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Human Torch (Annihilus)
4-Star Rarity
Affiliations: Heroes, Fantastic Four, Team Cap, Enhanced

"Stranded in the Negative Zone with the children of the Future Foundation, Johnny and the kids were beset by a veritable army of Arthosian soldiers. They almost escaped, but Johhny stayed behind to buy them time. Captured by Annihilus, the once Human Torch met up with the Light Brigade and manufactured an escape, one that included taking control of Annihilus's Cosmic Control Rod and gaining power that he'd never felt before. Thought to be dead, Johnny got back in time to help fight off a Kree attack on Earth and reunite with his family!"

Abilities listed at level 70/270
Health: 3779/13995


Fireball Special - 8 Red AP
"Hey, at least I'm not on fire... Not yet, anyway." Johnny flings a Control Rod boosted fireball at his opponent. Select a tile color. Deals 482 damage and destroys 3 random enemy special or basic tiles of the chosen color, prioritizing enemy special tiles. Destroyed tiles deal damage and grant AP. If a Cosmic Control Rod Repeater exists on the board, Fireball Special deals 50% increased damage. (Max level 938 damage)

  • Level 2: Deals 502 damage. Deals 60% increased damage. (Max level 958 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 510 damage. Deals 70% increased damage. (Max level 966 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 545 damage. Deals 80% increased damage. (Max level 1001 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 600 damage. Deals 90% increased damage. (Max level 1056 damage)

Cosmic Control Rod - 5 Black AP
"Burn like the sun and even hotter with the Control Rod? You bet!" If one doesn't exist, creates a 2-turn Black Cosmic Control Rod Repeater tile that deals 93 damage, lowers the cost of his abilities by 1 AP (minimum 3 AP), and increases his maximum health by 2%; If one already exists, Fortify it instead. (Max level 180 damage)

  • Level 2: Deals 186 damage. Increases health by 3%. (Max level 360 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 279 damage. (Max level 540 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 391 damage. Increases health by 4%. (Max level 756 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 837 damage. Increases health by 6%. (Max level 1620 damage)

Annihilation Wave - 8 Green AP
"Whoever holds the Cosmic Control Rod rules the Negative Zone. As such, the wave is mine... I plan on putting it to good use." Coverts up to 4 enemy special or basic tiles into strength 23 Attack tiles, prioritizing enemy special tiles.

(PASSIVE) At the start of your team's turn, if a Cosmic Control Rod Repeater tile exists on the board, improve friendly Attack tiles by 33%. (Max level strength 45)

  • Level 2: Creates strength 36 tiles. (Max level strength 72)
  • Level 3: Creates strength 41 tiles. (Max level strength 81)
  • Level 4: Creates strength 64 tiles. (Max level strength 128)
  • Level 5: Creates strength 95 tiles. (Max level strength 189)

Feeder Updates

Release Schedule

Fight For Wakanda - 4/20-4/23
Human Torch (Annihilus) Covers and Shards in Placement rewards, Event Token in Progression rewards

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. - 4/23-4/27
Human Torch (Annihilus) Shards + Recruit Token for Shield Offer in Progression rewards

Lost In Time - 4/24-4/28
Human Torch (Annihilus) Covers and Shards + Vault Token in Progression rewards

Assassin For Hire - Elektra (Assassin) - 4/20-4/24
Human Torch (Annihilus) Cover and Shards as Placement rewards

Burning Questions - Human Torch (Annihilus) - 4/23-4/26
Human Torch (Annihilus) Covers and Shards + Recruit Token for Shield Offer in Progression rewards

Human Torch & Friends Vault - 4/23-4/27
80 Item Vault:
3x 4-Stars - 1x Human Torch (Annihilus), 1x The Thing (Classic), 1x Random
7x Tokens - 1x Legendary, 1x Mighty, 2x Heroic, 3x Beginner Support
6x Iso-8 - 1x 5,000 Iso-8, 2x 2,500 Iso-8, 3x 1,000 Iso-8
15x 3-Stars - 3x Daredevil (Man Without Fear), 12x Random
49x 2-Stars - 10x Captain America (Steve Rogers) cover, 39x Random



  • Bowgentle
    Bowgentle Posts: 6,567 Chairperson of the Boards

    So when does Fight for Wakanda start now?
    In the what's new thread it says 21st.
    Maybe check for overlap with other PVEs? Please?

  • EddieCL
    EddieCL Posts: 26 Just Dropped In

    It's a shame he doesn't feed anyone...

  • Alex502
    Alex502 Posts: 179 Tile Toppler

    He's interesting, but why did we get another Torch at 4 star?

    He brings powers that are interesting, but not surprising. Red is a good damage and SAP control, but its limited to such low damage. Why even have this power grow with % base but cap it at a really low number? Deals 600 + 90% maxed at 1056? Weak.

    Black? Interesting enough. Touch of damage, power cost reduction, and health increase, but the only thing I think I'll really notice is the power cost reduction. The numbers with this power are remarkably low, and its limited to only one two-turn repeater on the board. Eh.

    Green? I mean... SAP override, and attack tile growth is cool enough, I guess. He's got some nice enough powers to remove enemy specials which is workable. Attrition style character aiming to get out his black repeater and protect it, which makes his other powers stronger.

    Big question I have: does his repeater decrease the cost of his powers each time it fires, or does it reduce the costs by one passively just by being on the board? If it continues to drop the cost, that's cool. Seems like a missed opportunity to have this power affect other characters based on Affiliation. Could have boosted ally's and punished enemys of a certain type while the repeater was out. I think that would have been better.

