Your Best MPQ Moment of the day (positive thread)



  • Steel_ColtSteel_Colt Posts: 277 Mover and Shaker
    Once GE Doom entered Tokens I pulled everything as I got it, but didn't manage to pull Doom in time for Strange Sights. Since I don't play for placement I still chose SCL9 for the increased CP rewards. 
    Just pulled Doom during the second sub, so I only missed out on the one token and 3 CP in the first sub.

    Added bonus, I can start hoarding again so I can avoid pulling even more Kingpin covers (3/5/3 now).

    Might try a few lucky pulls just before Cable leaves Latest, as he's almost finished at 5/4/3.

    Edit: I don't play for placement, I do, of course, play for progression.
    Missed out on the 5E points in the first sub, did one run for 6 clears on everything in that sub.
    Second sub did two runs for 7 clears overall, but all in the last twelve hours.
    Did the third sub as optimal as possible, missing out on the 5E and the 7th clears on 2E, 3E and 4E...

    Got T50 placement (45th) and nabbed and extra Magik cover!
    With sub-optimal play and on a release event, still T50... I'm satisfied.
  • sambrookjmsambrookjm Posts: 1,758 Chairperson of the Boards
    Pulled one token from the Favorite Heroes vault - Got a champ 5-star level for Thor, and a bonus Okoye cover to put her at 4/3/4.  There's my luck for the month...
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 2,930 Chairperson of the Boards
    Similar story here. Accidentally tapped the latest legends store and got my first blue Doom.  He’s now at a solid 1/1/1 start for when I bust my Endgame hoard!
  • DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,156 Chairperson of the Boards
    I softcapped my last 5* last night. The only things that need ISO on my roster right now are 3* dupes. After almost 3 years, I'm almost ISO positive. 
  • AnonAnon Posts: 1,160 Chairperson of the Boards
    I placed #8 in The Hunt on SCL7. Got a much needed purple cover for Prowler to bring him to 3/4/5. 

    This is the first time I've placed in the top 10 in years!
  • jym010jym010 Posts: 108 Tile Toppler
    Pulled 6 out 12 5*s on the favorite legends vault!  50% draw rate!  Nowhere close to being in 5* land but at least get some good covers for the metas!
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,510 Chairperson of the Boards
    I finished 9th in The Hunt which was very nice and unexpected as I missed the first sub and somehow landed in a sub-optimal bracket. I was only hoping to mnake it to the 4* cover & first lot of CP.
  • JSP869JSP869 Posts: 772 Critical Contributor
    In The Hunt, I went hard after the Prowler covers because I needed the CL9/T20 cover to finish him off. With my Champion Okoye being the boosted 5E I was taking approx. 25 minutes per set, but there was a problem. I was doing slice 5, which begins & ends at 11pm my time, and so it's the only slice where I'm guaranteed to be able to do my clears un-interrupted, but I get up for work at 4am and so I was only getting 4.5 hours of sleep per night.

    My clears were almost optimal but my sleeping habits were not.

    Last night, with the final clears of the final sub remaining, I was actually in contention for a T10 spot, but the lack of sleep was taking its toll and by 8pm I knew that if I tried to wait until 10:30pm I'd be falling asleep during my clears.
    My ace in the hole was that I'd spent 700CP on the Okoye/Thor/Kitty vault a day or so earlier and pulled the cover I needed to finish Prowler, and so I decided to start my final clears a couple of hours early. I still fell asleep a couple of times :blush:

    When I woke up this morning I logged into MPQ and while I'd naturally missed out on a T10 spot, I'd still finished at #16, and so I was able to add two more levels to my newly Championed Prowler :smiley:
  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    I was running short on time doing my grind in the Central Park sub. Finished the last node, got the "too late!" message. But sometimes that comes a little early... No, the Madripoor sub already started. Guess I was just a fraction too slow. Tough bracket and I was #37 going into sub 2. Guess it's top 50 at best.
    ... But then I get sub rewards for top 10 placement? What? Finish my grind and I am #8 overall. Guess I finished that last node just in time!
  • DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,156 Chairperson of the Boards
    Finished T5 in CL9 for The Hunt in 5th place... by one point. I finished my final grind with about a minute left. Checked the overall LB to see I was in 6th place by a point. 

    I went back to the sub and my easy nodes were worth two points. I hit one and finished just in time. Thankfully, the guy above me didn't do the same, and so I won by a single point. 
  • BzhaiBzhai Posts: 85 Match Maker
    Opened a 10-pack earlier and got 4x 4*

    War Machine 
    Black Panther
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 4,910 Chairperson of the Boards
    Got the season 10 pack and got both a 4SL (level 330, LT for the hoard) and a bonus Iron Spider to get to 300.  My 7th BSSM, thank you!

    Then opened a single Heroic and got another 4 and another bonus 4!  This time BW, as I am 8 covers from a champed 5BW and her 5E is coming up pretty soon.

    Oh, and decided I could spend another 100 cp in the Favorite Legends and got a Kitty, bringing her back into a tie for first in my roster (462).  Now I'm saving for CM, hoping all my luck isn't gone.
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,510 Chairperson of the Boards
    Champed Pan4 to use with Shuri on her PvP and had a lot of fun all the way to 900. 
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 3,364 Chairperson of the Boards
    Opened 10 pack and got 3 4*, 1 3* and the rest 2*.  :o
  • DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,156 Chairperson of the Boards
    Got Peggy up to 320 for the FA Cap blue cover. I'm down to missing just five powers from the 5* tier: Doc Ock green, Green Goblin yellow, BSSM green and purple, and Doom blue. That's my next minor goal before my last major goal: champing all the 5*s. The game might shut down before that happens though, lol.
  • abennessabenness Posts: 190 Tile Toppler
    Entered the final sub of Rocket and Groot 11 points clear of 6th spot in SCL8, and thinking that I should be ok as I completed the initial clear a few minutes quicker than they did.

    My heart was pounding as I moved through it, nervous about the 5e.

    Finished with a couple of minutes to spare and tapped the easy nodes again, hoping I had enough to stay above them.

    I did.  But the bit that actually made me happiest was that we ended up in 4th and 5th, so I was also happy for them making it - we both put in the effort to get there, and neither of us have the many-champ-5 roster that is so common in the top 10.

    I still feel like I'm "faking it" getting the better placement results... but it's nice to get the rewards from the effort involved.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,803 Chairperson of the Boards
    My first time making t50 in SCL9 during a non-release event. I usually don't try very hard for placement outside of those, so I didn't even realize that would give me another Namor cover. Progression from Simulator PvE will get him Shield Training ready now, and the one from PvP Sim is bonus.
    Also, I decided to drop back down and take a bit of a vacation in SCL7 for Simulator. Nice to not feel any particular need to use Kitty, and just run roughshod over everyone with C4ge, HoboFist, and C&D.
  • Nick441234Nick441234 Posts: 1,496 Chairperson of the Boards
    Finally champing both Thor and Okoye and realising they make a real mess of PVP. 
  • AnonAnon Posts: 1,160 Chairperson of the Boards
    Got the Simulator store token from the 5* node and with my first pull got the Namor cover.

    RNG does nice things sometimes.
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