Happy Wasp Exodus Day! May the odds be ever in your favor...



  • RichyyyRichyyy Posts: 305 Mover and Shaker
    My Loki is 2/3/4 so it seems a shame not to finish him off. So my hopeful plan is to semi-break the hoard - pulling to get Loki to 13 covers, and get at least one each of Kitty and Cable, then stop and wait for Kitty/Cable/X. But we'll see how things go. As we all know, with RNG those 4 Loki covers could take 15 pulls or 315.
    Remember that one afternoon when they screwed up the stats and your chances of a 5* were briefly significantly higher? I want another one of those...
  • randomhero1090randomhero1090 Posts: 339 Mover and Shaker
    Looks to me like Cable has dropped!
  • Team_JacobTeam_Jacob Posts: 71 Match Maker
    I'll open 49 today. Not a big pile, I was thinking of waiting for domino to get into latest, but 50 pulls might net me one domino. I'm better off trying to get enough dazzler covers to get me to 209 and do the shield training. 
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 2,674 Chairperson of the Boards
    Woo hoo, I'm looking forward to getting home after work to get stuck in to some pulls!
  • St_BernadusSt_Bernadus Posts: 195 Tile Toppler
    Yep, the Cable has landed - my game just updated.
  • MegaBeeMegaBee Posts: 73 Match Maker
    edited November 2018
    Go go go!

    ETA: 46 tokens, 7 5-stars including one bonus cover.
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,609 Chairperson of the Boards
    Pulled 2/24 on original 24, Cable was my 14th.
    Ended up 3/26 (1 of each) after LTs from champ rewards.

    Also got a Loki from MEHulk & a Pheonix (saved) from Jubilee.

    Loki is 4/4/4 now, will probably resume hoarding once he's champed.
  • smkspysmkspy Posts: 2,024 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited November 2018
    About 650 CP, no tokens. Plus a few LTs along the way from 4 star rewards.

    5 for Kitty to bring her up to 10 covers at 5-1-4.
    2 champ levels for Loki to make him 455.
    And 1 Cable.

    I feel to be in a good position now to start a new hoard until Loki leaves and be able to finish kitty and build Cable plus the after Loki 5 star.

    Very good amount of 5 fives but zero BH which was a bit annoying. And 4 star dilution needs a serious looking at, only new cover (even if we still had latest 12) pulled was a single Ghost.
  • ScofieScofie Posts: 117 Tile Toppler
    edited November 2018
    Just pulled the 23 LTs I'd been hoarding. No 5*s, 1 BH Dazzler which puts her on 8. Let's see if I get any more LT from champ rewards from the 23.

    I only wanted 1 Cable... Still have 700 CP to use though but was saving for classics. 

    Update: 2 Champ reward LTs, 1st one Cable. Happy now. 

    Update 2: Pulled 40 Classics,  2 5* (DD and Gambit) got Dazzler to 209 (here comes Domino!) and fully covered Iron Spider in the process. 1 BH out of them and the additional 2 LTs from champ rewards.

    So final total: 65 pulls, 3 x 5* and 2 x BH. 
  • Bleh5Bleh5 Posts: 42 Just Dropped In
    Bleh5 said:
    29 LL and 500 CP ready to blow. 

    My level 459 Wasp is ready to say bye; my 5/0/0 Loki, 1/0/0 Kitty, and 0/0/0 Cable are ready for some guests. 5/4/3 Bolt would also like selective company. 
    7/55. 4 Loki (all usable!), 2 Kitties and 1 Cable. Got an OML from feeder. Only 1 bonus 4* (Nebula) and no bonus 5*. 
  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 2,284 Chairperson of the Boards
    I just beat RNG. 71 pulls, 16 5* (18 including OML and IM46)

    Loki: 3/5/0 to 4/6/4 (stopped when I got that final Black cover)
    Kitty: 0/0/1 to 2/2/2
    Cable: 0/0/0 to 1/1/3
    OML: 7/3/4 to 7/4/4 (Xverine lv300)
    IM46: 3/1/1 to 4/1/1 (War Machine lv280)

    I'm left with 725CP. Back to hoarding till Loki leaves.
  • AlexNapalmAlexNapalm Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    Started with 36 LL and about 1000 CP. With extra CP and LLs from champ levels I probably had about 87 pulls. 

    I pulled 10 5*s and got 1 5* bonus hero (green Thor to the saved covers stash).

