*** Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men) ***



  • Monochromize
    5/3/5 seems like a no-brainer to me, but i've been surprised by other peoples ideas on ideal builds before.
  • Square
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    It definitely depends on who you run him with. I like 355, to pair with 4hor, but if you don't have another high red damage dealer, you may want five on his red.
  • tanis3303
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    I originally had him 3/5/5, but I'm respeccing him to 5/3/5. His yellow does about the same at 3 as it does at 5, you just have to be a little more strategic about when you fire it off. But the damage from 5 red covers can't be ignored, especially in this new high health environment.
  • dkffiv
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    His yellow converts / doesn't create so its very possible for the board to go dry of TU tiles - that's why you only want 3 in yellow. Yellow is cheap enough that you will probably use it multiple times per match too. You should check the character discussion forums for advice, we're pretty active over there.
  • snlf25
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    Cyclops is amazing which has me really worried for him.
  • JamieMadrox
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    355 if you're using him with Goddess. Your chances of having few TU tiles on the board is about the same as having many so it should even out in the end. If you're using him with someone else, like star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_thor.png or another strong Yellow user/weak red user you'll want him at 535.
  • darkmagearcanis
    I'm currently toying around with a 5/4/4 only cause that is how the covers fell. But feel that I will likely be going 3/5/5 as I always end up using his yellow and black more than his red. mostly because I team him up with Cmags and IF.
  • As said above the builds usually depends on what you have and who benefits the most
    I prefer that a hero makes other more usable, since its a team after all
    with 355 you make sure you can use other red users like Steve Rogers or Thoress
    and his yellow will generate red enough to get extra damage on black, so not a bad move
  • blinktag
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    During several different matches over the past few weeks (don't recall which events, but likely, PvP), the opponent fires Cyclops black ("Full Blast") with sufficient red tiles on the board to be stunned. Although the opponent's Cyclops is stunned, the stun is removed before my next turn (i.e., almost immediately).

    Please correct. (iOS)
  • Full Blast only stuns Cyclops for one turn once it has 4 to 5 covers. This one turn stun duration is decremented by one—and thus removed—at the beginning of Cyclops' next turn, so the stun only prevents him from taking further after firing Full Blast (i.e. he cannot fire it twice in one turn). This is working as intended, though it can be argued whether that intention is proper or not.
  • Gagutz
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    I have my Cyclops at 5/3/5 maxed.

    Who are the best characters to use with him in PVP??
  • Unknown
    Iron Fist

    Rocket and Groot

    Scarlet Witch
  • Gagutz
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    Thank you Lerysh

    Iron Fist was the only one I could think of...
  • sinnerjfl
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    Captain America for his red that can recycle what Cyclops will generate.
    Mystique... but not really icon_lol.gif
    Loki might give you some nice cascades with Illusions right after Mutant revolutionary.
  • donietsche
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    I think that Kamala Kahn can be a good partner for Cyke too, if you are looking for a perfect rainbow (of course, you need a blue user as well).
  • Unknown
    I wish OBW wasn't so squishy, because her blueflag.png and purpleflag.png are both quite helpful, and that blackflag.png to blackflag.png synergy with Cyke... oh yeah.

    Granted, she's a 2*, but she's more like a 2.5*, minus the health concerns.

  • seth_is_OK
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    DareDevil - probability of the trap tile getting matched (you or enemy) goes way up and within a few turns there are multiple trap tiles out. I often play this team with Loki to bring the reds closer together when they get spaced out.
  • ronin_san
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    Doctor Doom, Daredevil, Thor...
  • OzarkBoatswain
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    Hulkbuster, easy. All of the red.
  • elwhiteninja
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    Captain america all the way

    Blade is also pretty good with him although you may end up fighting for black between the two.

    If you are very good icon_ironman.png 40 icon_wolverine.png patch icon_cyclops.png can be epic. but it requires a few turns to be good Cyclops and im stun themselves and then patch hits his red for like a bajillion damage.
    I guess you could do the same combo with icon_gamora.png buy you would need like infinity black