Your Best MPQ Moment of the day (positive thread)



  • 5th LThor's green on DDQ, taco tokens give me 5th Cyke's black. Aw yeah.
  • none.png
    This was a cool thread idea, OP. Sadly, since it started, I haven't really done anything noteworthy....

    Until THIS happened.

    (Please excuse the capture method. They still don't allow iMac's to play on Steam icon_e_sad.gif )

    Give it a look, and maybe help with that whole 1000 spideycoin.png thing.

    Then I'll add that here! icon_mrgreen.gificon_cool.gif
  • saintsomebody
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    Pulling 3* icon_thor.pngyellowflag.png from a taco immediately followed by icon_hood.pngyellowflag.png from a STANDARD!

    Now my hood is started, and I have all the colors for Thor.

    Make that my first full DDQ clear.
  • jffdougan
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    Just pulled a yellowflag.pngicon_falcon.png from a standard token. Nice way for the game to make up for the new Bullseye cover wiping me out in the first Alpine Tactics (stage 2) encounter.
  • Doc L
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    Been a good 24 hours of pulls. Elektra purple from my daily (580... Ugh, it's been that long?), 2 yellow Captain Marvel to put her to 5-1-5, a red Luke Cage to perfect him at 5-5-3 (FROM A STANDARD PACK! Nuts), and finally, managing to get my progression Bullseye green with 1 minute of the event to go, after forgetting which shard I'd entered, then frantic rushing to clear enough nodes in the last 15 minutes. Excellent.
  • Malcrof
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    After the first Gauntlet board i got my gold token.. and had 9 silvers from the run through.. decided to go nuts

    icon_nickfury.pngyellowflag.png (first cover for that color, yay) off of Gauntlet token
    : icon_elektra.pngredflag.png off a silver

    Finally making headway on some 4 *s, now have at least one of each cover for both of those, and 2 in 1 color on both.
  • DFiPL
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    Clearing the Enchilada with 94 Storm 2*, 87 Captain Marvel 2* and 64 Magneto 2* to get a Captain Marvel 3* yellow was pretty sweet.
  • PuceMoose
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    I opened up a taco tonight, and out popped a green Kamala! That was a nice surprise. While I am not sure a 2/3/3 Kamala is usable yet, she's getting there. Thanks, Deadpool!
  • Getting ready for bed, decided to open my mini-stockpile of tokens, and out pops the IF blackflag.png I'm hoping to survive the ninja bug madness of tomorrow's DDQ to earn...

    Whatever happens tomorrow, I'm already up the card I was hoping to earn. IF currently at 1/1/1... good times.

  • For me it was pulling iron fists purple out of a taco token after pulling nothing but squirrel girl out of anything for a long time.
  • Ludaa
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    Meeting some of the Mpq team at Phoenix Comic-Con.....and winning the raffle! 3x Prof X, 3x Vision, and 2900HP. Oh, and they gave me Cmag's actual comic from the game! I thought I was starting to pull away from the game too...
  • dr tinykittylove
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    Accidentally overclimbed from 400 to 900 in one session because I was having too much fun playing with buffed quicksilver. I've now dumped all my iso stores in him and have no regrets!
  • My best MPQ moment of the day was when I started seriously considering deleting my entire roster when I quit this time and deleting the app from my phone. The devs completely ignore what the player base asks for. Namely - making it easier to earn covers without grinding this darn thing like a second and third job, and making 4*'s actually obtainable.

    Their response to Ultron 1 actually being fun, was to make Ultron 2 so insanely grindy that barely any of us managed to even make it into round 8. And the Gauntlet? Yeah, they added a 4* to it, but they also made the last 2 nodes almost impossible. I've wiped at least 15 times on that HB / IF / Hood node. Yeah, loads of fun. My most positive moment of the day for MPQ will be when I look through my Steam backlog and pick a game that's designed to actually be fun instead of pure monetization and doesn't punish you for actually wanting to play it.
  • Got my second IF blackflag.png , despite the ninja bug.

