Finished prologue except ragnarok. Nothing to do now?



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    3* Deadpool has a special ability where you can drop his mega whales, instead of dropping his regular whales, on an enemy team and instantly win a match regardless of how much health the enemy team has, but you need those Deadpool points to do that. And I believe that if you drop his mega whales on a team during a wave node then it will only kill the opponents that are on that specific round of the wave node. Most people drop those whales as a last resort like if you're about to lose a pvp match, fighting a boss fight, doing a level 10 challenge node or for Welcome to Shield. 
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    HoundofShadow said:
    Rostering 5* covers without leveling them up won't affect your MMR. Not that I'm encouraging to use your cp to pull for 5* cover.

    I would disagree with this statement but I could be totally mistaken here. Since MMR is based on your highest few characters and 5* characters start at level 255 they would be the highest character you have rostered unless you have several champed 3* or 4* characters that you have leveled to at least level 256. Even when max champed a 2* character will only be level 144 so an unleveled 5* would be higher than these characters.
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    Back in late 2017, even when I was in pure 2* land with no 5* rostered, I was already facing players teaming 1-3 cover 5* characters with champed 2* in PvP and simulator. I even checked their rosters and their 5* aside, their highest were champed 2*. I think this could be a good proof that unlevelled 5* aren't taken into account for MMR.
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    Jumped immediately into a lightning round on the versus page. 9 straight wins, about half against higher level characters, ranked me up to #36. Lost my 10th match badly when they pulled a big silver team up, lost another battle when I was attacked, and fell all the way to #236 with 2 losses - ouch...
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    The general advice is you need only one 1* and either Juggernaut or Spiderman is a good choice. Spiderman is more versatile imo.

    Daken and Wolverine can tank Ragnarok's attack because they can true heal.

    At your stage, SCL 4 should be manageable for you in story events. Go any higher and you will burn out quickly.
    Will eventually keep spidey - he was the first character I maxed. Though I used my 1* black widow and her 5 turn freeze to help beat a team of level 80 4*s tonight in the lightning round.
    lol, rag’s one hit kill squashes daken, wolvie, and anyone else I have with them. No healing from “dead”

    passed on a dropped cover for a belova  1* tonight. Now have a 3* storm and a 3* rags waiting in my queue. Off hand, I don’t see a reason to replace anything I have with them.
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    Shield clearance level = scl

    It goes all the way to 10. When you play, it will ask you to "choose a clearance level".

    Don't worry about Ragnarok if you still can't beat him. You can beat him any day.

    As for Lightning Round, it takes place every Tuesday to Thursday.

    Defensive wise, you will be an easy target with your 1* black widow. It depends on your goal though.
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    SCL 4 includes enemies up to lvl 130? I would never win a match against a team of 130s...
    at SCL 3 I will probably not be able to beat the teams of level 79s, but SCL2 is just too low.
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    Shield Clearance Level has no effect on who you fight in Versus mode, only which other players you are grouped with for determining your placement. Personally as a game development professional I think using the same game concept to describe two VERY different behaviors between game modes is doing a huge disservice to players, but it's been this way since the introduction of the feature and is unlikely to change.

