Your Best MPQ Moment of the day (positive thread)



  • tanis3303
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    This made me actually LoL.


    That's a shapeshifted Mystique, killing Bagman with a Masterstroke. I just killed Bagman...WITH BAGMAN! Achievement unlocked!
  • A bit exhausted and not quite feeling the MPQ love today (success in my PvE and DDQs this week, but generally tired from the grind and getting toasted by my "trivial" essentials today), when I pulled a 3* icon_magneto.pngblueflag.png from a standard token. It's the second time in 550+ days and how ever many 1000s of standards opened that I've seen a Gold. icon_e_surprised.gif

    Alright MPQ, we're still friends. icon_e_wink.gificon_lol.gif

  • Boommike wrote:
    My moment of the day: Got to play with XForce for the first time ever (in the Main Simulator node).
    Day 130 so my first cover is right around the corner!
    I never knew him pre nerf, but even post nerf, MY OH MY. I know hes maxed out pretty good and it'll be ages before I get one like that, but... me likey!!

    I was thinking the same thing about that! I was like damn he seems awesome right now and this is the watered down version no one likes?! I can't even imagine how sweet it was pre-nerf. icon_eek.gif
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    DanBenZvi wrote:
    Not a DDQ moment but an enjoyable one all the same:

    Been beavering away at the Simulator, hoping to stay in at least the Top 150 so I can snag at least one cover for nu- icon_bullseye.png (what can I say, I like the shiny). Made my way up to the Recruit Token progression award. Went to open the pack, jokingly saying "hope it's nu- icon_bullseye.png ". And the pack is... Three star. And I'm thinking "nah, couldn't be..." So, I open it...

    ...and it is. It's nu- icon_bullseye.png . Specifically, it's nu- icon_bullseye.pngblackflag.png , which is only being awarded to those scoring places 3-10 in their brackets (which I *know* I won't).

    Dunno how much luck I blew through with that pull but it certainly made me smile.

    Mind posting a screenshot? I haven't seen him yet!!!!

    Don't mind at all. I seem to be missing a step, though, because the forum isn't allowing me to post screenshots from my iPhone.

    Youd have to get the image hosted first on a 3rd party website first, and then post the link icon_mrgreen.gif

    All righty, lemme try this again...


    (Having tested through the preview function...) Huzzah, it worked!
  • Hopping on after a pretty tinykitty day, clearing my usual two DDQ nodes, and subsequently pulling a icon_blade.pnggreenflag.png (my first cover for him) from the resulting taco.

    On the flip side, my roster is now maxed so I have to buy more slots (22/22 currently)
  • mr_X
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    Best moment so far was downing hulkbuster in pve with two matches. Triggered a totally insane critical combo which paused for a few seconds with 4 crits on screen (a personal best) and then on my second match they all triggered. Two matches Hulk buster no more.

    Someone must of called the karma police or something. Highly satisfying. Maybe I should open some tokens.
  • PuceMoose
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    I had high level enemy X-Force Surgical Strike go off in my face tonight, and due to the luck of the board it destroyed.... one tile. Taking one damage from a surgical strike (Luke Cage's protect token was out) gave me quite a grin.
  • DFiPL
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    I suspect it's because I just haven't played PVP much at all this season with the MMR changes, but I hopped into the end of Tex-Mex last night planning on just grabbing a standard token and getting out, when to my surprise I noticed that even joining with 9 hours left, I had three seed teams. Well, okay. Fought those.

    After that, there were a handful of others that, while not 'seed' teams, were winnable fights. I was able to fight my way up to 301 points and get an event token, first one of those I've managed to get this season.

    Woke up this morning to discover that those 301 points were good for 9th place and two Loki covers.

    Because I suspect something reset because I haven't been playing PVP much, this isn't going to get me back into regular PVP, but it was a nice surprise to get something tangible out of my PVP efforts for once.
  • JVReal
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    Having a nice weekend, only going for progression in pve, and having my best pvp season to date. My alliance is in top 100 for the season, so thats exciting, another first for me personally.

    Starting with this season I am really enjoying the pvp segment of the game for the first time since i began my 3* transition. I owe it to two things, DDQ for expanding my rosters usability, and my alliance mates for the encouragement.
  • atomzed
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    Usually my 10 packs luck are very bad, so I usually don't bother getting into top 50.

