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  • DarthDeVo
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    I stumbled onto IM40, Classic Daken and Rocket&Groot during the Simulator when IM40 was buffed for the week and Daken for the event. I barely needed to use any health packs in between each battle, since Daken was at a higher level than IM40. His icon was on blue, black and purple tiles, R&G were on green and yellow and IM40 only showed on the red, so he was rarely in front taking damage. I would let Daken or R&G tank, letting Healing and Heat and R&G's yellow power do the healing work.

    Every green match meant two strike tiles for me, and also powered up R&G for board shake. Recharge did the same thing, and I could get R&G to add strike tiles, use Daken's blue for a quick strike to finish someone off or save it for IM40's AoE, but I usually just ended up using his red instead.

    Even though Daken isn't powered up for Webbed Wonder, I reverted to using this team to finish off the rest of my initial grind since I had run out of health packs. Still pretty much worked like a charm, although IM40 took a little more damage since he's still powered up and his icon displays on blue and red this time.
  • kenshohmer2
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    I tried this one on the last BOP and in this PVE since both Peggy and IM40 are boosted.
    icon_peggycarter.pngicon_spiderman.png (BSS) icon_ironman.png (40)

    Rush yellowtile.png for Iron Man's Recharge, grab a couple greentile.png for BSS. Launch green BSS, stun the 2 other with peggy's blueflag.png Repeat if needed with yellowtile.png .
    Stun the whole Team, does huge damage and can be really fast.
  • mckauhu
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    I was going to write something but noticed it is very powerful team so we'll see in PvP icon_e_smile.gif
  • fanghoul
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    During Nefarious Foes, I've noticed that I seem to outperforming my expectations with icon_hood.pngicon_kamalakhan.pngicon_magneto.png, particularly since I had none of them championed. Well, I ended up spending some CP and selling a maxed out 2* to fund championing Kamala and switching her to 5/3/5. Since then I seem to be winning about half of my defensive fights.

    I think what I like about them is that they're a true rainbow team, that actually has powers they can use in every color, and almost every color is worth gathering (black being the weakest one, but hey, healing from KK, and it's nice for finishing people off).

    Also, I think the reason it works so well defensively is that with the Hood boosted, he actually has enough life to fight for a while. It becomes questionable whether you should be taking him out first, since he's going to keep stealing your AP, and using it to fuel the two damage powerhouses that are icon_kamalakhan.pngicon_magneto.png, or if you should be taking KK out first, since she has the annoying habit undoing all the damage you've just done.

    Jesus Christ, I managed to cross the 1000 point threshold with this team, even with mags and hood having only 8 and 10 covers respectively.
  • JeffCascadian
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    To celebrate icon_invisiblewoman.png being my first star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png Champion, I used her in The Big Enchilada with icon_quicksilver.png and icon_ironman.png (Mark 40). What a breeze. I just sailed right through all four waves.
  • JeffCascadian
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    Today's theme: Team Red Costume.

    icon_daredevil.png L173, 5/5/3
    icon_cyclops.png L178 5/3/5
    icon_deadpool.png L180 3/5/5

    DD stunned. Deadpool dropped the occasional whale. Cyclops made extra red and blew the bad guys away.
  • dokiy
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    I know its 4 star obvious, but icon_ironman.png , icon_x23.png , and lady icon_thor.png . Two yellow, of course, start the whole thing off. Great single target killing with IM keeping the AP flowing.
  • JeffCascadian
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    I realize I haven't been tracking this in the last few days. Yesterday my theme was metal men: icon_ironman.png , icon_colossus_new.png , and icon_doctordoom.png . That went well.

    Today I didn't put any thought into it. I just did Charlie's Angels and, of course, won on the first try.
  • IamTheDanger
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    I've seen similar teams suggested before, but I like GG's fortify with anyone that makes cd tiles. Lately I've been using Goblin with Ghost Rider's red. Sometimes I'll add in a strike tile generator for some extra power, but mostly it's been Goblin, Rider and Peggy because, well it's Peggy. Rider for green/red. Peggy for blue/yellow(passive), Goblin for black/purple/yellow. But GG, GR and OML/Daken works great too. Especially if you get Hell fire out several times.

