Happy Wasp Exodus Day! May the odds be ever in your favor...



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    Started with all 3 at 0/0/0. 36 LLs get me a 1/2/1 Loki and a 3/0/0 Kitty, along with 3 more champ 4* (Valk, Ghost and Wasp). 4* champ levels get me 4 more pulls and I get a Cable. Yes! I can save my CP for classics once I rebuild some HP

    Only 1 BH in the whole bunch and it brings Carol to 5/5/2 
  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 470 Mover and Shaker
    Your 7 5* from 36 pulls compared to my 2 5* from 21 makes me want to skip reading threads like this...
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,338 Chairperson of the Boards
    Dogface said:
    Your 7 5* from 36 pulls compared to my 2 5* from 21 makes me want to skip reading threads like this...
    Yeah that's the nature of low odds, unfortunately. The smaller the odds, the less likely that they'll appear to average out in the short term.
  • whitecat31whitecat31 Posts: 550 Critical Contributor
    So let's start out by saying I have all 4 stars champed but Domino and 2.5 million ISO. I have been hoarding Legendary tokens since I champed the worst five star ever made, in Wasp. I refused to pull again, until she was gone.

    I started out with 177 Legendary Tokens and about 4700 command points. 
    Five star Loki has 3 covers. Kitty has 1 cover as does Cable  (So 5 five star covers total)
    My five star bonus hero favorite is Okoye so bonus heroes do not play a factor for getting the latest legendary.  
    My first pull series of 177 Tokens gave me 12 Loki covers, and an ability to champ him with the previous 3 covers. 
    I also yielded 10 Kitty Pride covers giving me a total of 11 covers and 9 Cable covers for a total of 10 covers.
    This was a great 5 star pull ratio of 17.5%
    I champ Loki and that yields me another Legendary Token.
    I got 2 bonus hero Okoye  for 2 levels in her and that also yielded me a Legendary Token.
    I also gained a Jessica Jones Level thanks to Sanchez getting to level 340.

    I open up and apply all the 4 star tokens and that yields me 12 more Legendary Tokens and a bunch of command points.
    I decide to open the 14 legendary tokens and I gained 3 Kitty pride covers and another Loki.
    Wow, I got very lucky. I champ Kitty Pride apply the 4 star tokens and I am yielded with 3 more legendary tokens.
    I open them and get another Loki.

    My command point total has gone up to 5124 command points from the rewards of opening of 4 stars and five stars.

    Cable needs 3 covers to be champed.  I decide to just start pulling latest legendary using command points and I am expecting some type of painful event, where I will have to spend thousands of command points to champ cable.
    I start right off with a green cable.   I just need 2 more and my Cable is 4/4/3.  I keep pulling.  I eventually gain another Green Cable another Loki cover and 2 kitty pride covers.   I finally get a yellow Cable cover and stop at 4399 command points.   I champ Cable.  I apply all the other covers. I gained two more Legendary tokens which I use and get two more 4 star covers and one is Jubilee which nets me a 5 star Phoenix cover.  
    I also gained 2 shield ranks and got some nice Iso rewards.

    Cable is champed at level 450, Kitty at 453, and Loki at 455. 
    I gained 43 Five star covers over a decently even spread with no evil over laps.  195 Legendary tokens were opened and 725 command points were used for another 29 pulls. I also gained 4 five stars covers from ancillary means.
    Total pulls 224.  In theory I should have only got 32 five stars based on the 1:7 ratio.  Instead I was very lucky and had a ratio of of 5.2  to 1.  Or 19.2%.  With the extra 4 covers it was about a 20.9% gain. 

    I end up with 0 Legendary tokens and 4455 command points 1.4 million ISO and maybe about 5000 extra hero points.  I will most likely start hoarding again since none of these 5 stars seem like top tier and will most likely just be used when boosted. I consider myself very lucky this time since in the past I have had bad RNG with pull rates under 8% and have had to sell over 20 wasted five star covers.

