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  • Yup, got my second black OBW cover today (woot!). I was waiting all day for people to climb in my bracket. #10 was only a point above me for like two hours leading to the end, so I yielded a bit to make sure I didn't wind up top ten by accident.
  • I_am_ZeroI_am_Zero Posts: 92 Match Maker
    Dammit, 1st place must've yielded at the last minute or something because I was 2nd when I thought it ended, but I ended placing 1st icon_cry.gif
  • areacode212areacode212 Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    Yessssss finally got my first black Original Black Widow card. Thumbs up for this tournament.
  • ShavedDomeShavedDome Age Unconfirmed Posts: 61 Match Maker
    I came in 2nd place. Right on. Kind of wanted a iw but needed all the covers I got so not too shabby.

    Especially since I was trying to finish the tournament picking my son up from an accident he was in. Lol.
  • I am Zero wrote:
    Dammit, 1st place must've yielded at the last minute or something because I was 2nd when I thought it ended, but I ended placing 1st icon_cry.gif

    Are you a code geass fan by chance?
  • SpoitSpoit Posts: 3,441 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Mmm..went from
    300 pts to 6th in about 45 min. Could have made top 5 but I didn't need the red and was trying to be nice (lead over 10th was cushy enough that I didn't feel ibqas risking.much stopping.

    Now the grey suit I plan on never using is 4/3/5..yay? I mean...that's basically 400 hp not being used for a cover slit..that I'd no longer need due to her not being ah well, she is sometimes required right?

    I can't decide if this or a 3*** tournement should be easier/harder. I lose thor and have to add either Spiderman (lvl 48 currently..need ISO) or IM ..which is a disadvantage, but the sheer number of players having to make thier team go from storm wolvie thor mixes to lvl 40 and lower *** and maybe IM (AKA mark 40sec kill) will be huge. I am more afraid of thor wolvie or storm on a team than I am of a 140 grey suit or IM.


    It's a Friday night. I'm leaving to see desolation of smaug in a little and it coincidentally ended at a playable time for me..many are busy. Also, events. Also, christmas time. Also, she isn't that great unless she is teamed with someone who can help her build green. Also, there were soooo many rags out there...I can imagine it being daunting for most mid lvl players to try and slip through 40 players to NOT see a high lvl rag....of course to just see someone running doom mag thor or wolverine Spiderman IM. And finally, some are purposel aiming for the original widow for the espionage drop. Not sure why, as she is little more than a decent support character that's more annoying than good..but for collectors with a maxed grey suit I get it.

    @ spoit: I was running lvl 80 doom, lvl 8 **mag , lvl 20 punisher last tournement for an extended time. Other than retaliation issues (see, many lol) I didn't have any trouble with top 8. Felt I meant to only grab top 10 in that one so others could have her red. Plus side..ilsellong the red brought me to an even #of hp. I can be ocd like that lol. You need to get that thor up to lvl 84. It's where the cool cats chill..not like those spammy lvl 85 thors.
    I wasn't actually using the thor for anything, he was just filling a slot since he has the most HP. Hit points, rather
  • Oh yeah... forgot about this tournament.

    Got to 1000 earlier today, got hit a couple times a bit after and then... nothing. Got #1 because I didn't want to spend the time trying to drop to top 25.

    But, really... I was doing some of the Hulk missions when all the sudden I get the "You Placed..." message. What? Huh? Oh... yeah. Right.
  • Pretty happy with this tourney, was able to place 2nd both times and scored 2x of all the Grey Suit covers.
  • Pretty happy with this tourney, was able to place 2nd both times and scored 2x of all the Grey Suit covers.

    Lucky. I've been debating buying 2 green grey suits or 2 blue spideys. My grey suit is a 1/2/4 so getting 2nd 1 time would have been spectacular. Coulda bought the other 2 and been good to go. Pretty sure I got 11-13 both times. But on the other hand I managed 2 purple spideys from progression rewards. I was hoping the tourney would lean me towards levelling my grey suit but looks like spidey may end up getting some attention.
  • I was in 2nd place 30 minutes before it ended. I actually yielded to stay in 2nd. But at 30 minutes before it ended, I left to go to the movies. After The Hobbit ended about 20 minutes ago, I turn my phone on, hit the tether, and pulled out my tablet. 1st place, damn it. Also, there is something distinctly wrong with being aggravated over getting first. I wish they'd fixed the second No Holds Barred to have the better 1st place like Hulk and the 3* tournament.
  • I was happy with Invisible Woman - even with 2 covers she still has value as a character that can potentially open up missions in PvE tourneys if The Hunt and the first 2 subs in The Hulk are any indicator. I could have used a green grey widow cover (2/3/5 right now), but I'm hesitant to develop her as my Rags is too underdeveloped to be a good green generator, and I'm not sure who I want filling the 3rd slot on my down the road Rag/Spidey/x team. With a good shot at both Punisher and Hulk in 3* and PvE tourneys, I think I'm going to wait on dropping ISO into Grey Widow. With Rags and Hulk you'd have two tanks on your squad, and that might reduce the number of attacks you get from players in the last few minutes of a tourney when people are looking for points they can nab quickly.
  • Got 2nd place again, but this time I had to yield a few times to not get 1st. The ironic part is that I was aiming for the purple & green covers, only to pull a purple cover from heroic token after the event ended, lol. I only needed one purple to max, had to sell purple & red covers. Now my BWGS is @ 3/3/5, only need two more green to max.
  • My bracket went NUTS in the last hours. I called it a night (EU) and woke up to a top 5 reward. Only needed one green cover, so it feels like stealing from someone who really needs it. But hey, life's a **** and my 5/3/5 Widow is a killing machine now. God, I would advise her to marry Rags.
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