    This season, I had about 6 hrs left after the last pvp. As I climbed, i was debating whether I want to spend the effort in getting that 10 pack. Well, I decided to go for it and managed to get top 50.

    Was bracing myself for the disappointment when I opened the pack. First cover was a gold! 4*! Elektra... Well at least it is a cover I could use.

    8 covers... All silver.

    Then the last cover was a gold... And lo and behold, a SW blue! That max my SW! SO HAPPY.
  • LambadaDave
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    I knew I hadn't hit t150 for Simulator, so I was prepared to miss out on the new Bullseye. My Alliance hit T50! So, this AM I woke to a 6 or so special tokens, a couple standards and a nice shiny new Bullseye.

    The special tokens only netted me a Sentry, which was a letdown. But then a daily taco got me a much needed Cyclops.
  • I opened both my DDQ Tokens today and received a 3* blackflag.pngicon_cyclops.png and a 3* greenflag.pngicon_thor.png

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  • DDQ remains my daily "Moment of the Day," but I've got another today (well, last night).

    Decided mostly out of boredom to poke head into the Tex-Mex PvP, and managed to get 26th place for a badly needed Loki cover.

    I honestly had no expectation of doing well beyond maybe getting a token and some ISO, so it was pretty cool. Regretfully, it wasn't a totally happy event, and the rest of the story can be found over at the "Worst Moment" thread... the MPQ gods giveth, and the MPQ gods taketh away. icon_lol.gificon_rolleyes.gificon_e_wink.gif

  • mgallop
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    Just opened 5 heroics from end of season:


    IMHB redflag.png !
  • mgallop wrote:
    Just opened 5 heroics from end of season:


    IMHB redflag.png !

    Dood. Dat redflag.png ...

    I would easily trade the 4 duds for that one. That's some big guns. icon_e_biggrin.gif

  • DFiPL
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    Had 55,500 ISO in the bank and went "heyyyy....that's exactly 111 standard tokens. I should see what the pull looks like. For science!"

    Pulled fourteen 2* and three 3*; the 3* were a green icon_kamalakhan.png, a yellow icon_squirrelgirl.png and a red icon_blackwidow.png

    All three of the 3* were usable covers for me, so that was awesome.

    I had predicted 18-19 non-1* tokens from the pull. Came in a bit below that, but I'll happily trade two 2* I'd be selling back for ISO in exchange for the gold covers.
  • PuceMoose
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    Deadpool's taco tokens haven't been kind to me, generally. Sailing a silver sea. However, I chomped into a spicy little taco tonight and instead of a two-star Captain America, out popped a yellow Cyclops! Even better than a Doctor Doom Decoder Ring, hooray!
  • Malcrof
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    It may not last, i hope it does, have never finished in the top 2 in anything (in fact #9 is my highest finish), but this is a screenshot i took a couple seconds ago.. ignore the volume thingie, i do not take enough screenshots to be proficient at it.

  • jojeda654
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    I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get another then pack from the season conclusion, but luckily I got 2 good pulls from the 4 heroics.
    1 green Doc Ock and....
    a Blue Prof X!
  • Loftus
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    First of all i'm so happy this thread exists! I hadn't been on here for a couple of weeks but every time i posted i always wished there was somewhere to just put random positive/happy moments icon_e_biggrin.gif

    Just got the best pack luck i've had since i started (day 184 currently). Been busy with exams so haven't had much time to play, as a result i sadly finished outside the top 400 for the 1st day of the deadpool event and was rewarded with 3 standard tokens. I played the first node of the second day (the one with bullseye as a teamup) which got me another standard token and into the threshold to earn a deadpool vs. mpq token.

    I quickly went to burn through all of them not expecting anything. Bare in mind i had four standard tokens and one deadpool vs. mpq token. These were my pulls:


    I... i just don't know how you react to that lol. Getting black panthers best ability from a standard pack followed by three star thor's best ability from a standard pack and then getting the new characters in the event pack, and (from the few times i've had a chance to use him) it feels like it could be his best ability.

    Got to love the randomness of pack luck icon_e_biggrin.gificon_e_biggrin.gificon_e_biggrin.gif