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    Beerman63 said:
    Seems I was lucky, as both Miles & Invisible Woman have the mentioned covers, so they can go invisible. 
    I'll therefore keep the two of them and Kate & Mockingbird, and will drop Nick, Jubilee & Spider Woman to roster them. 
    Let us know how you get on in Mile's Crash!!! Best of luck! And good choices! ;)

    And to add to what Alexis says about Kate Bishop - her blue can stop Apocalypse healing, only power in the game that can do that!

  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 56 Match Maker
    Tried it today with Ghost (one invisible cover for her, thats all), but couldn't make it to get the 10 tiles to activate it... Gave up after 5 unsucessful tries.
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    don't give up! defeating a crash with a single cover in invisibility is one of the greatest achievements one can do in this game! I once did it with Professor X a billion years ago, but I have enough covers on all the invis characters now that it won't be a thing for me for awhile, if ever.
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    Keep trying until event end! Add me to somebody who beat the Crash with an invisibility cover - my one being Howard the Duck!
  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 56 Match Maker
    I really tried about 20 times to beat Widow, but the board was not on my side... Managed to go invisible 5 times, but then again it makes FOREVER to cut down the 10.000+ health points from Widow only by matching. And sooner or later she'll match away my invisible tile and kill me. Not sure if only for me, but there is so few purple tiles, I can't manage to get enough to go invisible back to back... If only I had another cover or more health.
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    Vintage Shield would give you more health. Quantum Realm has a chance to give 5 Purple. Element Guns can create attack tiles when you fire a power and can fortify Special tiles at level 3. If any of those help?
  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 56 Match Maker
    Once again an excellent advise, I found a support i got that fortifies special tiles every few rounds, so I finally managed to keep the invisible tile up until I got more purple, which where also fortified - I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    And now comes the letdown... So, I got this 4* Token, opened it, and guess what I got...

    Talos, of all possible characters... tinykitty? So, all the work for 1000 ISO :(
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    Don't you feel good for overcoming that challenge though? lol
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    In celebration of your fine achievement - badge of honour to you my friend!

  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 56 Match Maker
    Thx, that indeed made me feel better. Yeah, it was quite fine when I realized Widow can't do anything anymore with 4 fortified invisible tiles on the board :)
    But even after only about a year in MPQ I know that Talos is probably as useful as a Parents Day in an orphanage...  :p
    But another question fitting to this topic - which characters are especially useful against enemies that can go invisible? I had the displeasure to have Prof X as an enemy and it makes me crazy when he's invisible and the tile is stuck somewhere in the corner with no chance to match it whatsoever.
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    Anybody who has an AOE attack as this can hit invisible characters, War Machine's blue will remove invisible tiles, Spider Woman's purple will also remove invisible tiles and I think Dr. Strange 5* purple will too.
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    Vulture can do it going airborne with enough blue banked up.

    Howard the Duck can clear specials with enough covers on Blue.

    Bl4ck Widow can do it for 17 purple (defilade then enfilade).

    Teen Jean can do it passively if you can arrange for them to get a match 5 on their turn (clears enemy specials and does team damage)

    C4rol can damage them passively if you have the same strongest color and they match it.

    Spider-Gwen has a multi-stun on purple, as does Jubilee.

    Targeted board controllers can do it (rogue's red, Coulson's purple, anyone that can clear lines with reasonable precision).

    G4mora can stun over the top of it as long as there are two enemies and you can target one of them as the primary. 

    anybody that can do AoE attacks will do the job.

    Riri's red will do it if they aren't solo.

