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    Hi everyone, thanks for all the help regarding transitioning to 5*.  Since I plan to go into 5* land around June, I think any specific advice revolving my rosters now might not be helpful by then. Who knows the meta might have changed? We are looking at another 12 4* and 5* characters in the next 6 months.
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    Hi everyone, thanks for all the help regarding transitioning to 5*.  Since I plan to go into 5* land around June, I think any specific advice revolving my rosters now might not be helpful by then. Who knows the meta might have changed? We are looking at another 12 4* and 5* characters in the next 6 months.
    With 5 stars coming at such a glacial pace you’ll learn to plan as far in advance as possible if you want the best ROI. This is especially true for FTP. I’ll use my own goals as an example. 

    I finally have 5* Hawkeye champable but had to use a lucky run of BH, check the daily resupply, buy his recent HFH cover, and use the 2-3-4-5 feeder chain with shards to get him there. Long term planning for just one character. Yes the meta changes and pop up stores can change plans as well, but it’s always good to have foresight into where you are going and how you plan to get there. But remain flexible enough to switch up when you have new info (new meta, new store, new feeders,  etc.). If you don’t want help or to give any info on your roster that’s fine, but I wouldn’t for that reason. 

    My next hoard break to try and cover three Latests will be when the 5 after Bill enters.  Using 300 pulls as a conservative estimate, I could finish Parker (who has 127 shards already) and have enough left over for one more 5* cover. Phoneix has 11 right now so I can make her 12. Also will get 11-12 BH that I could use on Jubilee to get her very close to spitting out the last cover I need. All this prep, planning and allocation of resources (which could change at a moments notice) and none of these characters are close to meta!
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    Day 1680 

    Roster slots: 294/300 (+9)

    star star star star star
    36 champions (+3):
    Archangel, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Black Widow, Cable, Captain America (First Avenger), Captain America (Infinity War), Captain Marvel, Carnage, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Dr. Strange, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Green Goblin, Hawkeye, Hela, Iceman, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Jessica Jones, Kingpin, Kitty Pryde, Loki, Okoye, Professor X, Rescue, Spider-Man (Back in Black), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Silver Surfer, Storm, Thanos, The Hulk, Thor, Wasp, Wolverine

    Latest Legends

    • Professor X (5/5/3, lvl 465) (+17)
    • Carnage (5/5/3, lvl 455) (+11)
    • Beta Ray Bill (2/5/5, lvl 435; +3 saved) (+14)

    Classic Legends

    • The Hulk (5/3/5, lvl 450) (+3)
    • Doctor Octopus (4/3/3, lvl 405) (+3)
    • Star-Lord (5/2/1, lvl 375) 
    star star star star
    92 champions (+2):
    Agent Coulson, America Chavez, Ant-Man, Bishop, Black Cat,  Black Panther, Black Widow, Blade, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Carnage, Cloak & Dagger, Cyclops, Dazzler, Deadpool, Devil Dinosaur, Domino, Drax, Elektra, Emma Frost, Gamora (2x), Ghost, Ghost Rider, Gwenpool, Human Torch, Howard The Duck, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Juggernaut, Karolina Dean, Kate Bishop, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Lockjaw, Luke Cage, Magik, Medusa, Miles Morales, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Mordo, Mr. Fantastic, Mysterio, Namor, Nebula, Nick Fury, Nico Minoru, Nightcrawler, Nova, Peggy Carter, Professor X, Prowler, Quake, Red Hulk, Riri Williams, Rocket & Groot (2x), Rogue, Ronin, Sabretooth, Sam Wilson, Sandman, Shuri, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, Star-Lord, Talos, Taskmaster, Thanos, The Hulk (The Main Event), The Hulk (Totally Awesome), The Punisher, The Thing, Thor,  Valkyrie Venom (Agent Venom), Venom (Eddie Brock), Vulture, War Machine, Wasp, Wiccan, Winter Soldier, Wolverine, X-23, Yondu 
    Karolina Dean is my newest champion (3/5/5, lvl 270). Furthermore I've recruited M.O.D.O.K. (3/4/4, lvl 229) and Wolfbane (5/4/3, lvl 250). Black Panther, Iron Fist, Rocket & Groot, Rogue, Sandman and Wolverine have reached level 370. My duplicate of Rocket & Groot is championed.

    star star star
    No changes.

    Future goal

    Hoarding until Professor X & Carnage leave Latest Legends.
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    SHIELD Level 159

    Day 1422

    Roster slots: 200/206

    5 stars: All rostered.  BRB was drawn when he entered Latests. I'm drawing from Family Favorites vault to chase Beard Cap, Jessica Jones and Prof X covers to give those three potential covers. Kitty is the one I'm chasing in shards and she just crossed the halfway mark for her next cover. Emma's 280 level gave me another in her Yellow cover, so matches with Grocket and Juggs are slightly faster in PVE. Shard rewards and covers from the new feeders gave my roster a boost for several characters, with Iceman finally nabbing his missing blue cover and Storm is two covers away from being a champ. Cap Marvel is my next highest covered, with 9, and several 5 stars at 8 or more covers.

    4 stars: 86 now champed. Mysterio is still waiting to climb to 270, and Wolfsbane and Modok are gathering covers yet. The boost from shard rewards gave some small cover gains for some of my heroes, but they're all still in the lower range of champ levels, with few over 300. The 4* cover acquisition with shards is still glacial, and I'm in no rush to champ Mysterio and Talos.

    3 stars: All 3-stars are still rostered. I threw a lot of my ISO in this tier recently. Angel, Gambit, Sentry, Vision, all with 20 saved covers moved back to champs. She-Hulk is climbing now, and Loki will be next, as I'm, going to have 20 covers for him at middle of Prodigal Sun and pulling in double ISO. We're stopping after that, with four at 13 covers left to re-champ who have very few saved covers on the vine at the moment. Human Torch and WOLVERINE (PATCH) both were sold at champ but that ISO went back into characters with saved covers. I'm starting to build up roster slots to make 3 star dupes, though.. As I'm seeing the shards system and the help it can give to a 4 star roster, dupes seem the smarter way to go for the stronger characters, like Doc Strange and Deadpool in the tier.  Chasing Bullseye to 266 at the moment,

    2 stars: Active farming continues here. Shards system helps a lot at this tier, in giving champed levels and colorless covers. The loss of HP and CP here so far hasn't been noticable, as most draws I get are 2 stars. Lot of turnover at this tier.
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