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    Blahahah wrote:
    TLCstormz wrote:

    Full Blast is one of the top five most comic book accurate moves in this entire game.

    The only downside to the move is that he should yank his visor off in the animation ( "I WANT THIS THING OFF MY LAWN!" ), thus exerting all of his energy, which would leave him all but exhausted.

    And the same thing should happen whenever we get a 4* or 5* Storm. She should do some sort of global Ice Age like she has done in the comic books, which could easily put her into a deep sleep or coma.

    THAT'S why the stun is there......
    What stun?
    When the AI uses it, Cyclops is back on the next turn.

    This has been bugging me for quite some time. It seems that stun works a bit differently when the opponent stuns their characters on their turn. Same thing happens to IM40 stunning himself from Recharge. I might be wrong but it seems like all stun timer reduces at the end of the opponent's turn, so the opponent's team recovers faster.
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    That is because it's a 1-turn stun and it activates on his own turn. Therefore, it resolves the very next turn, this is how it's supposed to work.

    The stun is basically there to stop you from using Optic blasts after using Full Blast. It's really a minor annoyance as using Optic Blasts before has very little chance of removing enough red so that you won't still have 9 redflag.png on the board.
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    20three wrote:
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    20three wrote:
    Has the most pointless/inconsequential backfire of any power in the game. It's like a joke the way the description is set up, "oh you'll get that extra 2,500 damage BUT you'll be stunned for...1 TURN!" What's even the point? I don't know what the decision making behind Cyclops was, why he's overpowered for a three star character as if they thought about making him a 4 star and then changed their mind at the last minute. But it's still the most laughable negative consequence for a power in the game.

    I hear trying this on 5* spider-man is pretty funny. For spider-man.

    Yeah? It'd be even funnier facing a 5* spiderman, let alone one with that power, it would be even more hilarious if you chose to bring a 3 star to a fight with a fully covered 5 star and to add to the pile of side-splitting action, Spidey would probably take someone like daredevil with him to keep the ball rolling. lol xD

    I was going to ask you to help me test that once you have a fully covered spidey, but we won't be able to because they're fixing that in the next patch apparently.
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    Ascended one could be a good partner for Shang-Chi thanks to his yellow power.