    Also, why isn't he marked with the "Time Displaced" Affiliation? In reading his description, seems like he qualifies.

  • entrailbucket
    entrailbucket Posts: 3,116 Chairperson of the Boards

    Seems like a decent 4* for 4* players. 4* damage dealers aren't typically usable at the 5* tier, and I don't see him being an exception -- that's totally fine though.

  • _TrashPanda
    _TrashPanda Posts: 55 Match Maker

    @IceIX Can you please clarify the upcoming pve release schedule? (i.e. Whether Fight for Wakanda is the 3 or 4 day? If it's the 4 day, does it overlap with another pve? What days do FFW actually run? Etc.). The above pve schedule currently conflicts with (1) the Apr23 schedule that was posted, (2) possibly overlaps pves. Thank you

  • St_Bernadus
    St_Bernadus Posts: 492 Mover and Shaker

    @Bowgentle said:
    So when does Fight for Wakanda start now?
    In the what's new thread it says 21st.
    Maybe check for overlap with other PVEs? Please?

    This. So much this.

  • kirk justice
    kirk justice Posts: 49 Just Dropped In

    @Alex502 said:
    He brings powers that are interesting, but not surprising. Red is a good damage and SAP control, but its limited to such low damage. Why even have this power grow with % base but cap it at a really low number? Deals 600 + 90% maxed at 1056? Weak.

    I think you're misunderstanding the way the red works. The 1056 damage is how much it will do when Human Torch is at max level of 270, not the maximum amount it will do when boosted by the repeater tile. When boosted by the repeater tile his red should deal 2006 damage.

  • Codex
    Codex Posts: 129 Tile Toppler
    edited 17 April 2023, 21:17

    @DyingLegend said:
    So many marvel characters and we get another human torch.........

    I know right, where is the playable Galactus

  • Alex502
    Alex502 Posts: 179 Tile Toppler
    edited 17 April 2023, 21:44

    Torch himself aside, I'd like to openly complain about the fact that they've just released a number of things that don't go with him:

    Jeff's Symbiote Synergy? No.
    Hellfire Club? No.
    Brotherhood for Magneto's Rebalance? No.
    A New Negative Zone affiliation? No.
    Time Displaced? No.
    Taj Mahal? No.
    Light Bergade? No.
    Future Foundation? No.

    Why are the dev's working up a direction with certain releases, and then they did nothing to tie this new character into those new mechanics.

    I can think of HUGE number of characters that would work some of these new affilations they've come out with, but they release this guy instead? That's disappointing.

    Furthermore, to the point of character flow between star levels, it really would have made more sense to release this Torch as a 5 star varient. Having a Human Torch at every star level from 2 -> 5, it would just make sense to have that and have him feed himself directly through, along with whoever else.

    My next question: This seems to imply an Annihilus release direction, but since none of the other releases have tied together, there's no reason to hope for anything else from this storyline at all, is there? More missed opportunities.

    PS: Frankly a new Event based on the Annihilus stories would be at least a breath of fresh air. I'd much rather see other new content than just new characters.

  • Borstock
    Borstock Posts: 2,129 Chairperson of the Boards

    His kit is interesting. My worry would just be whether or not others do better all the things he does. Would you bring him to boost specials instead of Nico? Would you bring him to destroy specials instead of converting them with Medusa? Medusa also heals and generates free AP.

    I think he's....fine. He feels like one of those well rounded characters who just won't get much use because he's not broken.

  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 2,767 Chairperson of the Boards

    I like the art.
    His toolkit is interesting. Actually he won't see a lot of use because he is slow. His repeater each 2 turns will lower the AP of powers, deal damage and increase health which is quite good for a 4* character, but slow.
    If he could lower AP of allies still he would be of use for 5* characters, but it's him alone.
    An ok niche character in order to fight SAP specialist although he needs help to start gaining AP.

  • Scorpion201
    Scorpion201 Posts: 45 Just Dropped In

    Sorry but he's weak, Clea (Sorcerer Supreme) better than him... Very disappointing.. nice character art though

  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 18 April 2023, 00:19

    Increasing maximum health is something new to counter permanent damage, and it looks like his repeater will reduce his ap costs every 2 turns until all his powers cost 3 aps, which is also new.

    Increasing attack tiles by 33% every turn is interesting. Assume there are 5 attack tiles with a total of 1250 strength, and Kitty buffs all 5 attack tiles by a total of 3000, followed by HT buffing it by 33%, it should look like:

    Turn 1: Fires Cosmic Control Rod after collecting 5 black aps.
    Turn 2: (1250+3000) x 133% = 5653
    Turn 3: (5653+3000) x 133% = 11509
    Turn 4: 14509 x 133% = 19297

    In three turns, they would turn 1250 strength attack tiles into 19297 strength, which is about 1543% increment.

  • Punisher5784
    Punisher5784 Posts: 3,427 Chairperson of the Boards

    The only thing I notice is we have another Fantastic Four character without an active Purple power

  • Bowgentle
    Bowgentle Posts: 6,567 Chairperson of the Boards

    Thank you for giving an official word on what's going on with the scheduling, Ice.
    Hope you can sort this out fast.

  • EddieCL
    EddieCL Posts: 26 Just Dropped In

    PvE week starting on Friday instead of the usual Thursday is not a biggie for me, as long as the overlapping can be avoid