Your Best MPQ Moment of the day (positive thread)



  • EienRyuu
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    @bluewolf said:

    @EienRyuu said:
    Oh, I also hit that like yesterday or somewhere there.
    I could post a screenshot but I don't know how to make it just that section like you and zoomed in. :/

    I would recommend googling “how to crop photos on (insert your operating system)”.
    I could tell you on iPhone but I’m not sure about Android. But I’m sure its similarly easy.

    Actually I am on Android. xD On a old **** Sony Xperia XA. Which still runs MPQ fine. But I've googled what you said so now I know.
    Thanks. :-)

    Also, don't try to assume what someone might be on. Borstock could be on PC where it's even more easier to edit. ;-)

  • sambrookjm
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    4Deadpool3 just became my first max-ascended 4star.

    Little off the Top at LVL 5- Max of 11453 Damage.
    WHALES! WHALES! WHALES! at LVL 5 - 14120 Damage to the enemy team.
    Life of the Party at LVL 5 - Jump in front for 1868 damage, countdown heals up 4228 health if it expires.

  • AlexR
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    Goose pvp was the most fun I've had in pvp in a long time. See, this week, after a hiatus I champed my fifth 5* and it finally feels like I'm properly in 5* land with multiple usable teams and all! Being locked into a single team during transition was extremely boring. Now, I finally get to switch between teams again!!

    (Ain't touching boosted iHulk yet though, no siree. So I can't exactly climb high, just clearing some wins to 25ish.)

    All five of my baby champ 5* got a workout and this is just SO much more fun than being locked solely into SC for 100% of matches. I missed getting to use different teams, I missed it so much!

  • sambrookjm
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    With 956 points, I finished #1 in the Fresh Cut PvP slice this morning. First time I've ever ended #1 in any of the PvP events. Sure, it was out of 108 people...but I'll take it!

    The 15 Iron Patriot Tokens didn't get me any 5-stars, but I did get an extra 100 shards for Kang with the tokens.

  • samael64
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    @samael64 said:
    Just rostered my second to last remaining 5 star. Big Wheel is the last one I need.

    And this morning I received the last few shards I needed for Rhino to get Big Wheel, also received a 5 star Phyla-Vell on the same pull.
    Have a complete roster now, just need to keep up with the new releases. 🙂