Latest legendary pulls for cable

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With Wasp leaving and cable entering, it was time to pull my stash of 208 tokens

X23 rrppprg

Yondu uy

Antman uyy

Valkyrie rryb

Nova yry

Carol gyby

America yry

Moon knight gppb

Gwenpool pgg

Hawkeye bubbpb

Venom g

Spider-Man rru

Black widow py

Dazzler grbrb

Imhb rubb

Cho gbugg

Nico yby

Wilson ppy

Iceman uuuppu

Kraven pb

Fury ppp

Medusa ry

Jean gup

Drax bppr

Cage ry

Spider Gwen py

Thoress yy

Mordo u

Punisher bgb

Rocket & Groot  ygy

Reed yu

Nightcrawler prpu

Ghost rider rbgg

Agent venom rbbb

Iron fist ubbbu

Bucky rrp

War machine URUUGRuGRugg

Gamora brubu

Nebula rg

Invisible woman u

Emma frost p

Vulture b

Peggy u

Carnage rrg

Spider woman bbr

Thing yyg

Miles r

Riri ug

Rogue yry

Coulson yu

Wolverine b

Mockingbird pyy

Blade b

Falcon uur

Professor x y

Lockjaw uuuy

Deadpool r

Wasp buu

Cloak & Dagger by

Cyclops uy

Rhulk rr

Ghost p

Starlord yy

Sandman gy

Wiccan u

Cable uuuugygg

Kitty yrppyyryp

Loki pppppggbpbb

28/208 = 13.46%, under 15% but championed loki (15th). Will wait for loki to leave before attempting to finish kitty and cable. Also got my first maxed 4* (Medusa). 

If you're wondering why I have set war machine as my bonus hero, it is because I need ~50 covers to feed ironman and finish him.

After applying all the champion levels, I'm back to 18 tokens. The cp stash is up to 8.6k

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