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  • @Milkrain:

    I like your changes to trickery a lot. It makes the skill much more usable. It also solves the problem of launching trickery only to have new tiles added by the enemy afterwards. This way you can convert a lesser number of tiles more often, rather than using trickery only once a round. The trade off is that the more tiles you convert at once, the more efficient the skill is AP-wise, so if you use it per tile you are wasting a fair amount of AP.

    My thought regarding limiting the AP gain per color is that it makes Loki an anti-Thor. Thunder Strike and Mjolnirs Might will still do damage, but you won't get the big AP gains from the color changing. This wouldn't necessarily be the case with total AP gain. Also, total AP gain would cause problems with a skill like Aggressive Recon since which AP would count in the first set of 9?

    Regardless, this is all academic anyways since we won't likely see a third color for Loki anytime. icon_e_smile.gif
  • I suspected the Goon was playing his part, but the AI was unusually impressive with the ability timing considering how bad it tends to play on nearly every other occassion. Admittedly all it really meant AI wise is a conditional statement along the lines of "If opponent tiles exist then use, if not then don't use". Still, that's the important thing and it's good to know that if you leave the team on defence then it wont mess things up too much.

    Given my appauling defensive track record (mainly due to lack of decent levelled chars) I think that a Loki, Patch, OBW (I guess not Hood due to the chance of him popping his black before Loki) combo could suprise a few people thinking it's an easy target? OBW and Loki's purple overlap might not be ideal if the AI prioritises Loki's purple but otherwise there's no red/green problems with Patch and OBW's black being passive doesn't cause problems either.

    I think with this combo, you would have to assume that the AI would use Illusions before Aggressive Recon, but I'd be interested to see how it works for you since I've thought of running that combo as well.
  • hhmm, loki is actually a fun char to use, imo. I had used him in the simulator because of his buffs, and i kinda like him. but his hp is too low imo. BTW, besides patch, who is makes a good team with loki ?
  • Hannybal wrote:
    hhmm, loki is actually a fun char to use, imo. I had used him in the simulator because of his buffs, and i kinda like him. but his hp is too low imo. BTW, besides patch, who is makes a good team with loki ?

    I've been enjoying playing Loki with Ragnarok and Dr. Doom in the lightening rounds. I know this doesn't sound like a strong team, but actually you can generate a lot of cascades with the combination of illusions, godlike power and technopathic strike, and end up spamming the enemy with your weak but inexpensive powers.
  • OzarkBoatswain
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    3rd ability idea

    Peace Offering
    5 Green
    Gives the opposing team a protect tile (placed randomly).
    Lvl 2: protect damage increase
    Lvl 3: Also gives a strike tile
    Lvl 4: strike damage increase
    Lvl 5: tiles become black
  • vudu3
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    Neat idea in theory but the AI would use the ability as soon as the AP was available regardless of if there was enough black AP to use Trickery. It would actually hurt you on defense, not to mention block every other character's powerful green ability.
  • babinro
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    I think Loki's Illusions ability could use a minor buff to put him better in line with other high end 3* characters.

    Option 1: (My personal ideal option)
    If a 4 piece or greater match would be made during the swap process, the game will NOT move those pieces anymore during the skills resolution.
    Note: If 4 is overpowered than this can be tweaked to 5.

    Option 2:
    Each tile swap does minimal damage. The total damage at max level with 5 covers would only be about 500 damage. This makes it a little like Rag's column board changing ability.

    Option 3: (complete skill rework)
    Loki secretly marks tiles as trap tiles. When these tiles are matched by your opponent, they instead generate AP for your team and deal damage to the enemy team.
    1 Cover: Converts 1 tile into a trap tile
    2 Cover: Converts 2 tiles into a trap tiles
    3 Cover: Converts 3 tiles into a trap tiles and increases the cost of this skill to 7
    4 Cover: Converts 4 tiles into a trap tiles
    5 Cover: Converts 4 tiles into a trap tiles. You now gain the AP for the ENTIRE match made involving the tile and damage their team accordingly. Increases the cost of this skill to 10.
  • Is there supposed to be a cap on how many tiles loki converts? I just used Trickery on Faclons purple and it only converted 5 tiles or so not all of them.
  • reported bug from first moment... guess will be fixed a few years after the Sunder bug is nailed.
  • I just sent in a bug report about it as well.

    Maybe if they get a few hundred of them it'll get fixed.
  • Was there a bug with Loki Black? He is supposed to convert all enemy strike to protect and protect to strike right? How come when vesus hawk, it only convert some of them and not all??
  • Bombul, thank you very much for your well thought out post! Our lead designer (as well as many others here at Demiurge) here have read it and are working on a response which we hope to have out shortly. Thanks again for your time and we hope you'll stick with us as we try to get balance right.

    Demiurge_Chris, where have you gone? Are you still working on it? I feel like the boys of Lost when they found the old Dharma Initiative barracks.
  • Can anyone tell me what Loki's old abilties were?
  • Can anyone tell me what Loki's old abilties were?

    He'd change Red/Yellow into purple. Which would flood the board with purple and cause tile damage. You'd get a healthy mix of damage, board turnover and some Ap collection from resulting cascades/crits.

    It was pretty powerful, but not game-breakingly so. I never had a chance to use it, but had the AI use it against me a few times.
  • Uh, unholy necromancy. icon_e_smile.gif
  • I like Loki, you can leave him at level 6 easily and he will avoid all attacks, I've just maxed his trickery ability and he works a treat, I have zero illusion covers which means nothing since I know that ability is shocking! I'd like it to go back.
  • that is disappointing, the promised response of Demigurge Chris never came.
  • I agree, that purple skill is pretty useless unless your board is full of unmatchable tiles.
    Here's another idea, how about giving Loki a third skill? Like, for example, turning a number of tiles to black or purple?
  • There was an in-game response to everyone affected. The game hadnt been out 2 weeks yet. Not many people had him.
  • YES! Let's resurrect this thread. Now that so many new stronger characters are out how about reverting this nerf. And while you're at it, revert Rags too. I mean, how good will they be in the current landscape of Patch, LThor, Sentry, LDaken, etc.