Your latest fun team combination



  • DanBenZvi
    DanBenZvi Posts: 82 Match Maker
    Since we're talking fun teams:

    3 star Bullseye
    Black Panther

    Initially assembled at random as I need to put together three characters for a particular node. Found that I liked how they worked together and now they're a go-to team for the lower level nodes (although that may change given that I'm currently pumping ISO into Panther).
  • xidragonxi
    xidragonxi Posts: 253 Mover and Shaker
    How about Iceman as the third for Switch and Falcap? Surely his blue would be an amazing addition? (not got a lot of iceman experience so forgive me if the suggestion is bad)

    Yeah this sounds like it would work superbly. My Iceman isn't up and running quite yet.
  • tiomono
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    My personal favorite is

    Kamala khan

    Hood tanks nothing psy has cheap moves for quick heals and kamala is plain annoying.
  • Stanley71
    Stanley71 Posts: 75 Match Maker
    X-23, PX and Blade...
    Get purple fast and make PX invisible so ge can raise Blade's attack tiles...
    X-23 tanks enemy's damage icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • JVReal
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    having fun with Goon nodes using SW, Blade and Bullseye.
  • Esheris
    Esheris Posts: 216 Tile Toppler
    3* Ironman is a blast to play with (still haven't gotten to make the change to 5 yellow).

    Him, Thor 4*, and Kamala are amazing together. Great synergy and hardly ever goes wrong.
  • Warbringa
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    I love any team with 3* DP. I usually play him with Switch because dropping whales on people never gets old and her purple generation is awesome. My third on that team for a go to is Cage since he punches people...hard. The team is actually very effective and fun to play. In PvE, I push up Switch's green ability to 5 since targeted tile removal is important and I never use her purple ability over DP Whales.

    Another team I like for PvP in 3* meta is Classic Mags, Hood and IF. Hood racks up the AP so well for Magneto. It never gets old firing Magneto's blue and red powers as I love the animation on them. IF is there for attack tile of course but I also love firing his purple power with 12 AP. I enjoy the sound of it for some weird reason as it sounds like he is hitting the person three times in quick succession.

    I am leveling up 3* Daredevil next (2 days more iso to level up IM40 who I am currently working on) and I wish I had more Kingpin covers as I want to make a Daredevil/Kingpin/Punisher team for theme. I know it wouldn't be super effective (although it is rainbow) but the premise would be of course Kingpin has brainwashed both DD and Punisher somehow and they are now working for him icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • TxMoose
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    tiomono wrote:
    My personal favorite is

    Kamala khan

    Hood tanks nothing psy has cheap moves for quick heals and kamala is plain annoying.
    tried this against 220 cmags/moon/im35 and worked like a charm with 180kk/173hood/120psylocke. took a while, but never in danger thanks to hood and kk.
  • OneLastGambit
    OneLastGambit Posts: 1,963 Chairperson of the Boards
    For the recent women of power I used


    And found the work really well together, daken free tiles help get psylocke going fast which helps the team constantly heal and the free strike tiles make her cheap black useful too.

    I've also been using

    As my rulk has no purple covers I use im40 to generate his green which decimates the other team and Steve finishes them off
  • Warbringa
    Warbringa Posts: 1,267 Chairperson of the Boards
    Anyone ever played Daredevil, Quicksilver and KK? I thought it would be a fun team based on color and abilities but I only have KK maxed out so I have never tried it. I do plan on maxing DD soon and will probably not max QS but you never know.

    The team strengths would be 1.) rainbow team 2.) DD/QS have low-mid AP abilities allowing you fire KK's yellow heal fairly often 3.) blue is strong as QS has a nice passive and DD stun is one of the best stuns in the game 4.) QS green is a decent dmg low green AP ability and KK green is a good AoE ability 5.) purple would probably go mainly towards KK skill but DD tile destroy could be a backup or sometimes useful purple ability 6.) QS black with DD red ambush could be a lot of fun

    Weaknesses - 1.) QS black is the only black ability and is fairly weak by itself but could work well with DD Ambush as noted above 2.) not great purple abilities compared to other 3* 3.) moderate health no major tanks but KK yellow passive should offset that 4.) no active yellow power is probably the biggest downside
  • Inarius
    Inarius Posts: 138 Tile Toppler
    Lately I've been using icon_hood.pngicon_groot.pngicon_doctordoom.png and it seems to work. Hood doesn't tank anything and doom's blue/black can be annoying as f**k and his purple hits like a truck. Pair that up with groot's green and hood's yellow and ap stealing and you get a butthurt team
  • bbf2
    bbf2 Posts: 109 Tile Toppler
    HossDrone wrote:
    Iron fist + cmags + quicksilver

    So many ways to fire a power and make a cascade which feeds a power and does it again...and again...and again. I have repeatedly found this team hits a snowball turn where I just fire power after power and win regardless of opponent life totals.

