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Black Knight (Dane Whitman)
4-Star Rarity 
Affiliations: Heroes

"Burdened by a heavy past and wielding the Ebony Blade, Dane Whitman forges a new legacy as the Black Knight. A long time on-and-off member of the Avengers, he saw many dimensions and traveled across many ages.

Now Black Knight soars through the skies on his winged horse trying to find the world that accepts him for who he is."

(Abilities listed at level 70, followed by 270)
4223 Health / 15642 Health

 33 | 10 | 9 | 8 | 42 | 37 | 23 | 3.5x
 65 | 13 | 12 | 11 | 85 | 74 | 43 | 3.5x

Black Is the Soul - 9  AP
The dark nature of the Ebony Blade makes Black Knight go berserk! Deal 56 damage to the enemy team, ignoring enemy Protect tiles, and create 2 Charged tiles. If there are 4 or more Charged tiles on the board, destroy a random row. If there are 6 or more Charged tiles on the board, additionally destroy up to 1 enemy Attack, Protect, or Strike tile(s). (Destroyed tiles do not deal damage or generate AP.) (Max Level 108 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 102 damage to the enemy team ignoring enemy Protect tiles. Destroys up to 2 enemy Attack, Protect, or Strike tiles. (Max Level 198 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 224 damage to the enemy team ignoring enemy Protect tiles. (Max Level 432 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 382 damage to the enemy team ignoring enemy Protect tiles. Destroys up to 3 enemy Attack, Protect, or Strike tiles. (Max Level 738 damage)
  • Level 5: Creates 3 Charged tiles.
Knight Time - 7  AP
The Ebony Blade protects its wielder from any dangers. Deal 93 damage and, if one does not exist, create a Black 4-turn Fortified Countdown tile. While this tile is on the board, this power becomes Knight Eternal.  (Max Level 180 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 112 damage. (Max Level 216 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 186 damage. (Max Level 360 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 260 damage. (Max Level 504 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 772 damage.  (Max Level 1494 damage)
Knight Eternal -  PASSIVE
(PASSIVE) Black Knight cannot be Downed. If Black Knight would be downed, his health drops down to 1 instead. Whenever a friendly Countdown tile reaches 0, if there are 4 or more Charged tiles on the board, restore 93 health and destroy 1 Charged tiles. If there is no Knight Time tile on the board, this power becomes Knight Time. (Max Level 180 health)
  • Level 2: Restores 130 health. (Max Level 252 health)
  • Level 3: Restores 186 health and destroy 2 Charged tiles. (Max Level 360 health)
  • Level 4: Restores 260 health and destroy 3 Charged tiles. (Max Level 504 health)
  • Level 5: Restores 837 health and destroy 4 Charged tiles. (Max Level 1620 health)
Dane From Above - 8  AP
Black Knight rides his winged horse to the skies to attack and protect from above. Black Knight goes Airborne for 2 turns.

(PASSIVE) If Black Knight is Airborne at the start of the turn, fortify a friendly Black Countdown tile, deal 185 damage to a non-target enemy and create 2 strength 19 Protect tiles. Whenever Black Knight returns from being Airborne, create 2 Charged tiles. (Max Level 361 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 259 damage, create 3 Protect tiles and 3 Charged tiles. (Max Level 505 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 370 damage and create strength 29 Protect tiles. (Max Level 722 damage, Strength 54 tiles)
  • Level 4: Creates 4 strength 38 Protect tiles and 4 Charged tiles. (Max Level Strength 72 tiles)
  • Level 5: Deals 694 damage. Creates 5 strength 48 Protect tiles and 5 Charged tiles. (Max Level 1354 damage, Strength 90 tiles)

Release Schedule

All times in Eastern

For a limited time between April 21 and May 1, all players that log into MARVEL Puzzle Quest will get a free Black Knight (Dane Whitman) cover as a special thank you for participating in the New Character Poll earlier this year.


