After 89 days of playing...

Finally have my first 4* champed!

Wasp. Bzz bzz. 



  • revskiprevskip Posts: 696 Critical Contributor
    Wow!  That is impressive.  Took me at least a year to get my first (Peggy).  Congrats!
  • Tony FootTony Foot Posts: 473 Mover and Shaker
    Your scaling must be hell!
  • TheZeusBearTheZeusBear Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    Thanks, revskip.

     Before champing Wasp,  4* essential was level 233/234 in pve. Only about 50 levels higher than my 3* team. Next event I'll find out if champing changes scaling a lot or little.
  • Tony FootTony Foot Posts: 473 Mover and Shaker
    What's your 3* team out of curiosity as it took me longer than 89 days to get a fully covered 3* let alone 4.
  • TheZeusBearTheZeusBear Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    I can't figure out how to post screenshots to forums... But for about 2 weeks it was Patch, IF and a single covered 5* for match dmg. Once I got a few 3* leveled, I started using IF, Switch and Luke Cage. Past week I've gotten IM40 champed so I've been using him with KK and Captain or Mag.
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  • Punisher5784Punisher5784 Posts: 2,910 Chairperson of the Boards
    While I commend you for champing your first 4* in a short period of time, your scaling will hurt for awhile. It is recommended you at least have a majority of the 3*'s champed and then when you enter 4* land you champ at least 3 decent ones. When I finally entered 4* land, I found myself using 4* Thor for almost every match. Hopefully it's too bad for you but it would be nice if the MPQ had a game guide about scaling.. but then again they want healthpack sales (among other stress pressured sales).
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  • Azoth658Azoth658 Posts: 347 Mover and Shaker
    Congratulations and this showcases the benefits of vaulting for the newer players. Pre vaulting this would have easily taken over a year ;)
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  • TheZeusBearTheZeusBear Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    edited April 2017
    That's true, Azoth. I did earn 6 of her covers from placement and progressions over the past few weeks so that definitely helped. One pull from a vault as well, so that was a nice bonus. Luckily so far I'm not pulling many Riri, Spiderwoman or Mordo and have all the good 4* in the current 12 covered really well. 

    Drawback of vaulting is I couldn't​ do most dpd because missing the essential 4*. 

    Punisher, that might be a problem for me but won't find out until an actual pve event. Boss event is done and set at a static level for everyone so can't compare yet. I'll try to update this thread if I remember when I can compare the scaling. 
  • drayviper32drayviper32 Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
    It is a mistake champing a 4* when a roster is young. Good luck with scaling when your little insect is boosted. Just as bad when rookies add 5* characters to their roster when the rest of the characters are at level 100 or lower. 

    Not to brag but it feels great after playing for 2 years I have 45 4* champs.  >:)
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  • TheZeusBearTheZeusBear Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    I had that problem before.. a 5* phoenix when I was still leveling up my 1* team and another 5* Captain when I was around level 70 with my 2* team. Had to sell both. 

    Tougher scaling makes it more interesting. Hopefully it won't be absurd. 
  • PainmongerPainmonger Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    Congrats on that 4* champ! I hope it doesn't hurt your scaling too bad. I was checking alliance members for the Thanos event & saw one roster with two 5* & no one else over 100 yet, I feel really bad for them. How drastic was the difference when you sold yours before? I'm debating on suggesting they should do the same.
  • HendrossHendross Posts: 692 Critical Contributor
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    Congrats and hope to see you next season. ;)

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  • rc35rc35 Posts: 52 Match Maker

    You've got a 4* champed at 89 days?!  I'm a bit over a year, and I haven't got one.  Crikey!  :/

  • SkrofaSkrofa Posts: 388 Mover and Shaker
    May I ask how much you have spent?
    I find it very odd for a three-month player to have a champed 4*! I don't think I had a champed 3* at that point (although I wasn't playing competitively yet at that mark)
  • AstralgazerAstralgazer Posts: 267 Mover and Shaker
    It is totally conceivable that one can gain that much CP to get 13 Wasp covers in 3 months. Play PVE hard, play PVP to 575 every event, you will get there. If you are extremely lucky, you would only need 260 CP to get Wasp covered. The problem would be ISO. It would take 360k ISO to champ a 4*. I can get that much ISO in two weeks, but I'm at the stage where I only need ISO for 4*. I can't imagine trying to champ a 4* while also trying to build 3* and 2*.
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  • Summer GlauSummer Glau Posts: 1,027 Chairperson of the Boards
    I had two 4 Star Champions on Day 270 (one vaulted, one not)
    I suspect it takes a bit more than luck to have several 3 star Champs and a 4 star champ after 89 days
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  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 3,657 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Nicely done TC!

    Can i ask how much you play, what type of alliance you are in, and how mich (if any) cash you have spent.  Also what shield rank have you reached?  How long did it take to hit CL 32+?

    I am not all trying to shame or criticize you.  It's just been so long since a lot of us started that we vets have almost no feel for the early game experience now (things were very different in 2014 when i started).  It would be very helpful to get some sense if what progress is available for new players, and what it takes to make that progress.
  • brollbroll Posts: 3,417 Chairperson of the Boards
    Azoth658 said:
    Congratulations and this showcases the benefits of vaulting for the newer players. Pre vaulting this would have easily taken over a year ;)
    Took me about 9 months, but yeah that's insane that someone champed a 4* that quickly. 
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  • Arix90Arix90 Posts: 190 Tile Toppler
    Lucky Im day 273 and i only have wasp and medusa champed very recently
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