    7 Lokis (4 Purple, 2 Green and 1 Black taking him to 5/3/4 with 3 saved purple covers.)

    3 Kitty's (1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Purple taking her to 4/2/3)

    Didn't get any Cables which is a shame, but champ levels also got me a 5* Black Widow that I didn't have rostered previously and a Black Bolt cover. I'll keep pulling until I can champ Loki and roster Cable and then return to hoarding.  
  • GrimSkaldGrimSkald Posts: 1,946 Chairperson of the Boards

    Ok, I pulled all my tokens and the tokens generated from those levels - 45 in all.  From raw pulls I ended up with 3 Loki, 1 Kitty, and 2 Cable, so boo on the distribution.  However, I had Kitty my BH initially, I got two of her, I flipped it over to Cable after 34 pulls, and got a BH Cable too - so now that's three of each!

    I've stopped for now as I'm not sure how much I want to pull, and deferring the gratification is nice, I think.  Since the next Loki level (459) is an LT, I'll probably pull until I get there and stop, but I think I can wait for a bit - CP is a lot more flexible than LTs, so the less CPs I use the better.

    No other 5*s from Champ level rewards, though my Sandman is one level away from giving me a yellow cover for my 2/4/1 Goblin, so that's really nice.  I may well set GG my 5* BH, actually, I doubt I'll have real trouble finishing either Cable or Kitty and neither of them seems to be great to get too high above 450.  My main intention with this pull was to get enough so I could have fun with them when they're required, rather than have a stone to drag around...

  • Shintok17Shintok17 Posts: 618 Critical Contributor
    Got my first 5* Cable cover a green one with 7 LT's. Crazy thing is in his release store I spent 750 CP and the two tokens you get from the Boss Battle and didn't get any 5* Cable covers, but got some Gambit and Archangel ones.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 2,563 Chairperson of the Boards
    I ran through all mine and got:
    Vulture - black
    2. Loki - Green
    3. 4ocket - blue
    4. Carnage - black
    5. Wiccan - green
    6. C&D - black
    7. Dazzler - black (switched BH to punisher, my lowest non-limited 4*)
    8. Punisher - blue (lol)
    9. kingpin - purple
    10. ghost rider - red
    11. flaptain - blue
    12. Loki - black
    13. Nebula - green
    14. Mordo - black
    15. Bonus Punisher - green
    16. C&D - Yellow
    17. Medusa - yellow
    18. Nico - purple

    Ended up with enough cp for a classic draw, got a usable XFW to make him 2/5/5.

    That was my 10th Dazzler, so I was able to get another black out of Shield Training for 0/0/2. Not the best build for those solo nodes, but I'll just lean on team ups I guess. 
  • shardwickshardwick Posts: 1,056 Chairperson of the Boards
    Well, cashed in my five legendaries and got four saved covers and one Carol. How very underwhelming, outside of the Carol. You can never have too much Carol.
  • FreelancerFreelancer Posts: 103 Tile Toppler
    I shouldn't read threads like this, they only make me miserable...

    I spent everything I had:

    [5] 5*: 2 Loki, 2 Kitty, 1 Cable (Phew!)
    [76] 4* + 2 Bonus Heroes

    The 4* pulls did get me the last covers I needed for Black Bolt and Thanos though, which was just enough to save my computer from being thrown out the window...
  • rdvargas1rdvargas1 Posts: 63 Match Maker
    4/30,  1 Kitty, 1 Cable, 2 Loki.  13% i'm satisfied. 

    Loki 5/2/5 with 3 saved covers
    Kitty 2/2/0 
    Cable 2/0/1

    I normally open tokens as I go and now have 12 champed 5*s, so I'll just continue until Loki is champed then might hoard again.  Not a fan of hoarding but enough was enough after getting WASP to 455.  
  • Tony_FootTony_Foot Posts: 826 Critical Contributor
    Waiting for loki to leave, have over 400 pulls ready for when that happens. Already have loki champed. So I could wait until loki is out and kitty is about to be replaced and decide on who I like most.

    Not that excited either way, nothing in the vaults is doing to stop me abusing Thor for the next 12 months.
  • spatenflootspatenfloot Posts: 585 Critical Contributor
    edited November 2018
    7 out of 42. 2 loki, 2 cable, 3 kitties
    Also got 2 bonus Dazzlers that I needed 
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