On Retroactive Rewards

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Hi all,

To say that there has been feedback on the recent retroactive rewards for new 4->5-Star characters is putting it mildly. We’ve seen people with opinions and takes across the board from positive to negative on the changes, and we’re reading every bit of it that we get.

We are investigating internally whether this update met the goals of what was intended. This will not be instant, but we are looking into things as quickly as we can. Well reasoned feedback on the forums or elsewhere are certainly helpful data points that can be used for that, so to those of you that are giving constructive feedback, thank you. We will have an update for you all as soon as we have one available.

One thing we would ask in the mean time is to *not* direct this feedback via Customer Support. Issues with what was received or other gameplay issues, most definitely. That’s exactly what Customer Support is there to handle. However, CS is having a harder time than usual dealing with normal tickets due to sorting through players who do not actually have any direct CS concerns and are simply using that avenue for feedback. It would be far better for that feedback, when reasoned, to be posted on the forums instead. That way it will be read by the appropriate parties directly and not waste time being sorted, compiled, and sent in batches.


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    Feedback is good (even when it isn't exactly what we players want to hear).  Tha is for this update; i look forward to more information as soon as possible.
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    Thanks for this post.  I was about to quit my alliance and drop out for a while.  I'll put that on hold for now.
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    Thank you for the post, Ice!
    I am sure everyone is waiting anxiously to get a sense of what went right or wrong with this.
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    Curious to see what follows.
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    Thank you Ice!

    as per before, my main feedback is the feelbad of getting more shards for OML from my 4* wolverine than i did for rescue from my 302 Hulkbuster.

    And the feelbad of not getting retroactive shards for 4*s that have new 3* feeders. But, that i can live with easier, even though I went from 13 3* covers away from championing OML to something in the neighborhood of 30 plus bonus 4* shards.

    I sympathize with the deluge of feedback you are getting, and appreciate the second look.
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    The current set-up might be unfair to vets, but wouldn't it be unfair to newer players if veteran players got retroactively rewarded 6 covers additional to the rewards they got in the process? 
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    Thank you for the acknowledgment. This has been a very frustrating experience from the unclear rollout, to the actual payouts, which were significantly reduced compared to every other rewards update.

    For my own two cents, I’m not looking for rewards for double dipping previously established reward covers, I’m looking for new rewards that previously did not exist. These rewards that are now available to lower level characters currently being champed, but bypassed by relatively higher level characters.

    As has been stated before, gaining the equivalent of two covers for a newly rewarded 5* from a max champed 4* is distinctly unfair when, if I started leveling them post-update, i’d get 6 covers.

    also, nobody got new 3 to 4* rewards. That’s another serious oversight. 
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    To be fair, your post on how retroactive rewards were to be handed out was VERY unclear. You had long term MPQ vets on Line arguing about how to interpret that post. So I’d expect some people earnestly contacting customer service saying “I didn’t get what was promised!” Because of the vague wording. Just an FYI if the traffic is higher than usual, that’s one piece I think you could own on your end. 

    That aside, thanks for looking into this. 
    First of all, thank you IceIX. I appreciate the fast response and the fact your are willing to at least examine this. That's a very proactive message we appreciate hearing.

    The quote above sums it up for me. I think it should have been made explicit and very clear that we would NOT be receiving retroactive rewards for champed characters. It's natural that we would expect things to work in a similar manner to what they have in the past, and there was already so much information in the post that it really needed to be spelled out much better.

    If I had found this out earlier when I read the initial post about champ reward changes I still will have been unhappy with the change, because I do not understand why it should work differently. However, finding out today only after seeing the rewards makes me feel misled. I don't blame you specifically (I realize those posts are likely crafted with lots of eyes on them prior to go live), but minimally I think we would like to see much clearer communication when we are changing things that have a previous precedent in a way that gives less to players than they are used to.
  • DogfaceDogface Posts: 733 Critical Contributor
    Dogface said:
    The current set-up might be unfair to vets, but wouldn't it be unfair to newer players if veteran players got retroactively rewarded 6 covers additional to the rewards they got in the process? 
    No because the vets earned those covers by spending years and $ leveling said characters.
    So vets deserve more than I do? 
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    good thing i didn't rage quit and throw my new pixel 4 against the wall =P      on a side good news... i finally got my black friday oled TV delivered today.... so excited
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    I'm still none the wiser what was the original intention so I am fairly interested in hearing more. 
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    @IceIX, isn’t there a way to program a CS ticket and have it categorized when it is received?
  • AlexNapalmAlexNapalm Posts: 120 Tile Toppler
    Dogface said:
    The current set-up might be unfair to vets, but wouldn't it be unfair to newer players if veteran players got retroactively rewarded 6 covers additional to the rewards they got in the process? 
    No, because that is the way it has been done in the past when existing 4*s were made 5* feeders. 
  • CathexisZeroCathexisZero Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Looking at this, I lost 13 5* covers due to the switchover, assuming previously-obtained 5* covers were not intended to be retroactively awarded via shards (which I'm OK with).  
    I have effectively lost 1 Black Bolt cover because I was not retroactively awarded the Level 356/358 shards for my Level 359 Medusa.  I lost Level 300 champ reward covers for: Cable, Professor X, Archangel, and Hulk.  I lost Level 320 + 300 champ reward covers for:  Storm, Rescue, Gambit, and Iceman.  

    I am quite upset at this change.  
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