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Roster help for rookie

Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In

Hi everyone! 


I would really be thankful for your help, because I am a bit stuck with my roster management and generally would need a (at least) mid term plan for the game. I read through alot of topics so far, some of them helped me while others confused me even more. But at least now I think I understand all the abrevations… 

I'm playing this game for about 2 months now, and obviously made a big mistake in spending some HPs early in the game for buying characters, so now I missing roster slots and don't really know how to proceed.  

I probably will have earned enough HP within the next days to get one more slot, and (even though its sad to do so) get rid of my 1* Iron Man and only keep Spidey (which I like much more than Juggernaut).  

Also I decided to not keep covers for 2* Moonstone, Bullseye and Capt. America as I read they are fairly useful. 

Problem is I still have 15 covers waiting to be rostered within the next week or so, including two 4* characters.

To be precise I have the following:

4* America Chavez, Quake

3* Dr. Doom, Human Torch, Wolverine, Luke Cage (2 Covers), Elektra, Spider Man (2 covers), Gamora, Thanos

I definetly want to keep Thanos, as I figure he is one of the best 3* characters. As you can see I already have some 3*s in my roster, and most of them are already useful at this point, like Iron Fist, Black Panther and especially Dr. Strange, who is an absolute monster in goon battles, even though I don't have alot of covers for him. 

I have like 3 "Teams" that I use for games: 

2*Daken/2*Wolverine/3*Dr Strange for goon teams  

Thor/Magneto/Storm or Capt. Marvel (all 2*)

3*Black Panther/3*Iron First/2*Ares 

Do you have any other advise for characters I can pair well together? 

And what would you suggest, who should I discard from my roster to make some space for characters from my "waiting list",and which 3* should I sell?

Generally I would be thankful for some tipps on how I should continue this game, so far I just enjoyed playing and didn't think about some "strategy" for my roster. FYI, I mostly play Story, only a few games in PVP because I tend to get opponents that are way too hard to beat. 


What I don't fully understand is the concept of champing a character and afterwards selling it to start leveling it up again… Like, my Hawkeye is now LV 100, and I get some fairly decent rewards for every new cover, but I basically never use him in  games as he doesn't seem to really fit in somewhere, so I wonder how long I should keep him.  

Thank you very much in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.


  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 2,993 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited October 10
    Once you champ a character, there's a limit on how many covers you can apply for additional champ levels when they become 'max-champed'. For 2-stars, that cap is level 144. At that point, it's time to sell the character back (which refunds 65,000 ISO) and start a new version, re-champing that character to earn all of the champ rewards over again. This is known as 'farming'. Those champ rewards are a great way to earn HP which you desperately need for roster slots. Those champ rewards also yield 3-star covers which help you transition to that tier of play. My advice is to prioritize rostering and champing all the 2-stars (except Bag-Man) to begin this process. Even the bad ones. Sure, 2-star Captain America is not very effective, but his champ rewards yield 3-star Captain America covers and 3-star Cap is one of the best characters at his tier.

    As for making room on your current roster, ditch 1-star Iron Man and don't look back. You don't need him anymore and Spidey can handle the 1-star DDQ node. You could also swap out your 3-star Bullseye if you wanted to roster Thanos, which I think is a good idea. XF Deadpool isn't doing you any good, I'd sell him to open a slot for America Chavez.

    After that, you're in a spot where you're going to have to make a lot of tough decisions on who to roster and who to let go, based on your slot availability. Obviously, moving forward, you want to devote all HP to roster slots. If you're having a tough time making a decision on any specific characters, use these forums to seek advice. You can use this thread as sort of an ongoing advice column.
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 2,993 Chairperson of the Boards
    Team advice:

    Thor/Daken/Captain Marvel is a great team. They give you a full rainbow of match damage and a use for every color except purple. You have two AoE powers in Thor's green and Carol's black, synergy between Daken & Thor (match green to make strike tiles), and three solid nukes in Carol's red, Thor's yellow, and Daken's blue (which is the single best power in the 2-star tier for damage-to-AP-cost ratio). Once your Ares is more developed, he'll become a better option over Thor.

    Magneto/Hawkeye is a deadly duo. Make match-5s with Magneto's purple power, which triggers Hawkeye's purple passive.

    Wolverine/Daken/Black Widow is one of the most solid 2-star teams, once you have them all champed. Lot's of synergy between Wolvie & Daken and fishnets Widow adds terrific support.
  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    edited October 10
    Thx alot for explaning the farming, I get the point now in why to do it. Now it also makes sense for me to roster Cap, didn't actually think about that he as a champ will create 3* versions of himself. I have 3 2* covers of him waiting, so I will roster him now.
    As you mentioned Bullseye will be changed for sure, that's my spot to change if I need one of the waiting 3* for Deadpools Daily.
    About the teams that I mentioned playing with, I also like playing with Human Torch, but I didn't find the "perfect" partners for him yet.
    And what about the 4* characters I have waiting, I guess they are not useful at the moment, so I believe I can't do more than to sell them...?
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 2,993 Chairperson of the Boards
    Torch is great. His green can really put pressure on opposing teams and his read deals nice damage. Thor is a decent teammate; he can tank Red/Green (Torch is a bit squishy) and can manufacture more green with his yellow. Either Daken/Widow make a good third because of their colors and utility.

    Most 4-stars aren't going to offer you much in the way of usefulness, beyond existing as a possible health bag and/or tanking colors to protect someone else. The exception is a 4-star with a strong passive ability, like Chavez or Medusa that could definitely help you even when under-leveled and under-covered. It sucks having to sell them when you get them because you lack roster slots, but you can minimize that loss by hoarding any legendary tokens and CP you gain. There's no sense in opening 4/5-star tokens if you can't roster them yet.
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