Divine Champions Mar 07 - Mar 09



  • KelbrisKelbris Posts: 1,051
    By the way, Hood/GSBW/Buffed C.Storm was pretty fun in this event. Riding them up to the 11-25 tier to get that 3k ISO.
  • NemekNemek Posts: 1,511
    Most people find all caps posts annoying, actually.

    Caps, name calling, and improper use of 'your' - it's not easy to hit the internet trifecta.
  • Nemek wrote:
    Most people find all caps posts annoying, actually.

    Caps, name calling, and improper use of 'your' - it's not easy to hit the internet trifecta.

    It is for some posters.
  • Yay my first #1 finish in a tournament!
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    Kept getting endlessly retaliated against by 3 different spiderman teams...cant wait for that funbalance, should have been a month ago. Despite Celerity hitting me with 30 seconds left I think i made top 5.

    Edit: And I did, cool. Almost done covering that meh character, Need 2R 1U, pick up 2 of those from the Hood tourney.
  • ThanosThanos Posts: 625 Critical Contributor
    I'm glad the reward was iron man, meant i could take it easy. Too exhausted after all the hulk events. Nice to see the outlaw tourney is also iron man, it'll be nice taking it easy on the PvP for a bit.

    I'd image the buffed thor in this tourney is going to be very similar the new 3* thor. Really not looking forward to him.
  • poomermonpoomermon Posts: 300 Mover and Shaker
    I got to top 25 with some 500 points and got my final blue cover for IM40. Yay I suppose. I will probably try to do the same in the Hood event just for the iso and hp rewards.
  • Wonko33Wonko33 Posts: 940 Critical Contributor
    got top 45 after basically quitting event this morning to concentrate on Hulk- Did a few matches with 20 min left and snuck in for a Blue cover- All I need is a last Blue cover for him- should be easy so sit top 45 in the Hood
  • Finished top 20 easily, played this tourney maybe 2 hours total.
  • It's been a busy weekend - family was staying at my house so I could not sneak away for MPQ time until the last 20 minutes of this tourney. Top 100 I think.... But I did go to a Beer & Bacon Festival and played Catan.
  • Time consumed - about 4hrs total in 2 pushes. First to 300pts, then tanking for 24hrs. Then pushed to #1 with 717pts and shielded till the end. FInally got 754pts (wining on defense), #2 was a bit above 600.

    MINE! ALL MINE! icon_twisted.gif
  • PuritasPuritas Posts: 670 Critical Contributor
    got a red xforce for the low cost of 0 HP
    dude pushing for first in my bracket also happened to be in same mmr as me and hit me repeatedly with his **** max ares/hulk/punisher team
    I picked up my phone and hit him back several times to steal it icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • I won on the laziest path. Played up to 1st place just under 700 after all the t5 shielded, got a single hit on the road, decided to shield up after all once there for that 75 HP at -2h. eventually got a +6 bump that put me over the red thor cover icon_e_smile.gif. In the last hour saw a guy above me but guess he messed up the timing or got overconfident with the push and fell. In the morning found myself winning and a 30 pts bang on the shield so it did some good after all.

    My IM40 got from 3 covers to 10 is short time, though not sure he'll see any ISO anytime soon. Guess for the Hood I'll just go to the 500 and leave at that.
  • I decided to jump into this late last night, won a quick 5 matches then went to bed. Woke up after being attacked once and got the top 150 I was after for a quick 1k ISO. The reward changes are a pain for those looking for covers, but for people like me who already have most of the covers, the ISO boost is welcome and means I can jump in late, place fairly lowly, and still get a decent little amount of ISO for my trouble.
  • First place in this one with 2x3h shields and 818 points. My bracket was a battlefield and I had trouble keeping the points. It appears those I had access to were all active players and we kept stealing points from each other. icon_e_smile.gif Right after I pushed hard and won 4 matches and shielded for the second time I was hit 4 times in 5 minutes for 100+ points. Things were crazy. I don't even know why I decided to spend the HP since I didn't care much about the rewards. I guess I thought the red Wolverine was worth 150hp and I managed to get Iron Man 40 to 3/2/2 too, so it was a stressful but successful tournament.
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