Black Knight & Friends

  • Starts: April 21th 8am

  • Ends: April 29th 8am

  • 80 Item Vault

    • 3x 4-Stars

      • 1x Black Knight cover

      • 1x Throg cover

      • 1x Random 4-Star cover

    • 7x Tokens

      • 1x Legendary token

      • 1x Mighty Token

      • 2x Heroic Tokens

      • 3x Beginner Support tokens

    • 6x Iso-8

      • 1x 5,000 Iso-8

      • 2x 2,500 Iso-8

      • 3x 1,000 Iso-8

    • 15x 3-Stars

      • 3x Gambit (Modern) cover

      • 12x Random 3-Star covers

    • 49x 2-Stars

      • 10x Hawkeye (Modern) cover

      • 39x Random 2-Star covers

Release Debut:


  • Starts: April 21th 7am

  • Ends: April 26th 2am

  • Black Knight (Dane Whitman) in placement rewards

Featured Event:


  • Starts: April 25th 7am

  • Ends: April 29th 2am

  • Black Knight (Dane Whitman) in progression rewards


  • Starts: April 24th, 8am

  • Ends: April 29th, 8am

  • Black Knight (Dane Whitman) shards in Progression rewards

  • Rewards tokens to the Black Knight & Friends vault

Versus Tournaments:


  • Starts: April 21th, 8pm

  • Ends: April 25th, 3am

  • Black Knight (Dane Whitman) shards as a placement reward


  • Starts: April 24th, 8am

  • Ends: April 27th, 3pm

Rewards tokens to the Black Knight & Friends vault


  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 9,091 Chairperson of the Boards
    Huh. Curious how this one will play. Almost feels like a Phoenix from these powes. Rachel summers maybe?
  • Tiger_Wong
    Tiger_Wong Posts: 1,003 Chairperson of the Boards
    This feels like one of the heralds of Galactus. Nova maybe? Firelord?
  • KGB
    KGB Posts: 2,872 Chairperson of the Boards
    Gotta be Black Knight with that airborne functioning as Strider taking him airborne.

    That Black power is unique in that if he is the last character standing you can't finish him off and win the battle until that count down expires or is removed. We haven't had anyone yet able to drag a match on like that.

  • bbigler
    bbigler Posts: 2,115 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited April 2022
    Overall, this character looks interesting, but you have to prioritize charged tiles to get the most out of him/her.  I’m thinking a 4/5/4 build and pairing with Throg.  

    Obviously, black is the most interesting power and would be annoying on defense. Dealing dmg and restoring health is always a good thing, but I wonder if the charged tile destruction generates AP.  There’s no wording that it doesn’t.  

    Yellow is the main way to create charged tiles, and black removes them.  So a logical order to fire powers is yellow => green => black.  But yellow could re-fortify the black CD tile.  I generally like the airborne ability which does 3 things: deal dmg, create protects and create charged tiles.  

    Green is another AOE, of which there are at least a dozen in the tier.  This one can conditionally destroy a row and remove enemy specials.  I’m the least interested in this power.  

    With the conditional passive of “this character cannot be downed” makes me think it’s another eternal like Ikaris.  
  • Timemachinego
    Timemachinego Posts: 424 Mover and Shaker
    Totally Black Knight, he's immortal as long as he has the sword in his grasp and as noted, flying horse. Guessing green is a reference to when he goes into a berserker fury.
  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 3,146 Chairperson of the Boards
    This character has great abilities for being a 4*, and insane tactics with charged tiles and cds.
    He will be really funny to play, and he does all the things a supporting character could do: create protect tiles, big restoring, charged tiles, damage ignoring protect, not dying...
    Great partner for ihulk, interesting character overall.
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    It can only be Black Knight. The note gave the clue away when it said "the community has...." And the free unique character shards coincide with next 4* release. The airborne and "revive" abilities are similar to Ikaris' and Sersi'.

    His black passive ability, if scaled to 5* land, will be an awesome counter against winfinite like Polaris/BRB and Shang Chi. It'll probably not be tagged to repeater or cd, and will instead hold a counter within its ability like Wheel or Combo points. Throw in "cannot be stunned" ability and it should withstand those winfinite.