    Also tile-lockers can do it. Several of the spider-fam will lock tiles down under webs as will Invisible Woman's blue.
  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 56 Match Maker
    I seem to have luck in just the wrong times :p Currently I don't really have HP ressources, but I get 4*s over 4'*s and really don't know what to do with them.
    Got 1 roster slot open, but 6 characters waiting... Riri Williams, Ronin, Agent Coulson, Totally Awesome Hulk, Drax, and now Gwenpool as well...
    I am leaning towards keeping Riri. Ronin I don't really know, just remember I didn't enjoy him alot when we was a required character. Coulson is a support character, so he's down on my priority list, Hulk is average from what I read, Drax seems to be mediocre as well, and Gwenpool obviously as well. 
    Not really want to invest money, as there aren't any "must-haves" in the vine, still sad that probably most of them will vanish... 
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    Riri is great and if it is her blue cover then you can use it to generate red and also do some board shuffling so not a complete loss. A boosted Riri is a one girl wrecking machine AND she works with IM40 for nearly endless blue and red pummelling. Add in that her green is great for taking out tricky oppoents to get a breather (Bishop for one) and she gets my vote hands down.

    TAS is a character who was for a very long time the butt of many MPQ jokes. He is still even now fairly average after his rework and you can replicate his Boss useful power with plenty of others - i.e Rogue. He does create green tiles but meh.

    Gwenpool is one of the most interesting and puzzle-y characters in the game but that also means she can be a liability if you can't match the gun for example. She is also squishy health wise.

    Drax and Agent Coulson are not headline stars, Coulson works with anybody who can spam countdown tiles if you have his blue. I really like his purple also and his yellow is a good version of Kingpin's. He is definitely solid. All of Drax's powers are pretty much board condition dependent so he is niche.

    That leaves Ronin- I do like him, his stun can be very nice and free attack tiles are good but his green power is niche and designed for PvE and there are 3* characters that can take out multiple enemies better than he can.
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    Coulson is a lot better than he looks, but he isn't a 1-cover hero like a few others can be. All his powers have a passive component, and his gimmick is to quietly speed up all countdown based characters and gather AP in the background. I actually think Kingpin may have the superior yellow in terms of damage output (i haven't run the numbers and neither has a good power description in-game to tell you), but since Coulson comes with the ability to speed things up his feels more effective in practice. I actually like running them together here and there. His purple is super useful - either create the match 4 or 5 of your dreams with a direct damage component, or just hot-swap two tiles within a basic match 3 to take it from being a 3AP gain to a 7AP gain by charging 2 of them. 
  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 56 Match Maker
    Would you say that Riri & Coulson are worth kicking a 1 cover Namor? I have the HP to roster one of them, but both run out of time within the next 3 days, so I'd need to throw one of my 4*s out, and the only one I identified as "not so useful" is Namor.
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    I would suggest that both Riri and Coulson are better 4* characters than Namor because both have synergies and teams they can thrive on that Namor doesn't really.
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    Riri is a monster on boost weeks. If you don't typically make use of support characters, you may not see the value in Coulson. I've had both or been up against both for far longer than Namor, so I've not really had much time to form an opinion on him. My initial hot take was that he is hot garbage with hilarious flavor text and good animation, but I know one or two people out there seem to like him okay.
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    Namor has grown on me and his animations really are exremely good fun but a boosted Riri can single handely obliterate the opposition. Coulson is pure Support but nothing wrong with that. He and Riri possibly between them also have the best two charge tile mechanics in the 4* tier - her blue can make mucho cascades and Coulson has fantastic board control with his purple.
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    It can be really hard to evaluate the impact of a new 4* who largely just does direct damage on a transitional roster when you have loads of characters above 280/90 doing the same thing at a much higher scale. He just gets lost in the shuffle, and I'm not going to set him has my Bonus for months to get him caught up when I'm trying to milk the feeder system for my 5* roster. Even characters like Dazzler, who seem quite good, are hard because they lack survivability against the opponents I'd want to use them against. I'm glad namor is in the game, looking like Namor, but his powers cost too much to help me out and his blue creation is not as good/useful as other characters like Iceman. Which is to say - OP, your mileage may certainly vary. None of these 3 characters are going to do more than sit on your roster for a long time since none are fed by anyone. You are probably as good to keep any one over the others unless there is a feature coming up where you're going to need them.
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