Happy Wasp Exodus Day! May the odds be ever in your favor...



  • randomhero1090randomhero1090 Posts: 339 Mover and Shaker
    122 pulls.

    8 Cable (3/3/2), 5 Loki, 1 Kitty.  Not bad.  Happy with the Cable coverage :smile:

    Also got a bunch of 4s fully covered....  Nico, Winter Soldier, BP, Wasp, Carnage, Peggy, Jubilee, Lockjaw, Miles, Sam, Thing.

  • RichyyyRichyyy Posts: 305 Mover and Shaker
    Richyyy said:
    My Loki is 2/3/4 so it seems a shame not to finish him off. So my hopeful plan is to semi-break the hoard - pulling to get Loki to 13 covers, and get at least one each of Kitty and Cable, then stop and wait for Kitty/Cable/X. But we'll see how things go. As we all know, with RNG those 4 Loki covers could take 15 pulls or 315.
    Remember that one afternoon when they screwed up the stats and your chances of a 5* were briefly significantly higher? I want another one of those...
    I'm not sure whether to be happy or not. Got exactly the 15% draw rate for 5*s overall, which I take as a win considering some bad luck in the past and some of the horror stories posted around here. But still haven't finished Loki (3 covers pushing him to 4/3/5). On the bright side, my Kitty's gone from non-existent to 3/3/5, and Cable from non-existent to 0/3/4 (ugly distribution, but at least any feeder should start with the empty end).
    Can't really complain, but that Loki sitting there is going to annoy me. And my MEHulk is already past lvl300 so he's not going to be any help in finishing him off for approximately 5 years.

  • Rockwell75Rockwell75 Posts: 267 Mover and Shaker
    I should have about 25 CP later today...I'll probably pull sometime this evening.
  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 470 Mover and Shaker
    I had no Kitty and no Cable, so I opened my mini hoard of 16. 15 4* and one 5*, and of course it's Loki.
  • Pr0spect0rPr0spect0r Posts: 291 Mover and Shaker
    I will have about 40 pulls. Hoping for at least 1 Cable and maybe some Kitties.
    Tiny kitties?
  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 470 Mover and Shaker
    After champing some 4* and getting another 5 LT, i got a Cable blue with the fifth.
  • Wonko33Wonko33 Posts: 838 Critical Contributor
    got a Cable in 16 pulls - I'm happy now I can do nodes when he's essential
  • spidyjedi84spidyjedi84 Posts: 301 Mover and Shaker
    edited November 2018
    I don't hoard, but got lucky on one of my legendary pulls today to give me a Kitty Pryde cover. I have Loki at a 2/2/1 at the moment (softcapped at 315 levels, though), and am hoping to nab Cable now that he's in LTs. Most of my 4-stars are 8 covers or above, with the exception of Dazzler. I'm triaging a lot of them at 209 as I decide who I next want to grind the ISO for to champ. 
  • Dragon_NexusDragon_Nexus Posts: 3,674 Chairperson of the Boards
    780CP, 25 legendary tokens.
    I got one cable, three Kitty and one Loki.

    Hoped for more, but...eh
  • qandolsqandols Posts: 652 Critical Contributor
    My results, mixed bag:
    1 Jubilee
    2 Emma Frost
    3 Cable blue
    4 Cable green
    5 Nightcrawler purple
    6 Iceman purple (BH Valkyrie champ level)
    7 Kitty purple
    8 Carnage red (champ level)
    9 Hulk buser champ level
    10 Luke Cage champ level
    11 Riri champ level
    12 Carol champ level
    13 Nova champ level
    14 R&G champ level
    15 IW BW save
    16 Invisible woman champ level
    17 Red Hulk champ level
    18 Jubilee
    19 Carnage champ level
    20 Kitty purple
    21 Mr Fantastic champ level

    I'm not disappointed I guess

  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 470 Mover and Shaker
    4 out of 21, that's certainly a nice haul
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 2,674 Chairperson of the Boards
    24 LT pulls (got 2 extra from 3* champion rewards) 1 Cable and 1 Kitty but I did get Valkyrie covers so I could champ her which I am happy about. I also now have Shuri and Nico ready to champ. Also covers were a Cable green and Kitty purple which I am also pleased with, I like her Circuit Breaker power.

  • smkspysmkspy Posts: 2,024 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited November 2018
    rdvargas1 said:

    I normally open tokens as I go and now have 12 champed 5*s, so I'll just continue until Loki is champed then might hoard again.  Not a fan of hoarding but enough was enough after getting WASP to 455.  
    Think every with a champed Wasp is the same. After my Tigers got destroyed by Bama Saturday, I went on a drunken opening spree of my 26 collected LTs. Ending up with one last Wasp raising her to 454 and all I see with that is 3 wasted 5 stars of someone else.

    Loki was already champed before Cable was even announced, so with him at 455 now, I see no reason to go further as he is a less severe version of Wasp being in latest.

