Break the hoard or not ?

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Hello everyone. 

I have most of 4* champed, and transitioning to 5* with one 5* champion, BRB. I mostly play PVE, and PVP up to 650 points.
I wanted to break my hoard (151LL, 4000CP), but I don't know if I should go for Colossus/Wanda/Knull or wait for Wanda/Knull/???. Knull really doesn't seem that good, but I guess I'll have to cover him as well if I want Wanda.

Or maybe I should wait for a whole new (and hopefully better) trio, but I would be missing Wanda.

What do you think ? And what are you planning to do with your hoards ?


  • HoundofShadow
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    Colossus/Wanda/Knull seems to be the better choice. He can help you to punch up in SCL10 pves. If I were you, I would wait for the next 5*, coming to you between 1st to 3rd June.

    BRB/Polaris can handle almost any teams, including iHulkoye, in pvps and your goal is only 650. 

    Just wait and revive this thread on 1st June.
  • Ares76
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    I am stuck in the same dilemma - with the difference that I have 30+ five-star champs already. Since the last 10 five-stars or so were mediocre (last good one was Apocalypse, maybe Onslaught) a lot of people hoarded enough resources in the last months to be able to champ three latest.
    I would definitely wait till the next 5-star is announced. There will be a lot discussions in this forum where people will be comparing Colossus to the next five-star. 
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    I'm also in this boat. Haven't really busted the hoard since Apoc/Onslaught.  Not a lot of interest in the five stars released since. Hoping for some better characters in the next two or three releases. Otherwise, I'll keep hoarding.
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    Wanda can be a decent damage booster & damage reducer, so in that light she is similar to Okoye & Apocalypse. If you don't already have either of them, I would say she's worth pulling for, especially since hers is percentage based & you could keep her lower level to work with your 4* for now. The main thing would be the next 5* to see how they compare to Colossus, so probably a safe bet to wait until the next one is announced in a few weeks & go from there. 
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    I don’t expect Colossus / Wanda / Knull to make a huge difference in PVE. It’s more in PVP that they shine. Since you don’t play a ton of PVP, I’m not convinced you’d get much benefit from unhoarding.

    I think it might be better if you save your CP for a special store with someone like Apoc, who will actually pair well with BRB and also help speed things up in PVE since that’s your focus. Perhaps saving for the next Anniversary Fan Favorites store is a good target. 
  • entrailbucket
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    If you don't have Hulk or Okoye you're much, much better off waiting for a store that has Hulk or Okoye.  None of the new guys are anywhere close to their level for PvP or PvE.
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    If you're going to continue to play PvP to 650, this group of 5's probably won't be a homerun for you. This is a PvP group.
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    Echoing what has been said above, if you are not competitive in PvP now and don't plan to be in the future, this trio isn't as exciting.

    Okoye, Apoc, or Kitty will have a much more profound impact on your PvE experience, especially Apoc with his excellent synergy with BRB.
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    There will always be a better trio eventually, that's what the devs have been signalling when each new release has higher health an damage then the previous. But if you always keep wandering about the future you will never enjoy the present.

    As present goes, 5*Colossus, Wanda and Knulls is a pretty good array. I would recommend you spend your LT"s on Latest Legends store and your CP on a different special store of three 5*s that you find interesting.

    Wanda, Carnage and Daredevil was a good one. But the current Knull, Black bolt and Black Panther isn't terrible either.
  • nousernamehere
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    Thanks everyone for your answers ! 

    I will obviously wait for the next announcement to make any decision. 
    Since everyone mostly says Col/Wanda/Knull is a PVP group, I'll wait the announcement and if the next one is not good, I'll save for a special store.

    I said I didn't play a lot of PVP, but I actually played it up to 900 points before I champed BRB. Since then, it's been hard to climb so I just go up to 650 for the Mighty token. I knew it would happen, but I don't mind, I prefer PVE, even though I like to mix both.

    I will still revive this thread after the announcement to hear what you are thinking about what to do next for hoarders ! Thanks again.

  • entrailbucket
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    Knull is not good.  I've been saying this since prerelease, and early reports of people facing the super-boosted version confirm this.

    He has a lot of health but he's very slow and frequently does nothing at all. 

    If you're convinced about Colossus and Wanda you might want to consider pulling while Cyclops is still in latest.  Cyclops is also not good but he might actually be better than Knull.
  • DAZ0273
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    What do we feel is the issue with Knull? He seemed OK but a loaner is often not the greatest feedback but I saw some players saying he had one of the better loaner experiences. Is it that this does not translate to more covers/higher levels? I don't have much of a hoard at present but what I do have I would like to make good use of as and when pursuing Wanda and whoever else is passably good.
  • entrailbucket
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    He's extremely slow to get going compared to the good passive damage dealers and he's also very unreliable by comparison, in that you need his (unfortified) countdown tiles to stay on the board or he does nothing at all.
  • entrailbucket
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    Yeah, you can probably assemble some kind of Knull-adjacent jank as a troll team, but you can do that with a lot of 5*.

    I think the lesson (that somehow nobody has learned yet) is: don't trust the pre-release hype.
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    Cyclops makes a decent tank for Hulkoye in PVE. With the proper support he can tank green for a champed IHulk. 

    That alone makes him more useful than some other toons. That said, I’m very tired of pulling covers for him while my Wanda and Colossus languish.
  • Aweberman
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    I think Cyclops is pretty good in PvE simply for his yellow.  A team of Cyclops/Thor/boosted 5 is going to crank the match damage to very high levels fairly quickly.  Playing along with Thor also allows him probably to tank all the colors (for a little while, anyway) and provide decent stun and board shake with his (admittedly-too-expensive) green.
  • Omegased
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    Aweberman said:
    I think Cyclops is pretty good in PvE simply for his yellow.  A team of Cyclops/Thor/boosted 5 is going to crank the match damage to very high levels fairly quickly.  Playing along with Thor also allows him probably to tank all the colors (for a little while, anyway) and provide decent stun and board shake with his (admittedly-too-expensive) green.
    you're not wrong, but i don't think he adds enough.

    I usually run Apoc/thor for a lot of PvE, and the majority of teams will be dead before any advantage Cyc can make.

    I guess it's an example of, while he does ok - there's others that do better.

    does that mean he's useless? absolutely not. but if you're lucky enough to have thor champed, you've probably got better partners

  • Srheer0
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    Hi Tc,

    When I champed my first 5 in hindsight I could have done it a month or two sooner. Don't make the same mistake I did :D 

    Don't pull for cycl5ps. I have overall been disappointed in him and very rarely get to use his black.

    Colossus is good, can pair well with things like Adam warlock and Killmonger later on down the road that have even more match damage built into their kits.  

    Wanda is very worth. She is not the best partner for BRB, but can accelerate his blue or green power damage and AP generation depending on how you use her pink. So I would say pull for her for sure. 

    Knull seems kindof weak. Annoyingly, if you want Wanda you are going to end up with some knulls or some cycl5psses. Knull is the king in black. But has a terrible black power.  

    The 5star I have been spoiled after knull looks very interesting. If you start being able to do pvp to 900 (you can do it with BRB and polaris quite easily) this will accelerate your roster growth and give you some more CPs.  

    So you have 2 choices.  

    Either pull for wanda and collo5sus and hope you don't get too many knulls.

    Or wait until knull leaves (I think it will be 14-16 weeks from today) and see how good the next latests are.