  • DFiPL
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    Read a post last night from somebody saying that matchmaking in PVP seemed better than it had been. Noticed that there were about 7 hours left in the Falcon event. Thought, well, I'll take a look. If it's terrible I'll just sit out this season as I had planned on. I did play some Lightning Rounds in between seasons, so I wasn't sure if that might have affected things after the super-awesome top-10 finish I had in the very last event of XIV. Also Captain Marvel is one of the few 3* I don't have, and one I've *never* pulled a cover for, so if things were, in fact, reasonable I figured I'd chase a top 100 finish so I could get my first Captain Marvel 3* cover on Steam in...well, ever.

    Hey, look. I have seed teams. Hey, look, they're worth...60 points apiece?! icon_eek.gif Well, hell. Sure. Play 'em, win, I'm at 180. Only three seed teams, but the fights that replaced them were still winnable fights, still worth 50-60 points each. Play 'em, win, and I've got an event token for just the 2nd time in a long time, and it's the fastest PVP event token I've ever earned. Ends up being a 2* I have fully covered, but still. Fights are still winnable, although not gimmes by this point, so i decide to see how far I can get before I hit the wall. At this point I am having to use skips, but I'm finding reasonable fights even so, not just endlessly skipping. I hit 400 points for the first time in a LONG damn time.

    I hit 500 points for the first time ever.

    I hit 575 points for the first time ever.

    I get as high as 660 points before I run out of winnable fights. It's, obviously, the best score I've ever had. With 3 hours to go, I was occupying the top 10, just as in the last PVP, although this one appeared to have more movement. Having earned those 50 Hero Points, I decided it was worth spending the 75 on a shield to try to preserve a two-cover finish. Reasoned that if I DID finish top 10, I'd end up +75 Hero Points over what I'd gone into the event with, and even a top 50 finish would still have me at +25, so it wasn't like I was losing anything.

    That done, turned to the 2nd event token I had earned.


    I lost my ****.

    Wake up this morning to discover I had slipped from 8th to 11th, but meh. I'm still +25 Hero Points, as I said, I got two Captain Marvel covers, and I got my coveted yellow for Kamala Khan. You can't bring me down, whoever you three buttheads are who snuck in front of me. icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • evil panda
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    Broke shield in PVP to make a "short hop". I was 1st in my bracket with 798 points and I thought I'd try to hit the mid-800's this hop.

    Win my first two matches and collect my 850 prog reward. And then I notice a 50 point target in the node I just cleared. Do I dare? I white knuckle it all the way, win the match, and break 900. Still no attacks!

    So I say f it, knock out three more matches, get to 1000 and shield for the duration. I've never ever been #1 in my bracket and do 6 matches without getting hit
  • Got IF black on DDQ then open the taco tokens to see... A green IF, my first (125 now).
  • Esheris
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    Got 803 points in PvP with level 94's (highest I have ever been before was over 600 a few times). Only got attacked twice and I had a shield up when that happened.

    Yay for another Falcon cover!

    I must have been in a tough bracket though, my 803 points still only got me one cover of Captain Marvel.
  • DFiPL
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    Esheris wrote:
    I must have been in a tough bracket though, my 803 points still only got me one cover of Captain Marvel.

    I could give a **** about placement rewards (though the Loki and Captain Marvel rewards I've earned in my last two have been timely and relevant). If I can hit progressions as easily as I did last night to be able to get the 300 point token or even the 400 point 25 HP, I'd be happy in PVP. Hitting 660 was beyond what I ever expected since I don't max my 3*. Just let me get my token and maybe the occasional HP out of PVP, and I'm content to leave the jockeying for placement to the biggies. A round like last night every once in a while is just bonus.
  • dswan3rd
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    LCap finished off two enemies in one of the global domination gauntlet nodes...after an ability (I forget which enemy it was) and subsequent match-3 took him down to 67 health. Thanks to boatloads of red and blue AP to have his shield rolling (and the stun and protect tile that comes from the peacemaker), he only took -1 match damage the rest of the match. icon_e_biggrin.gif