    Another team I am truly addicted to is Peggy, random 2nd and random 3rd. Doesn't matter who the other 2 on the team are.
  • Quebbster
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    I decided to tank a bit in the SHIELD simulator, so I needed a two-star team that could punch well above its weight class. icon_ms_marvel.pngicon_magneto.pngicon_storm.png got the job done with flying colors.
  • optimus2861
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    In TBE lately I've been running


    Strike tile goodness. Everyone just starts falling over dead by the middle of wave 2 at the latest.
  • JeffCascadian
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    Yesterday's Big Enchilada was focused around my newest character, star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_ironman.png . Since his red power works best with other Team Iron Man, he went to work with star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_blackwidow.png and star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_caroldanvers.png . Good team.

    Today's theme was "bigger than life." icon_thing.png (L90, 3/1/0), icon_colossus_new.png (L172, 5/3/5), and icon_hulk.png (L186, 5/3/5). The team survived but took a beating. Thing was always my choice for Colossus's Fastball Special; his red power at that level isn't great but it's better than taking a chance that Hulk's red power would go off and hurt my team. This'd be a fun team to try again when Thing has more covers and has been level'd up.
  • JeffCascadian
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    Three words, each spoken three times.

    Ants, Ants, Ants.
    Whales, Whales, Whales.
    Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels.

    icon_antman.png (L168, 4/3/2)
    icon_deadpool.png (L181, 5/5/3)
    icon_squirrelgirl.png (L168, 5/3/5)

    Oh, my gosh! This was fun! I was able to activate Ant-Man's ants and Squirrel Girl's squirrels multiple times during The Big Enchilada and then finished round four with Deadpool's whale drop (but only one--no sense in wasting my Deadpool Points). I had boosted my damage but didn't need to. This was an awesome team. icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • fanghoul
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    If we're talking about fun teams, but not necessarily effective ones, I've been amused by being forced into a team of Captain America / Loki / Squirrel Girl by the last heroic. So, so many count down tiles on the board.
  • OneLastGambit
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    GG / switch / falcap....
  • kobu
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    DFiPL wrote:
    kobu wrote:
    I'm still very much a newbie so I don't have many options in the way of fun combos, but I have just managed to find a fairly fun way for me to finally manage The Big Enchilada.


    Jean tanks the first couple rounds, Xavier goes invisible ASAP, and I collect black and yellow for Janet to generate tiles. When this combo takes off, it really takes off. With just a bit of luck I'm boosted enough so that rounds 3 and 4 can't even touch me. It gets dicey if a lot of board shaking stuff goes on, but I can manage sometimes even if all the protect tiles get blown up.

    Congrats, but can I ask, how are you a newbie but hadn't managed to find a team for TBE before the above? That seems implausible.

    All I had otherwise up until then were mostly unchamped 2* and a few 3* covers. I've got better 4* covers for some characters just on how LT, CP, and event rewards are handed out vs. heroic tokens. I'm still missing even a single cover for a bunch of 3*. And TBE is basically a catch-22--you can't play and get 3* covers until you have those characters rostered.
  • fanghoul
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    kobu wrote:
    All I had otherwise up until then were mostly unchamped 2* and a few 3* covers. I've got better 4* covers for some characters just on how LT, CP, and event rewards are handed out vs. heroic tokens. I'm still missing even a single cover for a bunch of 3*. And TBE is basically a catch-22--you can't play and get 3* covers until you have those characters rostered.

    It is funny how it's really hard to get more of the same 4*s that you already have, but at the same time there's no pack to draw from that guarantees you 3*s .
  • The Finn
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    This latest heroic has forced me to use different team combos--and it's been pretty fun to try out new teams!

    I found DD, 2* Marvel and Loki to be pretty good together. Marvel's yellow and Loki's purple are great for shaking the board and oftentimes can nudge DD's reds closer together for a match.
  • JeffCascadian
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    Today's theme: Spider-Man foes

    icon_greengoblin.png L255, 0/1/0
    icon_doctoroctopus.png L176, 3/5/5
    icon_kingpin.png L74 1/1/1

    As you could surmise, Osborn did the most match damage while Octavius tended to have the most used abilities. I chose red for damage each time with the Pumpkin Bombs.
  • JeffCascadian
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    I thought it'd be fun to use Thor (Goddess of Thunder) today so I paired her with Iron Man (Mark 40) to make sure she was charged. For color coverage, I added Bullseye. It didn't turn out as planned. Bullseye made so many strike.png so early that there wasn't room on the board for charged.png or IM's recharge tiles. My team was the hot knife and the four waves of enemies were warm butter.

    icon_thor.png L168, 3/3/3
    icon_ironman.png L173, 5/3/5
    icon_bullseye.png L173, 3/5/5