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  • TxMooseTxMoose Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    MaxxPowerz wrote:
    All of your strike tiles belong to us!


    Ant Man + Patch

    It's scary how effective this combo is, I feel like a dufus for just now realizing it.

    For added hilarity take Ant Man into a match against Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Watch as they scramble to get their special tiles out after each turn, only to have Ant Man steal them time and time again.
    I ran this on the patch essential wave nodes with im40 and they rocked. and they weren't even leveled high. my patch is 140 (boosted to 220ish?), im40 at 189 and antmant at 145. they were squishy but if you could arrange downing the teisatsus after flipping patch strikes to take their attacks with the last turns of antman's blue, it was crazy strong. and have to make sure you use patch red while im40 is self-stunned or im40 gets put back on red and yellow. but it was a lot of fun.
  • MrCroaker64MrCroaker64 Posts: 70 Match Maker
    MaxxPowerz wrote:
    All of your strike tiles belong to us!


    Ant Man + Patch

    It's scary how effective this combo is, I feel like a dufus for just now realizing it.

    For added hilarity take Ant Man into a match against Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Watch as they scramble to get their special tiles out after each turn, only to have Ant Man steal them time and time again.

    I'll have to try this one, hadn't thought of Ant-Man before. I was using IM40, Patch, and Doc Ock. Using Ock's blue after a couple of Patch green and a red causes serious damage. Plus, any remaining enemy tiles matched gets the black attack tiles. Causes significant damage while your strike tiles are still in play.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    For yesterday's Big Enchilada, I went with the Avengers Unity Squad (AKA Uncanny Avengers): icon_captainamerica.png , icon_deadpool.png , and icon_humantorch.png . Yellow, red, & blue for Steve Rogers. Black & green (and the occasional red) for Johnny Storm. Purple for Deadpool who was ready to drop the whales twice in round four. BOOM!
  • vinnygeckovinnygecko Posts: 232 Tile Toppler
    In the hunt, I'm mainly using 2 different teams that have been pretty fun:

    For the easy/medium nodes, using GoG: Gamora, R&G, and yes, Starlord. Getting the SL's yellow out means you can use Gamora's red after one red match. If you already have some strike tiles out, even better. Bonus of never having to use health packs on R&G.

    #2 combo for the more difficult nodes has been Patch, Flaptain and Loki. I usually wait until I can do the following:
    greenflag.pngicon_wolverine.png X 2

    Then it's Divebomb time icon_e_smile.gif My Flaptain is not fully covered/maxed, but being boosted and having those strike tiles out usually means 10-15k damage. After this it's 2k+ damage per turn and the match ends pretty quickly. Plus, Loki's green is always fun icon_e_smile.gif
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Today's Big Enchilada team was Marvels redflag.pngyellowflag.pngblueflag.png :

    icon_caroldanvers.png (179, 3/5/5)
    icon_kamalakhan.png (173, 3/5/5)
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_thor.png (168, 3/3/3)

    Wow. That was way more effective than I thought it would be. The primary colors all went to Thor. I had so much green saved up that a double-dose of Embiggened Bash nearly cleared round four without needing further help.
  • optimus2861optimus2861 Posts: 1,232 Chairperson of the Boards
    I found this one courtesy of the Hunt:


    A rare team that lets Gamora tank all three of her colours, maximizing her blackflag.png potential. And you've got Rocket's blueflag.png for more strike tile goodness. And of course Witch's blueflag.png ensures the board won't stay stagnant for long.

    You could swap icon_ironfist.png for Witch, but only if Gamora is higher level.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    For yesterday's Big Enchilada I went with an all star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png team. That's the first time I've done that for TBE. My team was icon_wolverine.png (180 5/3/2), icon_nickfury.png (147, 5/2/2), and icon_deadpool.png (127, 0/2/5). It worked far better than I'd expected.

    Today I went with a sword theme: icon_deadpool.png (179, 5/5/3), icon_blade.png (176, 5/3/5), and Gamora (176, 5/5/3). Easy-peasy; lemon squeezey.
  • mckauhumckauhu Posts: 740 Critical Contributor
    "Fast healers" icon_hulk.pngicon_blade.pngicon_daken.png Fun team to use since Hulks "anger" multiplies with all those attack tiles. Tremendously useful especially vs AoE users
  • metallionmetallion Posts: 276 Mover and Shaker
    Not really my latest, and I'm not sure if anyone else has tried this, but I've been running 3*Bullseye, Cage and Panther in TBE for the past few months. Bullseye tanks 4 colours including teamups if he's high enough, Cage is basically a free feeder for Bullseye purple, especially when Bullseye hasn't gotten his black off, and Panther is just used for wiping the last wave using any black that Bullseye collects en route to the last wave. With some strategic matching and usage of purple/green, almost the whole board can be covered in strikes by the first wave, and everything after that is just like swatting away a bunch of flies. Bullseye is really just a beast at wave nodes for me.

