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  • Tiger_Wong
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    Real Steel reminds me of a team I wanted to try but keep forgetting.

    Colossus 4/5/3
    SWitch 5/3/5
    Mystique 3/5/4

    Only SWitch is champed at 168 as Colossus and Mystique are both at 127 and not maxxed out. But soon I'll put Ravens black to 5 which will REALLY jump up the downing power of the team. Also want to champ her so she can take the purple instead of Switch.

    Trying to go pete's yellow early to take big powers when needed as this important for team longevity. SWitch uses the purple almost whenever it comes up but her green is quietly important because you can get more reds or blacks for Pete and Raven for their nukes. Ravens blue is also quietly important to turn the board into her and Switch's favor. I usually fire it off after colossus gets enough for his yellow or red to fire.

    This isn't a team you can auto-pilot with as there will be many times you'll have to look at the opponent color count and plan ahead. Many times I'll use colossus' black on SWitch right after her passive reached zero. Other times, I'll fire raven's purple to buy a turn or two to get some crucial AP while delaying a specific enemy power attack when there's a full enemy team. During that turn, I can usually get a clutch yellow to brace for an attack or get two extra turns for SWitch's passive to go off.

    They also cover all the colors. I'm really looking forward to champing them soon.
  • LewsTherin0
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    Been running Ock, Patch, and Im40 in PvE.

    Recharge-> Patch Green->Ock Blue is tons of fun.
  • ammenell
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    12 yellow for 2x recharge - patch green x2, patch red (x2?), then onehit somebody with ocks blue and match another one to death.
  • revskip
    revskip Posts: 765 Critical Contributor
    Today I used Switch, KK and BP in the heroic with awesome results. My Switch is at lvl 127 3/3/5 (boosted to 225), KK at lvl 40 2/5/5 (boosted to 100) and my Black Panther is champed at 171 5/3/5 (boosted to 255).

    Had a really hard time finding a team with synergy with the boosted characters I had champed so I went off the beaten path for my roster and lucked into this team which saved a bunch of healthpacks.

    KK is hidden by Switch tanking green and purple and BP tanking yellow so her low health isn't an issue unless an AOE goes off. Switch generates purple for KK to generate green and then hit them with Embiggened Bash. Panther adds strike tiles and occasional Rage for even more AOE.
  • CT1888
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    The second sub of the Heroic got me using icon_nickfury.png , icon_scarletwitch.png and 2* icon_magneto.png Arcane Incantation into Polarity Shift into Demolition/Magnetic Flux then Demolition, watch someone die, fire off another Demolition, next one down.
    Once Demolition is out, Polarity Shift can be used to set up the AI with a 4 in a row to double tap those trap tiles too
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I tried out star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_ironman.png , star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_wolverine.png , and icon_antman.png (not fully covered) for The Big Enchilada today. It was fun and effective.
  • Tiger_Wong
    Tiger_Wong Posts: 672 Critical Contributor
    Messing around with boosted IM40 and I wanted a new team with him. I seem to have somehow stumbled on a staple team despite being unchamped.

    IM40 lvl 127 3/4/5
    She-Hulk lvl 114 5/2/4
    KK lvl 114 5/5/3

    Was doing them on Campaign vs goons and I was shocked at how fast the team was. I wasn't even getting IM's yellow in the first few turns and I was still wiping them out, untouched. And I noticed I wasn't even using She-Hulks green or blue because those are more PVE colors.

    I thought, "well hell..... This kinda looks like an anti-LC+IF team. I wonder if it works."

    4 battles and 4 varying types of wins later (without using packs) and I've fallen in love. They don't do anything with black but everything else is gravy.

    Shulk's red is is a great shake-up and cascade maker. After IM40s yellow, I'm usually at 16-20 red so I'm close to firing off 2. KKs purple also leads to cascades and powers up her own AOE or Shulks green which is lovely for health regen with KKs yellow. I fire off 3-4 of them, one after another, to take the AP I want.

    And really, Shulk's blue is the star. Before I fire off a couple powers, I steal LC's shield first and then go to work. And with it, I barely take any damage except for powers. But with her green shutting that down, I don't have to worry about it.

    I wanted to champ all 3 before but now, I want to make it a priority.
  • Mawtful
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    Been playing around with a few odd combinations recently. Generally, these are born out of trying to make teams with "Full Rainbow Actives".

