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  • D2, could i have one copy of that as well?

    SpaceBearBig, from the little i know, you seem to be in the early 2* stage.

    For this stage, the most effective are Black Widow (Original), Thor (2*), Ares and Daken (2*). Classic Storm and Magneto (Marvel Now!) as a combo, along with 2* Wolverine are good back-ups.

    Focus on levelling up the first 4, while using Storm and Magneto occassionally while the rest are healing.

    Remember, a young 3* pales in comparison to a mature 2*, so get a strong 2* base for your guys and you'll easily finish in top 100's for PVP.
  • Malorick
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    Wow! That was a stressfull and hard pve, I had to make hard decision for the best of our alliance and hire merc so our effort will not be done for nothing so I had no choice to replace the bottom of our players. It was a crazy pve were we have saw a lot of thing like the slipping of our alliance in rank even if I was able to see our points increasing or when Dr. Strange was panicking when I was calling backup and he saw our rank dropped below rank 50. Also, I was grinding like a crazy until the end to fight for the 5th rank and lost it by 100 pts, and the only thing I had to fight was hard node for 50 pts (now rank 6th icon_e_sad.gif). Sorry for people that I had to kick but like I have explained to them since you were part of our alliance you should receive the alliance reward now with a changes done recently in a previous patch. We will have another big pve coming to gain Gamora, so if necessary I would do it again I dont want to penalzie the one that are working really hard on this. We are becoming a stronger and stronger alliance and we have good people with us so we want to continue together but we need everybody effort.

    Now, a quick analysis from the last events Fatal Attraction (rank 155), Most wanted (oups forgot to wrote the rank will do it tonight but it was a top 250) and Meet Rocket & Groot (rank 13) from me:

    1) Again but may be It will be the last I will do it because he is doing a incredible job on pve since he is with us, congrats to SpaceLord with his transition roster 1->2 that continue to impress with his spectacular and incredible outstanding results in pve. Really impressive and a good proof that you don't need a strong roster to perform well. Also he just past me at the least minutes in pve.
    2) Pvp Fatal Attraction - great thanks to our top-performers, who are D2KM, Malorick, Taqkos, SnickerDog, Salgy. We have a new king in pvp, now I have lost my crowd also in pvp.
    3) Pvp Fatal Attraction - I can just see good thing for us in pvp, it was a competite pvp since the reward was Groot and we did not so bad, so we are really close to top100 and now with the new recruit I think it's really possible.
    4) Pvp Most wanted - great thanks to our top-performers, who are D2KM, Badpork, SnickerDog, Malorick, DBugg. We have a new king in pvp, now I have lost my crowd also in pvp.
    5) Pvp Most wanted - We did well since we where only 18 because 2 mercs have leave immediatly after the pve and it was in the same time of that crazy pve where we have all put our effort.
    6) Pve Meet Groot & Rocket - great thanks to our top-performers, who are Darkron, Badpork, SnickerDog, SpaceLord, Malorick. We have a new king in pve, congrats to Darkron who breaked the little competition between our top performer with his incredible advance.
    7) Pve Meet Groot & Rocket - We have played for a average of 133k and 10 person have play above it, really good considering it was during thanksgiving.
    8) Special thanks to D2KM for his performance but mostly for his team spirit with his advice, tips and experience sharing that he is doing with us. It's really appreciated, and we will contine to perform hard and make this alliance better and better.

    You can use our logo done by our designer Salgy if you want to show that your are part of our team. Here the link:
    Salgy wrote:

    Updated original Locke & Load signature:
    get the code here: http://i.imgur.com/naJjYYr.jpg?1

    For the comic book fans:
    get the code here: http://i.imgur.com/4KGpndV.jpg?2

    Another for the comic book fans:
    get the code here: http://i.imgur.com/6NckV80.jpg?4

    get the code here: http://i.imgur.com/xtrdnW1.jpg?2

    get the code here: http://i.imgur.com/MeePqQd.jpg?4
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    Great work everyone!