  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
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    RNG was very mean to me.  I opened 200 LL and the cover I wanted the most was Kitty - Yellow.  Cable covers are fine, but I'm not fond of Loki.  I ended up getting:

    Kitty - 1/3/3 => just 1 Yellow cover out of 200 pulls!  The thing I wanted most!  Plus, she has the fewest covers.
    Cable - 5/6/1 => bad distribution, but I have 18 weeks to get those 2 yellow covers
    Loki - 3/4/3 => nice distribution, but I don't want him

    I'll expound on my hoard opening more in my "Starting Over" thread.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 2,033 Chairperson of the Boards
    bbigler said:
    RNG was very mean to me.  I opened 200 LL and the cover I wanted the most was Kitty - Yellow.  Cable covers are fine, but I'm not fond of Loki.  I ended up getting:

    Kitty - 1/3/3 => just 1 Yellow cover out of 200 pulls!  The thing I wanted most!  Plus, she has the fewest covers.
    Cable - 5/6/1 => bad distribution, but I have 18 weeks to get those 2 yellow covers
    Loki - 3/4/3 => nice distribution, but I don't want him

    I'll expound on my hoard opening more in my "Starting Over" thread.
    If you didn’t want Loki why not wait for him to leave Latests before pulling?
  • Pr0spect0rPr0spect0r Posts: 291 Mover and Shaker
    In my 5 pulls I got 1 cable and 1 kitty. I'm set for a while
  • GreenArmadilloGreenArmadillo Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Waiting for Loki's replacement to be announced. Want Kitty and Cable, so I will be all in either just before or just after the next LL update.
  • Lopan15Lopan15 Posts: 211 Tile Toppler
    500 cp and only 1 LT
    Kitty x3
    Loki x2
    Cable x1
    was able to champ Loki and got 5 LTs from 4* champ rewards + a BH 5* Gambit.
    not too bad. 
  • DrlexDrlex Posts: 95 Match Maker
    Started off with 244 pulls between LTs and CPs. Busted the hoard. When I used the champ rewards I ended up with 265 pulls. Got 3 5* BH (1 Cable, 1 Thor, DD) and 12 4* (Peggy giving me a Civil Cap) BH. Thor was my 13th cover. Cable finished 3/4/8, Kitty finished 5/4/3, and Loki finished 14/4/4. I don't want Loki higher than my lvl 460 JJ. I beat RNG by a little bit. I am very happy with the pulls.
  • STOPTHISSTOPTHIS Posts: 775 Critical Contributor
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    188 pulls with 118 coming from LTs. 28 for 188 so 14.89%, which is probably the best pull rate I've ever had.
    Loki from 4/2/0 -> 5/4/4 with 6(!) purple saved covers
    Kitty from 0/0/1 -> 2/2/3
    Cable from 0/0/0 -> 1/5/4

    Still have 959 CmdPts. Going to hoard again until Loki's out. He'll be my highest leveled 5* champ when I champ him. Would have liked to grab more Kittys as she is who I was really fishing for, but I'm happy for her even distribution compared to Cable. In a weird streak the first 5-6 5*s I pulled were Loki and I can't help but thinking they would have been Wasp if I didn't wait.

    And thanks to 5* feeders I also managed to get additional covers for
    Black Panther 3/4/3 -> 4/4/3
    Thanos 5/2/2 -> 5/2/3
    Okoye. 5/0/4 -> 5/1/4

    Really happy for that last one. Finally, my Okoye can heal, even if it's just a little.
  • KGBKGB Posts: 649 Critical Contributor
    7 pulls and I got Cable. I also got 1 Kitty Red too.

    So I'm quite happy and it helps make up for all the CP I spent in his limited Vault where I didn't get him and had a poor 5* rate.

  • jreddjredd Posts: 1,107 Chairperson of the Boards
    started with 85 lt's
    after pulling those, with all the champ level rewards i ended up with approximately 20 more lt's 
    started pulling cp after that. started with 2800ish.

