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  • SpaceBearPig
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    If we get more sub-brackets it might let us pull ahead, I don't know if Thieves has more, it's really tedious just having one. I can clear the whole sub without using a healthpack before the mag-don-ironman node, 3* storm and psylocke just sittin' there looking pretty and never in a team. At the same time there is no use in trying for top 2, IW is not worth the effort.
  • DrStrange-616
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    Really glad to be part of the team and hope I can help us succeed.

    I am Groot!
  • Hey all, I'm not going to be able to play too much this PVE until they fix the data usage problems with the new update. I can't play over data plan cause I've already gone over my cap so I have to play in wifi zones. I'll do what I can though in bursts
  • These seperate timings for PVP are a bit wonky for me. 400+ points, I'm in top 100 and I couldn't get anyone above 20 points per hit.
  • DrStrange-616
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    The PVP changes are making it hard to get above 500. I will do what I can, but the wall is coming hard and fast for the last few. icon_mad.gif

    We're looking good in Thick as Thieves. Way to go, everybody!

    Are we trying to target any particular PVP, or just all and do your best. Would be so awesome if we could manage a season top 100 for LadyThor!
  • Malorick
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    A bunch of Smash Hit (rank 195) and Hollowpoint Kiss (rank 205) analysis from me:

    1) Congrats to Whitequeen and Dbugg that are now in the top 5 for 2 consecutives pvp.
    2) SnickerDog, Davvvvvvvid, continue again to maintain their momentum in the top 5 in pvp.
    3 ) Pvp Smash Hit - great thanks to our top-performers, who are Malorick, DBugg, Whitequeen, SnickerDog, Whitequeen, anamosity
    4 ) PvP Hollowpoint Kiss- great thanks to our top-performers, who are Malorick, Whitequeen, SnickerDog, anamosity, SnickerDog, Davvvvvvvid, DBugg
    5) Everybody have contributing really well in the last 2 pvp, we play for a average of 8,8k that mean a average of 434 in pvp.
    6) Our 16- 20 ranked guys have the biggest increase in their score by 16% in the Smash Hit pvp, plus another increase of 7% in the Hollowpoint Kiss, so it's a increase of 23%. Continue your good work guys, your roster is increasing and become stronger and stronger.
    7) Our 9-15 ranked guys have a decrease in their score by 12% and our top performer have also a decrease in their score by 8%. I will not worry about this since everybody seem to put their effort to gain Root & Rocket in the pve, we are still top 5.
  • Just got my final black X-Force. It is such a breeze now.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate PVE? Just grinding and grinding and grinding all day long. Good to see our scores getting better, I think we just need to hit the tipping point for us to finish in the top 100, and then we go crazy on the free covers.

    FYI, I won't be around for a week. Will still play but will be nowhere near as active as I've been. I hope that this is fine with you guys.
  • Malorick
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    No problem davvvvvvvid, you are contributing a lot for us so we will cover for you.
  • Malorick
    Malorick Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
    A quick Thick as thieves (rank 27) analysis from me:

    1) Again, congrats to SpaceLord with his transition roster 1->2 that continue to impress with his amazing outstanding results in pve. Really impressive and a good proof that you don't need a strong roster to perform well.
    2 ) Pve Thick as thieves - great thanks to our top-performers, who are SnickerDog, SpaceLord, Malorick, Salgy, DBugg. For the second time in a row SnickerDog continue to rules as the King of pve.
    3) Pve Thick as thieves - Our top 5 performer had a average score of 142k and our 6-10 ranked guys had a average of 110k.
    4) Only 2 people didnt get the top reward at 80k.
    5) It was a difficult pve since everyone wanted the new characters but we have performed really well and have stay in the top 50 reward. Also, we had some players that have advise us that it was not possible to play as much as they did in the past and we stayed in top 50 reward, so great gift for everybody.
  • Malorick
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    A quick Heavy Metal (rank 297) analysis from me:

    1) Ouch! Big drop here, we have always made the top 250 pvp reward and now we have miss that,:(. We went from 150 to 200 and now this. We had some players that have advise us that they will not be able to play as much and this is fine we can cover normally for them. But this time, he didnt work.
    2 ) Pvp Heavy Metal - great thanks to our top-performers, who are Malorick, davvvvvvvid, DBugg, SnickerDog, Whitequeen
    3) Small contribution for our bottom ranked guys but it was expected since some of us have advise us about it, we played for a average of 7,3k that mean a average of 369 for this pvp, so a drop of 20%.
    4) 4 players had no score or really low scores, so our last 5 players didnt play for 100.

