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    Please don’t forget the newbs!!

    2* HP loss while “as a rule” not a significant source of resource is important and needed.
    Mighty Tokens were well placed in the tree. Players at the start of the game WILL have and use their 2*s, that influx of covers would have been a huge boon. Driven roster slot purchases by showing them “look at all this value possible in leveling up a 2*” and helped them learn the value of farming(iso positive w/exp payout)
    The extra 3*-4*shards are a perfect forced commitment to the new system. Generosity here helps get players hooked.

    For the vets: I get how the rug might have felt pulled from unda you. Some of you must feel sick w a sense of loss and coulda’s. I get it. I certainly don’t engage in the schadenfreude that is going around over it. 
    I consider myself not a vet but past prime.  
    So even though I was confused and thought somehow I would be getting 4orch shards I am not upset about what I don’t have and didn’t quite believe they would actually do what they claimed in the announcement-they are kinda tinykitty about server outages and postnerf buyback rates- I am just stoked to get a saved cover for my archangel and knowledge of the pathway to power is 7 covers on reed to shard champ GED. Grateful for the free stuff that I did not see coming a week ago and I am still going to play the game tomorrow. I still think it is a great property with awesome gameplay. I appreciate the public acknowledgement that things are being reviewed: It could have been so much better, and I think it’s fair to ask wha?!?

    the biggest FUBAR of this tot hurd of a rollout is definitely the timing.
    Step one : give away free shards
    offer 30% HP sale and bundles to finish the “free” partial covers
    your timing sucks by a week every time. Buy a whiteboard and put a 90 day calendar onit fer talus sake!
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    Thank you for looking into this, it's true that it's been a disappointment because when I calculated, I got that I lost around 20 cover I should have get in the old system. It's certainly not good to older players/vets. I'm curious how it can be changed to make it better. Thanks again! 
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    jb5357 said:
    I am sure this is felt by others and already said, but wanted to add my reaction. Since the update was announced, I strategically worked my roster to try and get past points where a mighty token would be issued and secondary shards, because in prior updates, replaced awards were issued. When none of these were issued, it felt like punishment for leveling, and I would have been better off not playing for 5 days, instead of using my resources in game, as I would be getting more/better stuff today vs the last 5 days.

    i am not as high is my 4 star champing, so that did not affect me, but i feel penalized for working to max out and level my 3 stars.

    This! Except I didn't do a bunch of leveling since I simply pull as I go.

    I stood to gain very little today in retro rewards, no matter how they approached it (60+ 4* champs, but highest is only 295; 2/3rds of 3* max champed, dupes unleveled). All I was really hoping for was a pile of Mighty Tokens and maybe some secondary 4* shards - instead, neither.

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    I will send a ticket regarding missing retroactive rewards, but based on my limited prior experience, I'm expecting roughly, "Our records do show that you should have received those things, but did not. As such, we will close the ticket, and not fix our mistake." Happened with a Juggernaut cover from an event progression, and is what closed my wallet to this company (until fixed, which probably means permanently).

    If only we had a 'Customer Support' Support, to go to when there's a bug in Customer Support...
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    Another way to look at the general principle, is that shards are a great benefit (monetization) to D3/Demi, so if you make it a great benefit to the players as well (as opposed to a tradeoff), then you end up with a win-win.
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    while I appreciate retroactive rewards, since they aren’t a must but a gift, I really have to say the wording was very confusing on what would be given out. The majority of readers got it wrong and thus were frustrated with what they got.
    i have a BA in international business industrial engineering and should easily look thorough the notes and the maths behind it but even I totally misunderstood what I would get.
    while I wasn’t that super frustrated, it was still a letdown.

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    We were punished for advancing our roster. As with previous rewards, any new feeder rewards should have been given out for this.

    All 3* that added secondary feeders for 4* should have given out those rewards. We already received the original 4* covers so I did not anticipate receiving that same cover again. I did expect the changes to be rewarded including shards and mighty tokens. 

    All new 5* feeders should have given all rewards that would have been earned by leveling up through game play. 

    I am happy I received nine 5* but I expected my 4* to be rewarded from my 3* feeders and dupes.
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    Never in my wildest dreams I could have imagined to be fooled like this, once again.
    Beware D3, you created al lot of angry and disillusioned players  >:)
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    I think they did say rewards will be handled differently.
  • Chrynos1989Chrynos1989 Posts: 141 Tile Toppler
    I think they did say rewards will be handled differently.
    They actually did
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