    And yeah, my heart went into my throat when we fell frm 23 to 52 in a minute! Gah! icon_e_surprised.gif

    Back to the old salt mines.
  • DrStrange-616
    DrStrange-616 Posts: 993 Critical Contributor
  • d0nk3y
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    man, it's been a LONG time since I've see 20/20 playing in the daily rewards. thanks for the warm welcome, all.
  • anamosity
    Hey gang, sorry for the low score, without the 4* thor I'm only running one essential. I'm sure I'll be able to give enough points so we all get the new cover though. Good grinding
  • Malorick
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    We had a huge lost today, but we are still good for top 20 in pve. We will found new players to help us.
  • DrStrange-616
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    Thanks for all the hard work keeping us afloat, Malorick.
  • Don949
    Is it too late to join?
  • Acedawg
    I am looking for an alliance, I'm an active player with 50 charecter slots only 2 are 1* making the 2*to 3* transition. I have 45000 in current pve but that's lower because I just got a she thor on the 3rd sub. I have been doing pve foucus but would be able to put up about 400 per pvp. Please let me know if you might have a spot for me. Thanks
  • Malorick
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    Ouf!!! Sorry, for the late analysis but it was a busy weekend for me, so I didnt have really the time to do it, even my play time was reduced. I have try to do my best but these 12 hours events dont give me a lot of time to play, thanks for all of you that continue to keep us afloat we are doing well.

    Now, a really quick analysis from the last events Prove your Worth (rank 124), Eight is enough (rank 167) and Meet Rocket & Groot Take 2 (rank 9) from me:

    1) Pve Meet Rocket & Groot Take 2 - great thanks to our top-performers, who are SnickerDog, donk3y_too, D2KM_, Darkron, Malorick. SnickerDog retake his number one spot in pve after losing it to Darkron. Wow! We are solid now in pve thanks to you, I was almost out of top 5.
    2) Pvp Prove your worth - great thanks to our top-performers, who are D2KM, Makofox, Taqkos, Darkron, Malorick. We are performing good now in pvp thanks to you, I was almost out of top 5.
    3) Pvp Eight is enough - great thanks to our top-performers, who are D2KM, Makofox, Malorick, SnickerDog, Taqkos.
    4) It seem that have I have done a good job in recruitment, since I am in the bottom of the top 5 when I was in the top before and I have keep the same performance.
    5) Great thanks to our new recruit Makofox, Darkron that bring power in our ranking in pvp. We were able to climb at rank 124 and played for average of 560 in pvp. So top 100 will be really possible for next season.

    I will do another quick summary later today for the end season. Sorry for the lack of analysis but its was a busy weekend and it's a busy day today but I wanted to at least do some info for you.
  • Malorick
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    A quick season recap about our progress in season 8, we have finished at rank 145. Its a big improvment consider that season 7 was difficult with soem players not playing and that we had to restart a alliance withou one of the cammander that was not playing. But now, this season have bring a lot of new thing good and bad. It was a stressfull season since we had to deal with the restruction and I spended a lot of time in recruting.

    Now, a quick analysis from the season 8.
    1) So we are basically a new alliance with 11 new recruits for this season.
    2) Only 3 of us, are here since season 3, me (Malorick), feline69 and Ouatu, followed by Liro in season 5, the rest came from season 6.
    3) Great thanks to our top-performers, who are D2KM, Makofox, Malorick, SnickerDog, DBugg.
    4) We had to hire some merc for the pve Meet Rocket & Groot (4* Thor reward) since the ranking was volatile and all alliance was using merc to boost their rank.
    5) Pve overall - Our average rank is 14 and the best that we did was rank 5.
    6) Pveoverall - We went from rank 31 to rank 14
    7) Pvp Overall - Our average rank is 202 (but this is no treally our true rank since in 3 events we are only 18 members) and the best that we did was rank 124.
    8) Pvp Overall - Our average by member is 532 but in reality is more 548 if we count Darkron (that should come back with us for next season).

