Your latest fun team combination



  • Fratriarch
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    I save green until I can trigger berseker rage, I spam groot blue as often as possible, and then I spam purple.
    I know the team would be much better with iron fist or wolverine than with groot, but I like groot's heal, and having blue special tiles means daken is more likely to heal as well.

    On more serious occasions I use
    KK heal is more than marvel's damage trigger, groot blue makes it a rainbow, and I still love strike tiles.
  • roberts_2
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    Rogers/M40/Kamala are really funny when complete the race for (six) yellow gems icon_lol.gif
  • dokiy
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    icon_lukecage.png HB icon_ironman.pngicon_quicksilver.png

    Punches for days!!!
  • PuceMoose
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    Three star Bullseye
    Lazy Daken
    Three star Falcon

    has become one of my most fun teams for The Big Enchilada. You have to use a bit of care when downing enemies, to make sure Bullseye does what he was built to do, but when he does... it's a great feeling to bypass an entire *wave* because a single good cascade eats through the enemy team due to the massive strike tiles lying all over the place. There's also something strangely invigorating about seeing a Muscle unable to lay a strike countdown because you have all of the tiles wrapped with your own strikes!
  • Lopan15
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    OML Nova Bullseye. OML tanks all of my Nova colors and Nova is cheap strike tiles. Bullseye downing toons puts more strike tiles out. Last wave of enchilada Nova red throws someone up in the air and when they come down they are dead.
  • Blahahah
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    icon_mrfantastic.png , 3* icon_wolverine.png , icon_antman.png

    Antman clogs purple and red, meaning you can throw around patch abilities like mad. Also no one competes for red or green.
    Mr. Fantastic doubles up on those strong tiles with his Imaginaut, puts in some control aspects with his blue, and heals chunks with all of the clogging going on.
    Wolverine just kinda runs around and slashes things.
  • zodiac339
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    This seems to have become a "go-to" thread. I like IM40, Psylocke, and Kamalah Khan. Rush 6 yellow, use red for Psychic Knife to make Embiggened Bash hit even harder and Ballistic Salvo as needed. KK passive applies regular bandages due to low cost yellow red and black abilities. It's my favored team against the hardest nodes (usually against PVE nodes at 220 to the 170-175 heroes). Very fast kills.
  • bpcontra
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    I have fun with Blade, Squirrel Girl, Scarlet Witch. Have no need for red, so Blade pumps out strike tiles which are great for Squirrel Girl's purple AND green. Switch pumps out the purple. Yellow defense if you need's fun and pretty effective for a change of pace
  • wymtime
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    In the test PVE I had fun with OML, Daken and X-23. The all heal team. My x-23 was at level 150 at 3,4,5 at the time but I was able to take on all nodes multiple times with 0 health packs used.
  • BigBZ32
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    In DDQ today, I tried IM40/XFDP/Quake. It was fun and effective. My quake is only lvl 111 2/2/2 as well.
  • JackTenrec
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    Just to mix things up, I changed from KK/IF/Cyclops to SW/Mystique/Steve Rogers for DDQ. If I'm playing against movers, I rush purple to drop Shapeshift and let enemy matches build up AP for flying shields. Meanwhile, I collect black to one-shot whoever needs it most, and usually have enough purple from Arcane Incantation to immediately Shapeshift again. Once I'm down to 2 enemies, I beat up one enough that a Reality Crush will give me five turns to do whatever I feel like. Repeat as necessary.
  • optimus2861
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    In the current Torch PVP, I'm really enjoying IM40 (champ), Torch (champ) and KK (champ). Spec IM 3/5/5, Torch 5/x/x, KK x/x/5 (my preference is 5 yellow for max healing). A recharge fuels 1 or even 2 Fireballs, and gets you 75% of the way to Bash & Salvo. All that damage chews through any 3* pretty quick. I might give it a whirl in SHIELD Sim.
  • Mawtful
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    It's not for everyone, but I'm really enjoying OML + Professor X.
    My OML is currently 1/1/2 Lv300, and my PX is 5/3/5 Lv274. Yeah, champed PX, I went there.

