Q&A with Demiurge_Will Answers from Demiurge_Will begin on p.2

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UPDATE: Demiurge_Will has answered some of the questions. His posts start on Page 2.

PLEASE READ: This post does not indicate that there are any plans for the fictitious interview I am proposing below.

I have proposed to the Demiurge team that they should communicate in a place they feel safe.

In comments made on Discord they stopped doing the YouTube videos because they were not fond of being roasted when they said we don't have anything to add at the moment.

I have believed the problem with the videos was there was no discussion. The single best piece of communication was the long interview some of the Demiurge guys did on PW3. The reason I think it was so good was because it was interactive. I also think the PW3 guys are good representatives of players who represent a wider demographic of the overall player base.

So to try and maybe get this rolling I think it might be good for the Demiurge team to see what questions are on people's minds.

To do this please only post one question in a post. This way it can be "liked" so that there is information on what most of those on the forum would like to hear about.


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    Anyway we might get a Cable character when Deadpool 2 comes out in movies?  Been looking forward to him as a character personally.
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    Boxers or briefs?
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    Was the trend towards powerful passive powers intended as a way to help defensive teams/"foolproof" the ai, a way to explore new type of powers, or something else?
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    I agree with the fact that this game has come down to those with a 5* Gambit vs those without. What is going to be done, if anything, to either level the playing field or even out the odds of pulling a Gambit cover from a 5* token (I can attest that i certainly don't have a 15% pull rate of any 5* from all the tomens I've either earned or bought)?
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    Can we just have 5* weekly boosts in PvP already?  Just like 4* boosts killed the JeanBuster PvP meta, 5* boosts would help deal with the current Gambit meta.
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