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    Yeah I was thinking the same, got me some CP to spend!
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    @ThaRoadWarrior you mentioned in your shart thread that Jacket’s Black is not boosted by Apocalypse’s Yellow?

    I just tested out my 2/1/1 lv255 Jacket with Okoye (Jacket boosted to lv365).

    Test 1: I used his Blue by itself, and made a Green match (which he tanks) while he was invisible, and I had 3 Teamup AP. The extra damage from matches and powers did not get boosted by Okoye.

    Test 2: I used his Black immediately before using his Green, and I had 16 TU. Jacket was not invisible. Some numbers:

    YJ Black deals an extra 3743 damage.
    YJ Green does 1444 x 2 damage.
    Okoye’s Black adds 1495 per TU. I had 16 AP, so that’s an extra 23920 damage.

    Using this, YJ one-shotted enemy Venom who had 62k health. Doing the math:

    (1444 + 23920) x 2 = 50728
    50728 + (3743 + 23920) = 78391.

    The extra damage from his Black does get boosted by Okoye.

    Not sure why Poccy wouldn’t boost his Black in this scenario...
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    Yeah I was testing it out with Apocalypse, and found that it does also work with Shared Strength. I'm not sure where I was seeing that, but it's definitely working like I'd expect. I'd been seeing somebody claiming YellowJacket wasn't getting a Wakanda Forever! boost, and I can only guess they were describing the match damage boost at this point? or else it was quietly fixed if it was ever actually broken. 
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    My YJ is 3/5/4 for the Venom Bomb pve and he’s boosted. Which means when he’s invisible, he tacks on 11193 more damage to his powers and his matches. That’s pretty hefty. So what I do is make him invisible and make as many matches (preferably Green, blue, or black so he stays invisible) as I can. So who gives me more matches? 

    5* Carnage of course. Weird thing..... carnage’s red doesn’t drain life from YJ when he’s invisible. 

    I’ve been running this duo with Okoye (pumps up that invisible damage) and 5*DD (lots of damage when he gets a stun). 
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