    Bullseye + 3* Thor + Mr. Fantastic
    This is the very newest team, which I used for the early rounds in the current Bullseye PvP. I think it's mechanically sound and provides a few different options with only a single overlap on Green. Still, it's not exactly the sort of team that is worth going out and investing ISO into - for me, Thor is champed (3/5/5), Bullseye is at L120 (5/3/5), and Reed is sitting at L100 (2/2/2) - but I did have fun playing it.

    With more covers/levels on MrF, I think this team would have decent last-ability. There's some obvious synergy between Thor and Reed's black CD - not only is Thor matching R/Y/G, but activating his Red and Yellow can potentially create favourable cascades in the right colours. And if you can get Bullseye to create some Strike tiles, that's decent fodder for Reed's passive - while the protect tiles from Reed's blue are better fodder for Bullseye's purple (rather than using up his own Strike tiles).

    Flaptain + Kingpin + Punisher (MAX)
    Currently my new team for The Big Enchilada. I got bored of always using the same team and desperately wanted something different. Once this team gets rolling it delivers big strikes and range of nukes.

    My Kingpin is (3/5/5) Lv220, Flaptain is (3/5/5) L200, and Punisher is at (2/3/3) Lv111 - I'm now very interesting in getting some more covers for Frank. Ideally, you should be chasing Purple and Yellow to get some Maggia CDs on the board. After that gather Blue so that Flaptain gets those CDs to activate faster and fuel Punisher's additional Strike tile generation. The passive component of Punisher's Blue is going to improve not just his own Strike tiles, but also any Muscle CD's that activate. And there should be plenty of Strike tiles out if you want to use Punishers Green > Black combo.

    I tried this in a few PvP matches, and it's conceptually still the same, but I don't think it's place is in PvP. It really shines when it's got a bit more time/enemies to start snowballing.
  • optimus2861
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    Vision + Fist + Bullseye is letting me chew through goons fairly quickly in R&G. This team actually lets Vision tank all 3 of his colors, and since he's boosted this week he gets TU tiles too. So 5 blue and go to town. Free attack tile for Bullseye to destroy and fill the board with strikes.
  • GuntherBlobel
    GuntherBlobel Posts: 987 Critical Contributor
    This is kinda silly to post because you are forced to try this team in the current Rocket and Groot run. Still... I'm having so much fun with this fool-proof rainbow team!

    2* icon_storm.png
    3* icon_ironman.png
    4* icon_deadpool.png

    2X Recharge yellowflag.png -> 2X Countdown to What? purpleflag.png -> 2-3X Lightning Storm greenflag.png
    Nuke with icon_ironman.pngredflag.png or icon_deadpool.pngredflag.png for a one-shot and to change the strongest color between firing Countdown to What? purpleflag.png 2X.

    If 30 greentile.png AP Lightning Storm doesn't end the match by triggering icon_deadpool.pngpurpleflag.png... then it may have gained the AP to finish it anyway.

    Oh... and Wind Storm blueflag.png is just there as a bonus to compensate for IM40's only non-OP ability!

    And if things were to ever to go south: X-Enforcer blackflag.png and Tempest Rage yellowflag.png are there an effective plan B.
  • cooperbigdaddy
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    I second (or first, I kinda haven't read this entire thread):

    IM40, Patch, and OBW against 3 goons, no matter what level!

    Still get those 6 yellow APs and then it'll give you enough to do Patch's greenflag.png , and now that IM40 is stunned, Patch's icon will pop up on all red, green, and yellow, increasing his redflag.png to a ton more damage and you also have enough blueflag.png for OBW to keep countdowns from ever going off. And now you are doing a billion* points of damage, especially with OBW's Espionage.

    Very fun combo.

