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  • and for the deadpool reward?

    i can't do the blade mission because of the Hand Teisatsu’s Turn to Smoke power

    i try this 3 times and they easily reach a 2000 per turn
  • hi all

    i wonder if you'll do something for Deadpool daily

    due to the Hand Teisatsu’s Turn to Smoke power bug, i can't reach blade's green power

    i try it 4 times and they always reach a minimum of 2000 per turn
  • Keep trying.. I had the same thing happen to me this morning, but tonight was able to get through it twice (and eventually win the blade cover) without seeing the bug. Not sure exactly what scenario causes the bug but it doesn't happen every time.
  • It's a problem with area-of effect powers like Windstorm and Rage of the Panther. The Teisatsu triggers Turn to Smoke every time he is hit after he reaches zero health, regardless of how many turns he has been down for! This combined with Storm's Raging Tempest will kill your team in three turns maximum, as I found to my cost in the first wave of yesterday's The Big Enchilada! This is no fun - and when is R77 due, exactly?
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    dkffiv wrote:
    Played with him a bit and he's pretty much what I expected.

    Purple: Cannot be used on an empty board for just damage. If only 1 tile it can be used to select that one tile, if 2 or more are present you choose which 2. To clarify, if 1 is present the skill makes you select 1 of 1, if 2 or more are present you need to select 2 out of 2 (think GSBW or MMag purple, its either 1 empty circle or 2 depending on the state of the board). If there are 2 friendly tiles and 1 enemy tile you must select 2.

    Black: Even with max covers it only spits out 819 worth of tiles randomly around the board. For reference Magneto spits out 9x 53 strength tiles with 5 cover yellow and those disappear quickly, same thing ends up happening with Bullseye. Maybe its bias but I find special tiles on specific colors tend to last longer because they're less vulnerable to random matching and its easier to keep them isolated.

    Green: Pretty fun but very board state dependent, I had to save it a few turns to ensure I could get several (usually match 3's) off. Its pretty similar to SG's green in that its a little hard to gather that much green and when it does go off its usually not game ending.

    His color scheme is purple black green which means he'll probably only tank 2 colors with Blade. He can tank either 3 or 1 with Daken but if he's tanking 3 Daken's passive is wasted and if he's only tanking 1 its hard to get killing blows outside of ability use. He's not so bad with Luke Cage.

    Also his animations make him look like a pervert.

    WOW man how did you get 3 covers for him already?
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    Hold on to your butts.

    Purple is kinda cool, green looks a little cartoony. His background pose makes him look like he's about to do something.

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    Hey MPQers!

    It's been awhile since we have had one of these. However, we are back with Bullseye! Casey has provided us with a reading list that outlines his favorite Bullseye stories.

    Head over to the reading list and let us know what you think. If you have a story we haven't included, we would like to know. We're always really happy to hear your favorite stories of the characters as well!
  • His part in the PunisherMAX story lines are just awesome to behold; he feels like a true unhinged threat (Even Kingpin can't get him back under control).
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    Updated Bullseye's icon. The old icon can still be accessed using : bullseyeold : (without the spaces)
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    Scoregasms wrote:
    My initial gut reaction from reading just his abilities was overall positive actually, but as others have stated so far, it's really his color combination that seems to be a bit awkward as far as pairing him with others that seems to detract from his appeal a good bit.
    His color combo will only come into play once he is at 166 or buffed above everyone so you can take advantage of his passive. His Purple is what is going to make him deadly with doing so much damage for 7AP. If you are going to level him slowly you can run him 5,3,5. If you want his passive to pack a punch and will take him to 166 right away 5,5,3 and just have him tank purple and black. If you want to use his green and purple good partners would be BP, Luke Cage, Colossus icon_lol.gif IW, Blade, cyclops, Groot, mystique, Cmags all work well with him.
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    I know that he's not technically a lazy character, but should this stop us from nicknaming him "lazy eye"? icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Thanks for the write up! icon_e_smile.gif
  • dkffiv wrote:

    Also his animations make him look like a pervert.

    This alone makes me want to obtain him.
  • New Bullseye looks interesting. 2 powers look really good and 1 looks rubbish - the one where you get strike tiles when you kill someone. Might evolve at higher levels other than just more tiles / stronger tiles, but on first look seems underwhelming. Look forward to seeing how all powers evolve.

    Now if they can sort out the existing Bullseye, that would be nice!
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    There are currently six pages of dialogue about Bullseye Classic (3*).

    You can find it by clicking HERE

    Edit: spelling
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    idk when i first looked at him i though his green was garbage, 11 greenflag.png to shoot some tiles and deal damage, so many better greens out there and for that reason i would have green @ 3, his purple looks like his best ability some one in another bullseye thread mention pairing him up with patch and that clicked. there was so many times that i BR and fell short of knocking them out to have them make me pay for **** too early. DD cost too much and not enough covers for elektra.
    Playing is now really a chore so might skip it completely. He would of been way better if his black did more like generate ap purpletile.png and/or greentile.png per kill( or like the blood in the water where it generated strike tiles on hit once they were below 50% life that was suggested).
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    Vhailorx wrote:
    Hard to judge his utility without seeing max stats. And the move set seems a bit boring at first glance. But I do have to give credit to the devs for making bullseye a precision tile destroyer. A nice example of game mechanics matching the character!

    I'm not a big fan of the new Bullseye but I like his green, it's an interesting reversion of all the characters that add tiles to the board. Not only can it be used to deny colors, but can also result in some good cascades.
  • There are currently six pages of dialogue about Bullseye Classic (3*).

    You can find it by clicking HERE

    Edit: spelling

    Cheers for link!

    Interesting thoughts Heartburn. His purple and green look handy for PVE definitely. Shame his green is green, I guess a lot of best attacks out there are that colour, so most will likely field someone with a better green. Maybe a good back up when Iron Fist, Thor etc are healing up.

    Either way, good to see some new power types coming out.
  • You get to play against him in the third sub of the current PVE. Deny purple or suffer.
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    shade_tree wrote:
    You get to play against him in the third sub of the current PVE. Deny purple or suffer.

    Yeah, I thought that was a fun node to try to play against the guy. Not overwhelming character, he's another specialist for pve for better or worse.