Anyone lose their stockpiled Taco Tokens?



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    turul wrote:
    ynglink wrote:
    turul wrote:
    Someone just test it already icon_e_smile.gif
    Just tested it, took 12 of my 17 tacos, but they are on the current rotation. Pulled a Sentry...

    Man that was a waste of getting 2*'s. At least I got a couple of Magneto's to throw into the HP pool...

    Confirmed, i got Beast. (from tokens which would be this weeks)

    It sounds like we are getting confirmation that folks that had some returned have one "Stockpile", and they are pulling this week's draw rate.

    I'm a bit confused and would like clarification though, has anyone pulled from BOTH stockpiles? That is, I currently have:
    4 active tacos (This weeks draw rate)
    50 "stockpile" (A) Tacos (probably this weeks draw rate)
    50 "stockpile" (B) Tacos - can't tell them apart from A, probably last weeks draw rate?

    If I'm reading it right these draws are from one stockpile only? Any lost were the stockpile from this week, so it would make sense it is drawing from that token pool.
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    Did not get my tokens back, and 2nd question i had in the ticket was completely ignored.... should i just submit another ticket?