    My general strategy is to rush 9 Black and fire Living Legend as fast as possible. That gives the 2 strike tiles, and activates PX's yellow passive to provide 1 of each special tile. Once that's done, it's time to get PX invisible and buffing tiles. Everything generally snowballs from there.

    In SHIELD Sim, I've been adding a Green user to the mix to round out the rainbow coverage. Interestingly, IW brings Blue and Yellow actives, so that covers PX's passives, and if OML flips his powers then I've got full rainbow on spending AP too. Having a yellow active has also been a great help, since it means I can bring my Yellow AP pool back below 12 if I want to keep OML healing for a bit longer.

    I've also had good experience with 3* Thor; he's got the Green/Yellow spend which is nice, and his Red is cheap so I can use that to activate both Reluctant Hero + Psychic Convergence.
    And even though Kamala brings another Yellow passive, she's still got a great Green active, and she's got an alternate outlet for Purple which can potentially be used to set up some match 5's.
  • kwyjibo
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    try throwing in IF to that combo. i use OML, prof x (273) and IF in pve nodes all the time.

    get purple, make black. if you hit a 5 prof will usually kill somone and fill you up with black. don't wait to transform OML just spit out his strike tiles. after that it's over
  • chamber44
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    roberts_2 wrote:
    Rogers/M40/Kamala are really funny when complete the race for (six) yellow gems icon_lol.gif
    yep. I was running 3hor instead of KK and it wasn't nearly as fun. but this combo hits every color but black, and six yellow AP means i usually get to fire Cap's red and KK's green.

    IM40 is so overpowe--i mean, underpowered. UNDERPOWERED!

    devs, don't lay a finger on him!
  • hopper1979
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    Last PVP tried IM40, Nick Furry and Torch and I was very pleasantly surprised. I was worried about not utilizing Furrys Yellow but after the energy collection from IM40 that was enough for 2 fireballs (somebody dead), usually 2 bet definitely 1 blue of Furry (almost always instant death if matched) and then 2 greens from torch 3000+ damage each turn. Now I realize Torch and Furry were increased in level for this event but I will be looking at the combo as soon as I champion Torch. The damage output was high and relatively cheep. I will like IM40, Shehulk and KK better but this might be a new top 5 group for me.
  • CNash
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    IM40 / Magneto / Gamora is now my go-to team for SHIELD Simulator and other unrestricted events. IM40's yellow accelerates Magneto's blue and red, plus Gamora's green to stun people. When no team-up tiles are on the board, spam Gamora's red instead (or wait a turn for IM40 to recover and Unibeam them). Gamora's black is incidental, though since it messes with IM40's yellow it might be best avoided.
  • bobbyfish
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    great thread! will definitely try out OML/PX/IF, will be nice to use Prof without the angels for once

    My latest Enchilada team is X23/BP/R&G, save red, fire green, yellow or blue and go nuts, dealing 4k per hit by the end, seems great for survival nodes in general, but haven't tried anything too challenging with it yet
  • Lopan15
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    Moon Roach wrote:
    Two fun teams I use in the season Simulator.

    Carnage / Devil Dinosaur / Doctor Octopus

    Kingpin / Iron Fist / Scarlet Witch

    The latter can even be used for serious climbing as well as fun.

    Tried the KP fist Switch team finally. Man is that fun poking people to death.
  • Ctenko
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    Ok, since this is MERELY for fun, and not for competitive things. I have been having a lot of fun with (2nd slot) Spider-Man (Classic) (First Slot middle) Gamora, and (Third slot support) Kamala Khan.

    You cover both passives with an actual ability, Gamora covers three colours so she can get the majority of the board on your side. She makes Yellow tiles which you don't care about matching so much since Kamala's Yellow Heal is passive and Spidey's is not so needed. Plus you have two powers that are super spammable at a cost of Five to keep healing. One of which is a ludicrous Stunlock. As an added bonus Kamala get's protected for every colour, since Spider man's Purple is his second Strong colour. It's not very competitive, but it is fun to use. Often I finish matches having taken only a few hundred Damage on Gamora and Spidey, who I think both heal at an accelerated pace.

    It's not Great, but it is fun.

    3/5/5 Gamora
    3/5/5 Spidey
    4/4/5 Kamala