maxed at level t and I use Big Wheel a lot in pve/PvP. Please add him to the fixes! All of his abilities hinge upon having speed points. 
  • justsing
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    It looks like Wanda is still bugged. Her Mystical Feedback isn't reducing damage properly.
  • HoundofShadow
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    @WilliamK1983 All requests made by players are for selfish reasons, including those that are supposedly good for the "longevity" of the game. There's nothing to be surprised about. 

    These 4 choices were proposed rationally. Since the dev can't fix all characters simultaneously, but only individually; therefore, it makes sense to prioritise these 4 first for 5* players since they are the most commonly used. 4* and below players would probably be hiding behind Chasm's match damage anyway.

    Adam Warlock - current boost list
    Okoye/Apocalypse - for top players
    Shang Chi - for many new 5* or even 4* players.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I don’t think Odin’s Protector of the 9 Realms is reducing damage properly. I’ve been trying to run him to see what a 5/5/5 chasm would feel like and he keeps getting match damaged to death for what seems like full damage even though he still jumps to the front.
  • Mrcl25
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    justsing said:
    It looks like Wanda is still bugged. Her Mystical Feedback isn't reducing damage properly.
    Any word on the SW fix? I haven't seen her in the list of characters being looked upon. 

  • nunziotkp
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    morgh said:
    * Warlock's increased damage is not working (unless you are below 50% HP and get back into the increased damage range through self-heals)
    * Okoye's increase does not work - regardless if you have a chasm on your side if you are playing against chasm

    I'm have to say this is some deep ****... anyone has tested what this char before actual release? If they did, they should be fired...

    For me Okoye's TU match damage increase is not working even in matches where Chasm is on neither team. It's just not working.


    Okoye's team-up damage is now working correctly for me in non-Chasm matches. Yay. Thanks BC!