    Still don't like the idea of hoarding, but getting kitty up to 10 covers and gaining at least that one cable relieves some of the anxiety about having 2 massively under-covered 5s til Loki exits.
  • KC_HammerKC_Hammer Posts: 70 Match Maker
    54 pulls. 9 5*s (4 kitty, 4 Cable, 1 loki). Plus, besides saved and champ levels, I got covers to get 2 more 4*s to 13. That means i only have 4 undercovered 4*s now.
  • lakantanzlakantanz Posts: 37 Just Dropped In
    Started with 1550 cp, with no cable covers, kitty at 1/5/0 and loki at 3/4/3.  No saved covers.

    Ended with achieving my first saved cover for a 13 cover loki.

    270 cp remaining, loki 4/5/4, kitty 2/5/3 (1 saved cover), cable 1/2/0.

    In the process I also received a black panther, spider man (peter parker), hawkeye, captain america (infinity war) and black bolt cover from 4 star champion rewards, many had been very close at the point, so there was a lot of juggling of bonus heroes as I went.

    0 bonus 5 stars but finished off Nebula too and I am back to just Taskmaster and Domino as non-champed for 4 stars.

    Pretty happy and back to hoarding.
  • ZeiramMRZeiramMR Posts: 1,287 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited November 2018
    79 Pulls so far. Here's the breakdown:

    Loki went from 5/2/1 to 6/3/2 (which means enough levels on MEH could finish him)
    Kitty went from 1/1/0 to 3/4/0
    Cable went from 0/0/1 to 0/2/3

    I'm at 500CP now and will pull as I get CP. Twelve 5*s for 79 pulls is just over 15%

    5 Bonus Hero 4*s (Dazzlers with 1 Valkyrie). As my only non-champion 4*s (not counting Taskie), Dazzler and Nebula are both at 12 non-saved covers now, S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator will finish Dazzler.

    4* Pulls
    Agent Coulson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) 2
    Black Panther (King of Wakanda) 1
    Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) 1
    Cloak & Dagger (Classic) 1
    Cyclops (Classic) 2
    Drax (The Destroyer) 1
    Elektra (Unkillable) 2
    Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men) 1
    Gamora (Awesome Mix Volume 2) 1
    Gwenpool (Gwen Poole) 1
    Invisible Woman (Classic) 2
    Iron Fist (Danny Rand) 1
    Iron Man (Hulkbuster) 1
    Jean Grey (All-New X-Men) 2
    Jubilee (Uncanny X-Men) 2
    Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) 3
    Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) 1
    Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff) 1
    Miles Morales (Spider-Man) 1
    Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) 2
    Mordo (Master of the Mystic Arts) 1
    Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) 1
    Nebula (Infinity War) 1
    Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) 1
    Nico Minoru (Runaways) 2
    Nova (Sam Alexander) 3
    Professor X (Charles Xavier) 1
    Punisher (MAX) 1
    Quake (Daisy Johnson) 3
    Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross) 3
    Riri Williams (Ironheart) 2
    Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2) 1
    Rogue (Classic) 1
    Sam Wilson (Captain America) 1
    Sandman (Flint Marko) 2
    Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy) 1
    Spider-Man (Infinity War) 2
    Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) 1
    The Hulk (Totally Awesome) 2
    The Thing (Classic) 1
    Thor (Goddess of Thunder) 2
    Valkyrie (Asgardian Warrior) 2
    Venom (Agent Venom) 3
    Venom (Eddie Brock) 2
    War Machine (James Rhodes) 2
    Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) 1
    Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) 2
    Wolverine (X-Force) 3
    X-23 (All-New Wolverine) 1
    Yondu (Awesome Mix Volume 2) 1
  • skittledaddyskittledaddy Posts: 331 Mover and Shaker
    edited November 2018
    2 5 7 pulls, Zero Cables.
    One 5* - Kitty
  • wymtimewymtime Posts: 3,042 Chairperson of the Boards
    I made 150 pulls from latest and got 23 5*.  The problem is cover distribution.  My Loki is 2,5,5 with 10 saved covers and my kitty is 0,5,5 with 4 saved covers and my cable is a lowly 0,1,2.
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,338 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited November 2018
    33 tokens (or so. 26 stored as of this morning, plus a bunch for champ rewards)  2 Loki, 3 Kitty, 4 Cable, and a bonus Ghost Rider. I'll take it. Also 5x 4* bonus hero pulls, which let me take Dazzler to 209 and finish up the Shield Training for a Domino cover. I now have ever non-1* character rostered once again. 

    Good day. 
  • jackstar0jackstar0 Posts: 1,149 Chairperson of the Boards
    850 CP and 5 LLs

    Got Kitty to 12+1 (5/2/6)
    Loki to Champ 457 (from 451)
    Cable to 2/1/1

    +1 BH Thor

    I'm very excited about Kitty being nearly complete. Personal favorite character and just want her champed as soon as can be. Will be pulling until I get her last cover regardless of other 5*s.
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