    That said, I've run this team for quite some time, and I think it's about time to explore other opportunities
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I went with a Guardians of the Galaxy variation yesterday: icon_rocket.png (179, 5/3/5), icon_gamora.png (176, 3/5/5), and Thing (90, 2/1/0). Nailed it.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I decided to break out the big guns for today's TBE and use just star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png s. Now, players that are more competitive than I am and/or have deeper pockets have five-star rosters that are more diverse, have more powers, and are higher levels than mine but I still thought it might be worth a shot. Of my five-stars, I chose icon_silversurfer.png (270, 2/0/1), icon_wolverine.png (255, 1/1/1), and icon_greengoblin.png (255, 0/1/0). Old Man Logan probably would've been my MVP if I had paid more attention to what AP I had; if I'd realized I had over 12 yellowflag.png then I wouldn't have used his blackflag.png which changes all his powers. The changed powers are two decent attacks and one lousy one. I sure would rather have kept the healing and strike tile placement. OML took more damage than the other two characters combined and was close to being KO'd. Instead, my MPV was Green Goblin. I chose yellowflag.png a couple of times for defense tiles and redflag.png the other times for straight-up damage to my enemies.

    My other two five-stars, in case you're wondering, are icon_jeangrey.png (255, 0/0/1) and icon_spiderman.png (255, 0/0/1).
  • Berserk_AlBerserk_Al Posts: 411 Mover and Shaker
    Had fun yesterday with Patch, Falcon, and the given Wasp in her PVP. It did well enough even against boosted teams.
  • LemminkäinenLemminkäinen Posts: 378 Mover and Shaker
    OML/Nova + Squirrel Girl is weirdly murderful. With OML/Nova Strike tiles SG's green is a complete death sentence. It does good damage every turn and once the countdowns go off they each get the benefit from the Strike tiles. Just add a blue user. Adding Antman makes things silly as his Purple and Yellow allow tapping into those Strike tiles even more though his blue is a bit situational.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Today's TBE team barely made it though. The theme was "assassins." star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_bullseye.png (170, 3/5/5), star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_blackwidow.png (166, 5/3/5), and icon_elektra.png (147, 2/4/2). Bullseye went down in round three and had only managed to activate Contract Killer once before then. Widow was down to less than 200 health and Elektra had less than 800 health. It was Elektra's Shadow Step that finished round four, though, as the opposing Black Panther made a match that backfired. Grey Suit Black Widow was definitely the MVP with her Deceptive Tactics building up tons of green and then Sniper Rifle just devastating the entire enemy team.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I decided to take a chance today and use my star.pngstar.png team that I use for "Under the Sea" and "Third Time's the Charm" for "The Big Enchilada." That means I was using icon_thor.png (144, 3/5/5), icon_blackwidow.png (144, 3/5/5), and icon_storm.png (131, 3/5/5). I went for +50% damage across all colors.

    Round one was the worst. I took a lot of damage but Storm's retaliation helped. After that, I did a good job of building up AP each round--especially blueflag.png and greenflag.png for the AOE powers of Storm and Thor. I finished all four rounds without losing any characters.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Today's theme for The Big Enchilada was the original Avengers. I don't have a wasp_icon.png yet and the icon_antman.png in the game isn't Hank Pym so that leaves icon_hulk.png (185, 3/5/5), icon_thor.png (181, 3/5/5), and icon_ironman.png (170, 5/3/5). The Hulk did exactly what he's supposed to: tank the damage to generate greenflag.png for Thor. All the other colors were for Shell-Head. It worked great.
  • dokiydokiy Posts: 210 Tile Toppler
    From the current Unstable ISO-8 PVE...

    Punisher Max, Iron Fist, and good old IM Model 40. Get your six yellow and 5 purple to fuel Punisher to go on his killing spree. Lots of fun.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I haven't done The Big Enchilada yet today (real life's been busy) but yesterday was a fun team. Since I had just Champion'd him, I wanted icon_colossus_new.png (L171, 5/3/5) on my team. Clearly, this called for a real Fastball Special so meant adding ol' Canucklehead: icon_wolverine.png (L180, 3/5/5). For color coverage and the mutant theme (although not an X-Men), I added icon_scarletwitch.png (L173, 5/5/3). It was an incredibly effective team but, and I think this is most important, Colossus was able to do the Fastball Special with Wolverine four times. That was SO satisfying. icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • PylgrimPylgrim Posts: 2,296 Chairperson of the Boards
    Used Hulkbuster, Sentry, Hood in Sentry PvP. It's much slower than before, but I still got good results from Sacrifice into World Rupture, namely 14k+ AoE damage in average. 3/5/5 Hood is there to accelerate both AP acquisition and CD tiles and Hulkbuster for his red (since I'm leaving Sentry's at 3 covers) and blue and to thank black for the Hood. If I had a fully covered Winter Soldier I'd have used that instead of HB.
  • JeffCascadianJeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Today's theme was PhDs in green: star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_hulk.png , icon_doctordoom.png , and icon_doctoroctopus.png .
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