Character Creation Challenge: Annihilus

AkoniAkoni Posts: 667 Critical Contributor
Let's keep the bad guy streak going with the one and only Annihilus.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Just follow 3 rules:

1. Stick to the character in the title. You may choose any depiction of that character (younger, older, alternate reality, etc.).

2. Provide some details like the colors of the powers and description. Include more if you're feeling a bit more expressive. Include as much or little detail as you desire. As long as the information is there and understandable, it is fine. As an example, I will begin the challenge with my own design.

3. You may utilize someone else's ideas, but give them credit. Chances are, we will all come up with some of the same ideas. Post them freely, but give credit to the inspiration for your idea, if any.

Constructive discussion is encouraged. If you have any suggestions for a future CCC, leave a comment.


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  • AkoniAkoni Posts: 667 Critical Contributor

    Annihilus (Classic)
    5 Star (Epic)

    Affiliation: Villains
    Health: Above moderate
    Match Damage: Moderate

     Annihilation Wave 0  AP
    (PASSIVE) Annihilus and his army breaks free of the Negative Zone to invade Earth. Annihilus starts the match airborne for 2 turns. While Annihilus is airborne, convert 2 Basic tiles to Team-Up tiles each turn. When Annihilus returns from airborne, destroy 1 Basic tile for each Team-Up tile (does not generate AP).
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: no change
    • Level 3: ...convert 2 Basic or enemy Strike, Attack, or Protect tiles...
    • Level 4: ...convert 2 Basic or enemy special tiles...
    • Level 5: ...convert 3 Basic or enemy special tiles...

     The Living Death That Walks 0  AP
    (PASSIVE) Earning his name, Annihilus is a threat greater than any hero has faced. When you make a Green, Black, or Purple match, create a strength 20 Strike tile. When you make a Team-Up match, remove a friendly Strike tile and deal 200 permanent damage to the enemy team. 
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: ...strength 26 Strike tile...
    • Level 3: 270 permanent damage...
    • Level 4: ...strength 32 Strike tile...
    • Level 5: 340 permanent damage...

     Harvester of Sorrows 12  AP
    Annihilus sends one of his ships, the Harvester of Sorrows, to destroy the enemy while powering his forces. Destroy all friendly and enemy Team-Up AP. Deal 107 damage to the enemy team for each friendly Team-Up AP destroyed and restores 120 health to allies for each enemy Team-Up AP destroyed.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: ...restores 150 health...
    • Level 3: ...restores 200 health...
    • Level 4: Deal 142 damage...
    • Level 5: Deal 203 damage... restore 286 health...
  • Seph1roth5Seph1roth5 Posts: 74 Match Maker
    Love the idea, but I know zippo about annihilus lol.
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