    Need to find a clever name.

    Mobius strip?

    Suggestions welcome

    I don't have a perfect suggestion but it could have something to do with the fact that Magneto controls metal, and both IF and QS have a type of metal in their names but don't actually have anything to do with metal. Like "Metal Fakeout" or something

    Or maybe "The father, the son, and the holy attack tile"
  • HaywireII
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    I pulled a third Mr F yellow cover today from my latest 20 cp and I thought 1/3/1 must be good for something (he is now my 2nd most covered 4*).

    I put together Patch/Daken/Mr F for some PvE nodes this morning. My two true healers are tanking all damage, Imaginaut is actually useful with strike tiles on the board and every strike matched away is an extra free heal. Feels like it has potential to be a health pack saver.

    Edit: Ack...I misread...self heal not team heal. Less fun now.
  • Azoth658
    Azoth658 Posts: 348 Mover and Shaker
    Been a while since I found a really fun team combination but now I have a 166 Kamala oh boy I've found a new fun combination.


    So I have IM40 recharge going on whilst I try to green and purple. Then after a recharge I have flexibility going for me with all that green and stockpiled. Need a burst heal because you're up against a strong team QS green for cheap power use, want pure damage AOE KK green. Wait a couple of turns and couple that with IM40 Blue and I've done 6k AOE off one recharge and some team healing. Let alone if I managed to grab black for some cheap healing and supersonic / board control.

    Haven't tested as defensive but I wouldn't know who to attack first as KK is super frustrating but IM40 and recharge is a must stop and QS whilst doesn't seem much of a threat can be a real problem if you are using any blue user as a damage dealer.
  • smoq84
    smoq84 Posts: 421 Mover and Shaker
    I really like to play Big Enchilada with Patch/Blade/Spider-man (3*). I'm using this team from very beginning of DDQ and every day have the same fun with stunning all non-goon characters and nuking with huge damage from Blade's attack tiles.
  • Azoth658
    Azoth658 Posts: 348 Mover and Shaker
    For DDQ I have fun with Blade, Falcon and Ironfist. I like to see how high I can push the damage up from Blade's Strike and Attack tiles....

    Record so far was 7k end of turn damage thanks to 6 Blade attack tiles with maximum strike tile benefit plus some buffing.
  • pabasa130
    pabasa130 Posts: 208 Tile Toppler
    My fun team is Prof X and Quicksilver. Chain 5 matches for unlimited turns. I like to pair them with 4*thor for rainbow, but any blue user works (since depending on boosts, Prof x will likely be generating blue).
  • Malcrof
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    Right now in the heroic, Quicksilver, Rags, and Starlord.. i call them The Backstreet Boys, but they are tearing up this Heroic PVE!
  • IamTheDanger
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    One team that I've found to be fun is Patch/Quake/KamalaKhan. Save up my green, blue and purple. Use KK purple to turn purple tiles green. then use Quake blue to get rid of the remaining purple tiles. Then cast Patch green a couple of times. It's not as effective as Patch/Loki, but I enjoy it. Or you can cast Patch green before Quakes blue. that way Quake can still get rid of the enemy strike tiles, but does more damage. the only problem with doing Patch before Quake is that you run the risk of breaking the enemy strike tiles and causng a cascade that can match some of Patch's strike tiles.

    Another fun one I like is Falcon/IF/Daken. Daken's strike tiles increase the damage from IF's attack tile and Falcon will increase the damage to all of them. Or swap Falcon for Pro. X.

    Then there are the times that I use 3 characters that may not work well together but go together in the comics. Like using 4*Cyclops/2*Wolverine/Pheonix because of the whole love triangle thing. Or 3 of the Fantastic Four, 3 X-men, 3 Avengers. Or Hulk/She Hulk/Red Hulk. Or X Force Wolverine/2*Daken/X-23 for the 3 different Wolverine outfits in one team. Spidey/Carnage/Venom - Spidey/Goblin/Ock - Spidey/Miles/Gwenn - Goblin/Venom/Carnage or Cap/Fury/Quake or Hulk/Hulkbuster/Red Hulk

    Sometimes I like to just mess around for fun, not caring about points or placement, but just because it's fun.

  • mpqr7
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    I also like IF/Daken as well. They are great teammates! Daken tanks most of IF's colors, so he offers great protection.