    105 pulls from lt's. approx 120 pulls from cp.

    not sure why, but once i started pulling from cp, the 5* dried up. most of my 5* pulls came from the lt's. very curious.

    cable 5/3/2 2 saved
    loki (started 2/0/0) 5/3/1 5 saved (ugh)
    kitty (started 1/0/0) 5/5/3

    got 1 doc oc bonus (didn't have him rostered). one event late. 

    approx 16% 5* rate. so as expected. too many saved covers though. would have been nice to champ kitty or loki. all in all. somewhat disappointing. could have ended up better. 
  • Twomp_thaDJTwomp_thaDJ Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    I heard Kitty isn’t all that so I’m waiting til she leaves to pop my hoard.
  • DFiPLDFiPL Posts: 2,401 Chairperson of the Boards
    My Loki started the day 3/3/0, and my Kitty started the day 0/1/1. Cable was, I think, 0/0/1.

    Loki is now 4/5/1 with a saved cover; Kitty is 0/2/4, and Cable is 1/2/5. Happy with the start for Cable, though I wish he were a little more evenly distributed. I'm hoping Kitty'll give me a hand by getting a feeder before she drops out, since I suspect she's gonna have less time in tokens than she otherwise might.

    Loki I'm decently confident of being able to finish, though I still need 3 covers. We'll see if I can get them in six weeks.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,217 Chairperson of the Boards
    208 Latest token pulls 

    Kitty 4/3/3
    Cable 4/3/1
    Loki championed level 453

    First 4* maxed (Medusa)

    Was initially worried about the colour distribution, but it turned out alright. Did not have to dip into my cp hoard. I can either wait for Loki to rotate out before attempting to finish Kitty/Cable or even leave them as it is (and aim to finish when they get their feeders) and wait for the next 3. The last time I pulled my token stash was June, therefore it took a bit over 4 months to save 208 tokens (possibly more since I has to pull some along the way to get a cover of each new release for pve essential).  
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 891 Critical Contributor
    I'm still not sure if I want to spend my current small stash yet (about 25 tokens, 500 cp, from the top of my head).

    While I don't hate Loki, mine is now 2/4/1, and he feels kinda 'meh' to me. His purple is pretty cool to play around with and packs a decent punch, but I always have trouble keeping his *slow* green repeater tile alive. And while his black is nice on paper, I have never triggered it even once. 

  • jameshjamesh Posts: 1,325 Chairperson of the Boards
    I decided I'd pull until I got a Cable cover for use in essentials.  That ended up being three tokens: Nebula, then Kitty Pryde, then Cable.

    I haven't champed any 5* characters and my Loki is at 13 covers with one saved, so perhaps I'll stop here and wait for the next 5*.  I don't think I'm going to run out of things to spend iso on in the meantime.
  • Ed_DragonriderEd_Dragonrider Posts: 340 Mover and Shaker
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    I only have 12 LTs waiting, but not for long now :)
    I have a single cover for all of the latest 5*s, and as im a 3* player i dont need more than that. 12 tokens are not a lot, so if i dont get any more for them i wont be traumatized, but if i do, they are equally welcome.
     For me a generous RNG would be to NOT pull any of the remaining 5 or so 4*s that i havent rostered yet. We shall see....
    So I did pull the 12 last night:

    Kingpin - yellow
    BW(IW) - yellow
    Prof. X - yellow
    Nebula - blue
    Rogue - red
    Miles M. - purple
    Spider-Gwen - red
    *Cable - blue
    *Cable - blue
    *Kitty - purple
    Coulson - yellow
    Mordo - purple

    3 of 12 is really generous for the 5*s. RNG didnt completely screw me over with the 4*s either, Kingpin is the only one i didnt already have from that lot, but i will continue not to have him, because i hate him, and have better things to roster. I might consider rostering him when i have HP to burn.... All in all, rather happy with all this!

    While this remains the store setup, i'll pull as i go from any LTs, but i'm going to start hoarding cp for the next 5* release, or for classics...
  • DragmusDragmus Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    I had 101 LTs. Opened one, got Loki and called it a day. The hoard continues!
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