    We had our best season so far and I can just see good thing for us for next season like top 100 in both pve and pvp. But I founded difficult to continue play and do all my commander task so I will need some help in my commander task for next season to continue to bring us in the top 100 in both pve and pvp. We have already some of us really involve with our alliance by helping our member with tips, advice and their experience and also by contributing really well with their great score. So if they are accepting, I will be happy to share my commander position with them to continue to do what they are doing and also helping me if recruiting is necessary and by doing a followup on our performance. I will like to promote SnickerDog and D2MK to the rank of commander for the next season and we will continue to work together to bring us in the top 100.

    I understand that we have real life outside the game even if I play to much (but at least I am doing this when watching tv) and we arent going to boot you if you go on vacation or something - just let us know beforehand, so no stress on this. But the thing is not everybody is advising me. I will post on the forum if somebody is advising us from the chat or from pm so other is aware or even better you can doing yourself that way we will understand the decrease in your performance.
  • SnickerDog
    Thanks Malorick - I would love to help out in any way.

    Can't wait for this season - top 100 here we come!
  • D2KM_
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    Thanks Malorick!!! I am really looking forward to the new role and helping this alliance continue to grow and move towards the goal of top 100 pvp! Go team!! icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Malorick
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    Another pve ended and I hate it, these 12 hrs sub-event was not good for me and probably other players also. I was not able to play a lot because of the timeframe in all the subevent between 12:00am-12:00pm, I was about to do just a quick run early on the morning and thats it, it was not possible to do it at work. At least I was able to score high during the weekend so my score was not too bad and I was able to catch up with the other subevent but as a group we did really well so great work everybody.

    Now, a quick analysis from theIso-8 Brotherhood (rank 9), pve events.
    1) Great thanks to our top-performers, who are Darkron, SnickerDog, DBugg, Malorick, donk3y_too. Darkron regain the crownd in pve.
    2) We have proved again that we are a solid top 10 pve alliance. Even if we have some of us that are not able to play as more as they do normally we continue to be really solid.
    3) Special congrats to our top 10 member that have contribute to 66% of our pts in that event. So thanks to our mid-top 5 players: Liro, SpaceLord, Salgy, Makofox and Whitequeen.

    That pve was great since we had a lot of reward with individual and the alliance, so everybody will be able to improve their roster and we will be stronger in the next season. I have accumulate something over 130k Iso during that period. So Now I will be able to have my first 166 guys, so I think I will bring Thor and Hulk at these level. If you need advice about how to spend your Iso, me, SnickerDog and D2KM are here to help you, we have already sent some guides to some of you so dont hesitate if you have question, need advice or want to imporve your play to make us a better alliance. Everybody will win if we are all improving together.
  • Malorick
    Malorick Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
    Now, a quick analysis from the last pvp event Lethal Intent (rank 113):

    1) Pvp Lethal Intent - great thanks to our top-performers, who are D2KM, Malorick, Darkron, Salgy, Makofox.
    2) 2 of our heavy hitter didnt perform in that pvp and have finished in the bottom of our rank (below 300). Ouch!!! If you known that your play will be decreased please advice us so we are aware.
    3) The rest of us have play really good almost everybody have play over 500, even our player that are transition from 1->2. It'S really our mid-bottom ranked guys that have increased their score by 7%.
    4) We everybody play as expected considering their roster we should be able to hit the top 100 in pvp. We are closer and closer, so good works everybody.
  • Salgy
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    as some of you may have seen, there are a couple new Lock & Load signature images floating around out there... i have been working on a few new ones, and if anyone has any special requests, like a specific character, let me know... here are a few of the newest ones:

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/NjuI0Vm.jpg?1

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/Y3Gymsu.jpg?1

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/ZRx3kRn.jpg?2

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/zIZVwLq.jpg?3

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/Dp5jeQ9.jpg?1

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/YyI6Cke.jpg?1

    link to get it here: http://i.imgur.com/hGTH8jb.jpg?1
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    Good works Salgy! Your Signature are amazing thank you to share this with us.
  • SuperBatPoohMan
    nice sigs

    and u guys have a great guy in snick icon_e_wink.gif
  • SnickerDog
    Thanks SBPM! Better watch your back - we're coming for you! icon_e_biggrin.gif