Your Best MPQ Moment of the day (positive thread)



  • I know I will regret doing it later, but I just had an awesome board with my pair of OBW 123 and 2hor 126 against a lvl 42 pve node. Turn 3 victory I think.
  • JVReal
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    My Taco Tokens finally paid out yesterday after a long dry spell of 2* pulls. I pulled a Blue Dr.Doom and a Green Loki token with my two daily Taco Tokens yesterday. I wonder what today will bring? (And YAY for it being Black Hulk today!)
  • TxMoose
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    not only multiple pve events without a new character, but one with daken as reward, one of a handful that I really want to cover but haven't had many opportunities or luck doing.
  • Doc L
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    Favourite moments? There's been a lot, from the first pve top 100 of my alliance, full of friends, through to great pulls from various free packs, but last night I had one of the better ones.

    Sister's birthday, so rang home maybe 75 minutes before the end of my pve slice, figuring as I was ~#100, and I probably would have 30-40 minutes after talking to run a few nodes and make sure of a top 150. After all, it was for Colossus, and I really just wanted one extra one to keep pushing him to 13. Talked to sister, then to my father, who can talk the back legs off a donkey and notice the clock - 1 minute before pve slice ends! Panic, log onto the game and...

    ... Magic. I finished #149. Couldn't have timed it better with the effort.
  • JVReal
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    This morning I hit 300 in PVP, got my PVP token, and it also pushed me to 4000 for the season, so I got my 10 pack.

    I pulled my PVP token and it's Gold: icon_blackpanther.pngblackflag.png ... Nice! knowing that gold tends to run in clusters, I promptly pull my 10 pack:

    I am a happy camper today.
  • TxMoose
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    over the weekend pulled a PX from a hulk token, giving me all the ****s except dino, so I don't have to worry about the **** essentials any more (hope they don't throw dino in one - that would bite for everyone playing less than a year).

    after a very painful clear earlier this morning in the hulk event and then realizing I did one of the hardest nodes twice - ugh....time for an extended bathroom break for the big enchilada. was really hoping for a clean run - been a while since I've had a clean run where no cds went off. and lo and behold, completely clean run, no damage taken. that was nice after all the spectacular cascades I enjoyed this morning.
  • I got a red 3* cap from a token. He's turning into my best character.

    Yesterday I realized that when DPD asks you to build a team of 1* characters, he means it can be a team of 1. I used my 1* storm to clear the board! Well, her and precious precious team ups.
  • dr tinykittylove
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    Took my 6-cover professor out for a spin through the Big Enchilada with my imhb and xf. He had a really good time. board gave me a match 5 as an opening move, I took it.

    The cascade resolved into another match 5. And through the course of the 4 waves I took no damage apart from match damage and got at least half a dozen match 5s in total.

    It was a lot of giant floaty heads though. I was a bit taken aback.
  • Malcrof
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    Wonder if we can get a sticky for this thread, would be nice to have a fun thread for all to post on
  • W4LAndre
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    After a long dry spell on tokens (no gold pulls from anything since Ultron) I managed to pull 3 in one day. I got a red vision from a Made Man token, which was only the second time I have ever gotten the feature in a PVP event token. This was followed by a purple falcon and a green IF from Hulk tokens.

    To me this is how I think one supposed to feel after having to push through jacked up BPs and Xforces in PVP and crazy high-leveled Ares' and Dakens in PVE. I was quite appreciative of this good fortune.
  • Nellobee
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    Today I accidentally did the Big Enchilada DDQ node with my 2* team instead of a 3* team, and won first try (obw+Ares+mstorm served me well).
    It was pretty awesome. The fourth round gfuya didn't even get a turn as I windstormed them each.
  • dokiy
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    Got my season 10 pack yesterday:

    Rocket and Groot yellowflag.png that I can't use, but the thought is there
    Patch redflag.png
    Beast (haha, no)
    Cmags redflag.png

    Can't complain about that.
  • Yesterday I got 1000 imcoin.png from a Taco & today a few star.pngstar.pngstar.png from the 10 pack:

  • Raffoon
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    Best MPQ moment was when I spent the money I used to spend on MPQ on Terra Battle instead icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Have a person in PVP that's been attacking me all day. They keep hitting me for 8-13 and I keep hitting them back for 30-39 and they just won't stop. I will never understand what the people that do this are thinking or how they ever made it as far as they did if they do stuff like this, but I'm always happy to keep seeing them.

    edit: and now they just attacked me again and lost. I wonder if they'll keep trying still?
  • NighteyesGrisu
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    in my first week of play I pulled an xforce from a standard token...I was still firmly in 1* land and didn't even know there were 4* characters....So I was overjoyed to suddenly get a 4* character and one that was 'levelled' too (I didn't understand at that time that the base level for higher tier characters is higher as well).

    Little did I know at that time that xforce was useless and would be useless for some time to come until the buff icon_e_wink.gif
  • Malcrof
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    Woke up this morning to 2 Hulk event tokens (go casual alliance hitting the mark, first time ever!) and 2 gifted regular recruit tokens... then did my DPD.

    6 tokens, 6 gold covers.. 100% on 3 different types of tokens

    icon_blade.pngpurpleflag.pngpurpleflag.png from Tacos
    icon_doctoroctopus.pngblackflag.png and icon_magneto.pngyellowflag.png from Hulk
    icon_spiderman.pngpurpleflag.png and icon_nickfury.pngpurpleflag.png from standard recruit tokens

    Better than a cup of coffee!
  • W4LAndre
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    I was facing a team of DP, Cstorm, and Colossus in real steel (real nasty combo by the way). The enemy team had 8 blue and there were 2 potential blue matches on the board. Colossus fastballs DP so I'm able to one shot storm with Lazy Cap, DP can't jump it with LoTP so I don't get hit with the tempest. That could have gotten real bad in a hurry. Damn was that some good luck.
  • If token pulls count as moments, during my early days in the game, I pulled 2x Nick Fury covers from 5 Standard Tokens.
  • Lee T
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    For the first time since the start of DDQ I have completed the last node with a team not composed of MNMag, Storm and Hawkeye. lazy Storm, Steve Rogers and OBW have won me the day.

    And it feels good.