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  • Sorry, not sharing your enthusiasm. Seems awful.
  • Sorry, not sharing your enthusiasm. Seems awful.

    Ahh how come?
  • Shamusyeah wrote:
    Sorry, not sharing your enthusiasm. Seems awful.

    Ahh how come?

    Because they're over-the-top unbalanced.
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    ZenBrillig wrote:
    Shamusyeah wrote:
    Sorry, not sharing your enthusiasm. Seems awful.

    Ahh how come?

    Because they're over-the-top unbalanced.

    as opposed to being virtually useless now? Red costing 20 isn't cheap.. not like it would be an easy kill. Even totally boosted, you could only go in +6 red...meaning, you'd still have to get 14 red to fire.
  • Leaving balance aside, idea of resurrecting character is good. It actually meshes quite well with star rating and lore. I just suggest it works like Falcon's Redwing - when you have more then X yellow, place countdown tile automatically. That way, it is automatical on one side (lore friendly) and can be stopped/prevented by enemy actions.

    For other powers, I'm not so excited. Down enemy with one shot? Overpowered much, except maybe, maybe if it costs 30. No, even with 30 - with regen, you have high probability to gather that number, and with 4* it means you are tank - you can have Hood in background to help. No, will not do.

    Maybe something like destroy rows and columns in sequence? Like, 1 row, wait for drop and matches, 1 column, wait for drop and matches, 1 row, etc?.. That for base mechanic, and then - do damage for tiles cleared?...
  • Absolutely no reasoned red would need to do anything to any other character. 20*600 is 12k damage. Red just instant ko ING one person would be good enough. Not a great move for the cost,but balanced. A cheaper lower damage move would be better for pvp, but an instant kill shot would give him a special use things like pve and maybe a new mode if never comes around.

    Xforce yellow should be a heal. simple as that. the current move barely needs changing. mess with the Ap/heal ratio and give him an attack tile when you use the move regardless of if the tile activates (oh yea, and 2-3 is the turns...not 7..lol).

    xforce green would be okay if it did enough damage and/or was cheap enough. 10 Ap to make a placeable x shape (5x5 ...9tiles) that are each 50-60 damage tiles would be balanced.

    Save reinventing the wheel for a new character...xforce just needs a simple balancing. devs haven't done it more because of time and likely being afraid he would be a top tier instantly...which is an issue because so many ppl have a maxed one already (mostly max cover). you don't make money making a character everyone has (or a lot have) the best character in the game. there are lots of threads over the months with good ideas...inventive ideas...but I think just getting them to do something simple is beat at this point...cuz...it STILL hasn't happened.

    by the time he is buffer everyone with a maxed one aol have quit lol. Is that the end goal before theybuff him maybe?
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    I don't like them, XForce Wolverine in the comics is very very agresive, so I think your powers doesn't suit him (maybe just the red one, but it is too expensive).

    XForce Wolvie should have cheap porwers, maybe a combination of the original green power of AWolvie, and the actual red power, but of course, more powerful. And yellow should be something like, when you make a yellow match, heal X (always).
  • I like the Red idea, except maybe it could cost 15ap and punch a hole in the universe destroying the opposition players entire roster, delete their app and poo through their letterbox.
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    I know that Lazy Characters (tm) are an abomination upon the Earth and all, but would anyone be that terribly upset if X-Force were changed into lazy Platinum Patch?
  • Maybe it's a little much to ask, but I was hoping for some constructive criticism to help tweak my numbers. Why do you consider the skills unbalanced?

    Red costs 20 it's effect is similar to that of GSW's green. That's why I chose 20, because it is arguably slightly better.
    His green is a better skill IMO. Matched with daken, you get mad red generation abilities.
    The yellow is a neat move. I needed a way to give him strike tiles and heal and only had one move to do it. The 3 turn countdown is improved on because the cost is cheap. Thus it's quite possible to get multiple count downs going on at once.

    For those of you who think the character is too powerful, you may be right. But I was trying to make a 4* character who was worth using and is definately better than patch. On his own, this character kind of sucks, but teamed with a strike tile generator, he gets very good. So before calling him overpowered, maybe compare him to fury?

    If anything I was worried my idea for xforce would be considered under powered.
  • Guaranteed kill and 50% damage to all others is probably too OP for any character. Yes 20ap would be expensive but consider that you could have a 5 x red covered X-Force and just partially level him (to say 160) until he's in a team where he's tanking no colours but yet able to launch a virtually game ending power against any opponent.

