Character Creation Challenge: Marquis of Death

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I seem to be on this bad guy kick, but it's October and with Halloween approaching we might as well keep it going with one of the baddest of the bad, the Marquis of Death. 

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Just follow 3 rules:

1. Stick to the character in the title. You may choose any depiction of that character (younger, older, alternate reality, etc.).

2. Provide some details like the colors of the powers and description. Include more if you're feeling a bit more expressive. Include as much or little detail as you desire. As long as the information is there and understandable, it is fine. As an example, I will begin the challenge with my own design.

3. You may utilize someone else's ideas, but give them credit. Chances are, we will all come up with some of the same ideas. Post them freely, but give credit to the inspiration for your idea, if any.

Constructive discussion is encouraged. If you have any suggestions for a future CCC, leave a comment.


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    Marquis of Death (Clyde Wyncham, Jr.)
    5 Star (Epic)

    Affiliation: Villian
    Health: High
    Match Damage: Low

     Ultimatum 0  AP
    (PASSIVE) The Marquis offers to spare his foe, but a choice must be made. If there isn't one, create a 4-turn Black Countdown tile that deals 460 damage to the enemy team and converts 3 enemy special tiles to Basic Black tiles when it expires. If matched or destroyed by the enemy, deal 1070 damage to the target and steal 3 enemy Strike, Attack, or Protect tiles.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: deals 550 team damage or 1260 damage
    • Level 3: deals 680 team damage or 1580 damage
    • Level 4: deals 910 team damage or 2100 damage
    • Level 5: deals 1300 team damage or 3000 damage

     Death to the Multiverse 7  AP
    The omnicidal Marquis travels across universes, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Destroy 2 tiles in the color most present (does not generate AP).
    (PASSIVE) Deal 120 damage when a tile in the friendly team's strongest color is destroyed. This damage cannot be increased or decreased.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: Destroy 2... (PASSIVE) Deal 150 damage...
    • Level 3: Destroy 3... (PASSIVE) Deal 190 damage...
    • Level 4: Destroy 3... (PASSIVE) Deal 230 damage...
    • Level 5: Destroy 4... (PASSIVE) Deal 300 damage...

     Temporal Rift 9  AP
    The Marquis sends his adversary through time to rot away in the past. Send the target airborne for 1 turn dealing 580 damage when they return.
    (PASSIVE) Enemy matches made in the strongest color of each airborne enemy do not generate AP.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: 720 damage
    • Level 3: ...airborne for 2 turns
    • Level 4: 900 damage
    • Level 5: ....airborne for 3 turns
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                                                          Marquis of Death (Clyde Wyncham Jr.)


                                                                               5 Star (Epic)

     Apprentice of the Marquis 9  AP

    The Marquis chooses someone with great potential as his apprentice. Pick one ally. The chosen ally’s match damage increases by 75% and all of the chosen ally’s powers cost 2 less AP. 

    (PASSIVE) Every time the Marquis picks a new apprentice, he gains 3 random AP and the former apprentice takes 500 damage. The Marquis can only have 1 apprentice at a time.

    Level 2: Match damage increased by 100% 

    Level 3: Powers cost 3 less AP

    Level 4: Gains 6 random AP when a new apprentice is picked

    Level 5: The chosen ally takes 20% less damage

     Universal Destruction 20 AP

    The Marquis of Death travels through the multiverse, destroying any universe he comes across. Create 5 3-turn Countdown tiles that create 1 strength 32 Strike tile and 1 strength 32 Attack tile each turn. When they expire, they do 200 damage to the enemy team, turn 2 random basic tiles to Black, and destroy 7 random Basic or Team-Up near them, doing double damage but not generating AP. If you have 30 AP in at least 2 colors, spend all friendly AP including Team-Up, to create 10 additional Universal Destruction tiles, destroy 1 enemy AP in every color including Team-Up, and destroy a random 5x5 block of tiles doing damage, but not generating AP.

    Level 2: Countdown tiles do 300 damage

    Level 3: Countdown tiles destroy 11 tiles

    Level 4: Countdown tiles create 2 Strike and Attack tiles each turn

    Level 5: Destroy 5 enemy AP in every color if you have enough AP

     Master of Space 11AP

    The Marquis of Death has complete control over space. He sends all enemies Airborne for 2 turns and creates a 2-turn countdown tile tile that does 250 damage to Airborne enemies each turn. When it expires, it creates 4 Red Charged tiles. This power becomes Master of Time when used.

    Level 2: Does 400 damage to Airborne Enemies

    Level 3: Creates 7 Red Charged tiles

    Level 4: Costs 2 AP less

    Level 5: Creates 3 Countdown tiles

     Master  of Time 11AP

    The Marquis of Death has complete control over time. He stuns all enemies for 2 turns, increases all enemy Countdown tiles by 2 turns, and creates 2 1-turn Repeater tiles that do 100 damage and destroy 1 random enemy AP. This power becomes Master of Space when used.

    Level 2: Stuns for 3 turns

    Level 3: Increases Countdown tiles by 3 turns

    Level 4: 220 damage

    Level 5: Costs 2 AP less

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