    I have advise some of our players about several low performance on consecutive pvp and thing didnt change, so we cannot have people not working as hard as the other even if we are accepting that we can skip a event or have a low performance on some.

    So emegerio and MrsOooteedee you are on the chopping block, so I will start to search a heavy hitter to help us in pvp to replace you.
  • DrStrange-616
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    I am hitting the 166 wall sooner than before. It seems to show up between 400-500. I joined this last pvp late and managed to get to 508 before it hit.

    I hope we can find some players who will try hard to contribute, walls or no walls. icon_e_smile.gif I'm certainly glad to be a part of the alliance.
  • Eyenerd
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    Sorry, new to this board and can't figure out how to send a PM.

    I'm interested in joining your alliance. I just started this game 2 weeks ago, but have been playing constantly. Looking for help to get the better characters! I've already gotten Rocket and Groot. I got 100K in the last PvE Thick as Thieves and ranked 21st in my group.

    Let me know if you'd like me to join. I joined a random Alliance but the bottom members arent playing and pulling us down.
  • Hi my in game tag is kjkwon i am a 2~3* transitioning player who is interested in joining your alliance. I average around 400~500 in pvp and my pve score really depends on the prize. Please let me know and thanks.
  • Hello I'd love to join your alliance whenever you had a slot. I recently started playing about a week ago but absolutely love this game.
    I was top 5 in the groot pve event and average 700 PVP(around top 25). I play almost everyday. Currently rank 1 in both PVE main and sub event. Would love to join an active alliance as my alliance currently doesnt play as much.

    I'd love to progress further with a more active alliance, in chat in game etc.
  • Malorick
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    We are now, complete we have lost some players, one of them had major problem with his phone so he asked me to replace him. The others two had really low contribution to team and the situation didnt improve after some pm to them.

    So now we have new recruits to help us to continue to do good in pve and also it will give us a big boost in pvp. So welcome on board

    We will continue to gain good and more rewards with your help and with everybody already in the alliance.

    We have some statistic about all the events, here the link for the statistic of our alliance:
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qZJlqT4EKoTKDEiXKJ0YAHWiTbNxselSwLor1LmX4w4/edit?usp=sharing and I am doing a small analysis after each event and any feedback or comments are welcome.

    Also you can find me and some others on the chat app Line, if you want, it's not mandatory but I am here and we have one for the alliance also.

    Good work on the subevents guys, forget our position but it was a solid top20 if I remember and the competition is strong for that 4* Thor.
  • SpaceBearPig
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    Damn, I thought I was doing at least 300 in PvP but that goes to show how much effort PvE is taking. Too many new characters and no PvE break, just brutal. Also I think I went up a mmr tier or something after going over 400 in a few PvPs (before the season start), fights seem a lot harder and I get attacked more at 300-ish. Doesn't help that my highest level dudes are on PvE duty more or less.

    So anyway what the best way to tank my mmr so I can hopefully snag that 10-cover pack for 4k with the events left in the season? Never really tried gaming the system before, not a big fan of PvP in general. Do i just lose on purpose? I got a ton of useless 3* with 1-2 covers to sacrifice that I'm not using anyway.

    Still have the daken one left to finish off and if I can get to around 400 points in all the ones left I'll make it.

    Also, changing the subject a bit, we really need to be careful this PvE, it could be really easy to miss out on the Lady Thor reward.
  • D2KM_
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    Hey SpaceBearPig,

    I will send you a pm on my strategy for tanking icon_e_smile.gif
  • Artean
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    D2KM can you send it to me as well?
  • D2KM_
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    Just sent it to ya Artean icon_e_smile.gif

    Sorry for the pm, but you never know if big brother is watching icon_e_confused.gif hahaha
  • SpaceBearPig
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    D2KM offered to give advice on my roster after helping out with PvP in a pm but I thought it might be interesting to hear everyone out and also having this thread get a little more active might be nice. IGN is SpaceLord if its not clear if you want to check out my roster in-game. Or check it out here:


    I uploaded first page twice and forgot the last page, but its not very interesting (just 2* cap and bullseye), am in a hurry to go to work right now.

    Anyway, my question is what do I prioritize now? Keep in mind that PvE goes very well for me, one of the reasons why I leveled so evenly. However I'm trying to catch up on PvP and ISO for levels is getting a lot more expensive so where do I prioritize? What is strong there on defense and in general so i can maintain a higher score? There are a few characters lacking in covers but those are very few ad tokens with 2* rewards are all over the place so sooner or later I'll fill those. A lot are also respeced to my liking but do comment if you find something you find weird.

    Great job btw on getting in new people to secure that top 50 finish in the PvE, by a mile even, was looking a little shaky there.