    *slight exaggeration
  • optimus2861
    optimus2861 Posts: 1,232 Chairperson of the Boards
    For Third Time's the Charm, I'm enjoying Ares, OBW, Bullseye. My Bullseye is not yet high enough level that he tanks black, so OBW picks up 4 AP per black match (assuming of course the enemy team has some black to steal). That speeds up Murderous Aim, which given a good spot to put the purplecrit.png tiles, can just about down someone in one shot. Then of course Onslaught, Sunder, Espionage, Aggressive Recon... that match doesn't tend to last very long. Easy 1000 iso8.png
  • ZootSax
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    In the "Thick as Thieves" PVE, to deal with the muscle nodes I've been taking advantage of having a boosted (3/3/2) Ant-Man and running him with IM40 and 3* Steve. The team lacks green and black, but since the AI always seems to have the RHulk green-draining team-up, that is less of an issue. Cap's red deals with the tommy guns, and Ant-Man's purple combined with stolen threaten tiles pretty much melts everyone else. In the CP nodes of the first two subs (muscle/commander/thug and 2xmuscle/Yelena, respectively) it pretty much cruised through things. Ant-Man can grow/punch, if needed as well.

    If the muscles are supported by thugs or hitmen, getting enough free yellow for IM40 can be a problem, but switching to 2* Mags can solve that.
  • TML
    TML Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Blade + 3* Bullseye + Vision (especially when Vision was boosted). Purple could be used with Blade if you want to chip away with his strong attack tiles, or Bullseye if the enemy has low enough HP where he can knock them out and trigger Contract Killer for more strike tiles. Meanwhile, Vision is pounding away either while Heavy (with the added strike tile bonuses) or Light by destroying the strike tiles. Definitely a fun team with a lot going on.
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I haven't played the same team for The Big Enchilada twice in the past week. What I've been doing is making theme teams. Today's theme was street level heroes so it was icon_lukecage.png , icon_daredevil.png , and icon_punisher.png .
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I've continued changing my Big Enchilada team every day. Today was Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends: icon_spiderman.png (185, 3/5/5), icon_humantorch.png substituting for Firestar (176, 5/3/5), and icon_iceman.png (94, 3/2/2). I did boost them because I didn't have a ton of confidence in their damage dealing abilities, especially Spider-Man and Iceman (Torch is a damage machine, though). It helped that his seemed an especially easy Big Enchilada.

    I also went for fun with Dat Required Character. I used icon_sentry.png because I had to, icon_deadpool.png because I always do, and howard_icon.png because today is the 30th Anniversary of his movie being released. Waugh!
  • optimus2861
    optimus2861 Posts: 1,232 Chairperson of the Boards
    I kind of stumbled onto this one during Hearts of Darkness, looking for good partners for Patch in the survival nodes:


    Put 5 purpleflag.png on Daredevil and your goal is simple: 9 greenflag.png + 10 purpleflag.png to fire Berzerker Rage plus Radar Sense. Now your match damage goes nice & high for a while, and the 6th strike tile that Radar Sense doesn't destroy is negated by Cage's protect tile anyway. You also get a utility stun with DD's blueflag.png , Cage's yellowflag.png nuke, and his blackflag.png for quick damage, enhanced by Rage of course.

    Worked pretty well in DDQ today too.
  • revskip
    revskip Posts: 765 Critical Contributor
    Found two fun combos today in The Hunt.

    First was Wasp, Quicksilver (boosted) and 5Cap. Collect blue early to get Wasp's blue rolling while also making Quicksilver's abilities cheaper then switch to Red to get two beefy protect tiles out. Then just a matter of watching Wasp buzz around and Fists of Fury. Slow but fun.

    Second was boosted Gamora with IM40 and Beast. Collect two yellow matches and the match was pretty much over once Beast dropped his blue special tile and hit them with his AOE followed up by 4 to 5 uses of Razor's Edge. Quick and fun.
  • MaxxPowerz
    MaxxPowerz Posts: 276 Mover and Shaker
    All of your strike tiles belong to us!


    Ant Man + Patch

    It's scary how effective this combo is, I feel like a dufus for just now realizing it.

    For added hilarity take Ant Man into a match against Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Watch as they scramble to get their special tiles out after each turn, only to have Ant Man steal them time and time again.
  • Pessi
    Pessi Posts: 170 Tile Toppler
    I recently championed my first 4*, XFDP so for this and with Rocket and Groot being powered up I'm having a lot of fun those two and IM40. IM40 is completely safe from most attacks and the healing from both XFDP and Groot have reduced my health pack use lots.

    Count down for what + I got a plan = insane damage from bombs, and out of bullets will typically wipe the most dangerous opposing team member with little effort.