    At this stage of the game, I would suggest you join the highest Versus SCL you can, and just play for wins to get progression rewards. Don't sweat losing or placement - pvp is like climbing a greasy pole until you know what you're doing.
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    SCL 4 includes enemies up to lvl 130? I would never win a match against a team of 130s...
    at SCL 3 I will probably not be able to beat the teams of level 79s, but SCL2 is just too low.
    Don't let the upper limit scare you away.  The first three nodes in each sub don't scale, and the harder nodes don't start at that level.
    I would suggest trying SCL 4 for an event (but not Simulator, that one is usually hard), to see how you do in it.  If you can get the max progression rewards, stay on that level.  Otherwise, try to decide if the increase in rewards from the progression you make is better than what you can get on the lower level.
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    Thank you for all of the advice. Have been trying to read strategies and best teams at tier, but most of the guidance I have found is from 2018 or older - guessing “best teams” have changed since then. Had some luck today with tier 2 stormneto (Thor/magneto/storm), and daken/wolvie/drstrange, since wolvie is boosted. Tried Luke cage, but at 0/0/1 he doesn’t really cut it yet, even when boosted. Meant to cycle through standard covers, but save my hero cover, but wasn’t paying enough attention so accidentally drew a 4* SuperSkrull 1/0/0. Looks like he could have promise. Finished unstable ISO at rank 187
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    There are a lot of good 2* teams. Magneto/Hawkeye/Black Widow is one I like.
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    There are a lot of good 2* teams. Magneto/Hawkeye/Black Widow is one I like.
    Seriously not a fan of “countdown tiles” which fire after x turns. Based on my experience so far, it seems like 3 count tiles are cleared probably 75+% of the time
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    It works really well, give it a shot when you find you have them all champed. You'll want magneto and hawkeye at 3/5/5 both, and the move is to use magneto's purple to create a match-5 critical by placing 3 blue where you want them. Black Widow with 5 on black steals purple, blue, and black from the enemy and does a little bonus damage when she matches those colors, so she can accelerate your ability to do the combo. with 5 on purple, Hawkeye's CDs are only 2 turns long, and they hit very hard.

    But everyone has their playstyle they like, so if you find one you like just go with that one :)
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    Just met Polaris for the first time. At level 95 she could have wiped out my entire team all by herself. I think she hit me like 4 times every turn. Ouch.
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    Welcome to Polaris quest! Now that you've started seeing her you will keep seeing her, fortunately only pvp ATM though, for the foreseeable future. 
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    Throg and Sabretooth are pretty hard counters to her, but yeah she is pretty popular.
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    I came in 3rd in operation spider silk yesterday and all I got was a 2* Wolverine cover? Why go through all the effort? I’ve gotten him in standard token draws...
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    Just came here to say that this thread made me check the story mode for the first time in like 5 years and somehow I missed one reward (a 2* Cap cover). So, thanks.
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    Oh, you need to work on fully leveling those two characters. At level 94, you can turn them into what's called a "champion," which will allow you to level them beyond that with every cover you get and earn rewards every time you add a cover. you can also re-spec their powers whenever you like for no cost. I would recommend working on Wolverine first, then Cap. 2* Cap is pretty low-tier compared to 3* Cap, but 2* Wolverine is pretty solid and has a true heal that should help you with longevity.
    I think a benefit of champing a character that isn't mentioned very often for new players is that once a character is "champed", you can reallocate their 13 covers however you wish, as often as you want.

    You have Cap's yellow power at 5 covers.  I would suggest changing his cover layout to 3 in yellow and then having his blue and red to 5.  His yellow protect tiles can be strong, but the cost to use that power is just too expensive (in my opinion) and having his red  and blue at five covers each is far more useful when you can use the countdown tiles to overwrite any other type of tiles, including enemy special tiles and countdown tiles.  
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    OJSP said:
    First of all, well done for getting t3 for the day. Having said that, the event is not finished yet, so there are more rewards to be gained. I know if we look at each reward individually, they might not seem valuable enough. But, any 2* or greater covers can be farmed to give us better rewards from the Champion rewards. The rewards get better in higher SHIELD Clearance Levels.
    So, was #1 on day 2 when I went to bed at 2:00 am my time and finished #7 when the event ended at 6:00am - got a 2* Captain America. I would easily have gotten a better draw if I had finished like #50. Definitely not worth the investment over 2 days to get 2 characters from a standard draw. But it sounds like that was the reward given for the SCL I was in. Trying a higher SCL this next time. There will be 0% chance I can finish the event, but interesting to see the awards. 

    Now I just need more hero points for more roster spots before I can start opening those awards. Is it too early to start tossing 2* characters I don’t use/like, such as the 2 covers I have for the human torch?
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