    Red is pretty much always a single target attack, so I wouldn't have as much issue if it took out even 75% of a target's health but not AoE and not 100% of health (which could be well over 15000 damage in some battles). Yeah, you could look at Sentry's damage potential but there's always a bit of a trade off with Sentry. The devs have made a pretty clear away from % damage or % scaling abilities recently (with the exception of Punisher) so I think it would be more realistic to have a straight damage amount rather than %'s.
  • Having red generation ~and~ a killshot red makes me nervous. I seem to have no qualms with a 4* getting something cool like a 20 AP *single* target killshot though. Maybe give him a decent healing ability and have his red kill one opponent and do 50% self damage.

    OK here would be my pie in the sky plan for x-force
    Red: Violence
    expensive kill shot ability, single target, x-force takes 30-50% max health in self damage (maybe take 3 or more covers in red for guaranteed kill and lower levels can do 60-75% damage?)
    Green: Frenzy
    hulk-like passive that generates red strike tiles when you take 5% damage or more, more covers more tiles/stronger tiles
    Yellow: Each turn remove one red strike tile to heal for x% (leaves tile in place)

    So taking damage increases your lethality and your regeneration, not that we need anyone else to synergize well with daken but those two always have been a viable team in MPQ so why not let x-force have some fun with his son like patch and astonishing do.

    Spending too much time regenerating makes you loose some of your offense. Would be an interesting dynamic.
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    Fury's blue is effectively an insta-kill for 10AP (though needs to be triggered).
    And IW has an invincibility option, which is basically the defensive version of insta-kill.

    For a 4 star, I don't mind the insta-kill option. I also don't mind a regeneration in this case option. Regeneration and insta-kill is way too much though.
  • I like the ideas as being new/different. However no one likes abilities that cost 20 because you can't shield hop with it . . .

    Ok in all seriousness I like the idea of replacing existing strike tiles with timers that do something - ie exploding and destroying surrounding tiles or something.

    a 20 cost skill is too much regardless of it even killing the entire enemy team in one shot since Sentry can do that as a 3 * with only 2 matches.

    I like the idea of giving Xforce some board control, maybe destroying a ton of a non-red/green/yellow color and adding a strike tile for each of whatever tiles destroyed

    Even a color-generating ability could be cool - ie yellow passively heals some amount and generates a green or red every turn.

    I just don't want him to be rehashed existing abilities of other characters - 4* should all be unique first and foremost.

    Another interesting approach though probably too late would e to give 4* a 4th color/ability. Framework probably isn't there for it but that would be a great way around keeping them within the realm of non-game breaking (like sentry)

    Would also be nice if his buff happened soon - like the start of S4
  • I don't agree with an auto kill shot because it could affect future balance. However, just a massive number would be okay, even if it was enough to down anybody that exists today.

    I don't know if removing strike tiles is a good fit for Wolverine. The nature of the character as he is right now is to constantly ratchet up the pressure, not take it down. But I absolutely love the countdown's potential to resurrect him, though.
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    I like the idea of red, but how about, costs 12 AP does 3000 to 4000 damage, if there are 10 or more strike tiles on the board, you down the enemy here's my X-Force

    Feral Rage- 6 Green AP
    Wolverine's rage builds. He destroys a 3x3 X-Shapes patern that does 60 damage and places 1 strength 6 Red Strike for his team and Black Strike for enemy team plus 1 for every 3 Red AP his team has but gives. Does not generate AP

    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: 150 damage.
    Level 3: Strike Strength 8.
    Level 4: 5x5 X-Shape.
    Level 5: 300 Damage.
    Max Level: 1000 damage and Strike tile strength 80

    Decapitate - Red 12 AP
    Wolverine slashes the enemy, dealing 420 to the current target if more than 15 allied strike tiles out, down the enemy
    Level 2: +25% damage
    Level 3: 13 strike tiles needed
    Level 4: +25% damage
    Level 5: 10 strike tiles needed.
    Max Level: 4326 damage

    Recovery - Yellow Passive
    (PASSIVE) Wolverine's healing factor mends major injury and sustains his assault. Whenever you collect yellow AP, his healing factor activates, restoring 15 health per tile.
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Recovers 17 health per tile.
    Level 3: Recovers 20 health per tile
    Level 4: Recovers 24 health per tile
    Level 5: Recovers 36 health per tile
    Max Level: Recovers 500 health per tile
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    I really think xforce's red and green just need some damage changes and ap cost reductions and they would be pretty nice skills to play. Maybe green can get an initial damage component too. For his yellow, my idea is to have a long countdown that heals every turn, increasing the regen amount every time the countdown ticks, perhaps with an initial regen.
  • Just updated the stats of X-Farce on the wiki :

    http://marvelpuzzlequest.wikia.com/wiki ... e_(X-Force)
  • If they made his attack tiles able to overwrite other tiles, that'd be a huge boon.
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    daibar wrote:
    If they made his attack tiles able to overwrite other tiles, that'd be a huge boon.
    Erm, they can?
    "Can transform Attack, Protect, Strike, Web and basic color tiles."
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