    Negasonic looks good with him but there are two active colours overlap. I was thinking 5* 3torm but all 3 active colours overlap. He would be interesting with Throg. I wonder if I position Black Knight in the centre and Throg on the left or right, would Black Knight create his 5 charged tiles first before Throg destroys those charged tiles.
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    All his power damage looks really low.  I wonder if it has to do with those extra damage from charged tiles or due to his black cd. However, his yellow damage looks fine. 3/5/5 for me.
  • jsmjsmjsm00
    jsmjsmjsm00 Posts: 268 Mover and Shaker
    His black passive triggers on any countdown tile activation, not just the one created by the active. So as written he can farm charged tiles at a crazy rate if paired with characters that will make charged tiles and countdowns. 
  • bbigler
    bbigler Posts: 2,115 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited April 2022
    Ugh…….not again.  They take player’s feedback and introduce a cool character (i.e. Dazzler), but give them such low numbers that they are bottom tier.  How can the same people who create new metas also create duds?  This was supposed to be a fan favorite, driving engagement and sales.  It’s like they purposely wanted to make fun of us by giving us the character we want but making them too weak to use.  Ugh……..here’s my analysis: 

    9 Green - Deal 738 (max) AOE, create 3 charged tiles and conditionally destroy a row and enemy SAPs based on charged tiles.  Do they realize Jubilee has a 9 green AOE that deals 2,416 and creates 4 charged tiles, replacing enemy SAPs? Karolina, Sandman & Blade all have 9 green AOEs that deal 2,600 - 3,400 dmg.  Even Dazzler has a 7 green AOE that deals a minimum of 1,000 dmg.  This dmg output is embarrassing.  The devs put far too much value in board shake and charged tiles.  

    7 Black - Deal 1,494 and create a 4-turn CD tile that protects him from death (but he can still go down to 1 life).  Then he has a chance to restore 1,620 health by removing 4 charged tiles.  By comparison, Wolfsbane has a 7 Black power that deals 5 hits of 1,304 and creates an invisibility tile, changing the power.  Moon Knight has a 9 black power that deals 6,783 and can possibly heal him for 1,984.  What is up with the low numbers for Black Knight!  I was expecting this healing to be big since it’s likely a 1-time use.  The initial dmg is embarrassing as well.  

    8 Yellow - goes airborne for 2 turns: while airborne, deal 1,354, create 5 x 90 protects and create 5 charged tiles when landing.  Alone, this power is OK, not great.  Throg or Gwenpool could send him airborne to get these effects for free.  Perhaps there’s some crazy synergy with Throg, but all of his numbers are so low that he can’t possibly be a threat to anyone.  Another wasted opportunity.  
  • bbigler
    bbigler Posts: 2,115 Chairperson of the Boards
    Here devs, let me fix this for you: 

    9 Green - Deal 3,000 AOE….

    7 Black - Deal 6,000 ….. and heal for 6,000

    8 Yellow - while airborne: Deal 2,500 and create 5 x 125 protects ……
  • wymtime
    wymtime Posts: 3,757 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited April 2022
    I am just going to ask the Devs to relook at the numbers typed on the post.738 AOE on green, and 1494 damage from black seems awful low
  • bbigler
    bbigler Posts: 2,115 Chairperson of the Boards
    Alright, I think I know what the devs were thinking (assuming that he generates AP when destroying charged tiles)…..play Black Knight 3/5/5 with Throg & Cap Worthy: 

    Cap has 2 powers that create CD tiles which create charged tiles, so BK can trigger off those CD tiles and collect AP from the charged tiles.  Plus, BK can fortify Cap’s black CD tiles.  

    Throg can send BK airborne to trigger his passive, and upon landing, BK can create more charged tiles, either before or after Throg’s power destroys them.  

    To Summarize: 
    Throg & Cap passively create charged tiles.
    Cap passively hits the enemy when they match charged tiles 
    Cap uses Blue & Red
    Throg uses Green & Yellow 
    Black Knight uses Black

    Maybe this team has great synergy and can frequently go airborne, collect AP, deal dmg & stun.  Perhaps that’s why BK’s numbers are so weak….he’s just a battery.  
  • Seph1roth5
    Seph1roth5 Posts: 333 Mover and Shaker
    Interesting powers but like people have said, numbers are embarrassingly low for a 4*, 2* powers might be stronger.
  • rainkingucd
    rainkingucd Posts: 1,241 Chairperson of the Boards
    Interesting powers but like people have said, numbers are embarrassingly low for a 4*, 2* powers might be stronger.
    My level 123 2* Storm does 2235 damage and a 4 turn stun.  

  • Scorpion201
    Scorpion201 Posts: 53 Match Maker
    Dead on Arrival... Great Character should of been top tier in 4 land, now he's bottom tier. Powers are Bad. Back to Back bad 4 releases. hope we get 4 star Dr Strange when movie comes out.

  • DAZ0273
    DAZ0273 Posts: 9,479 Chairperson of the Boards
    Crikey he is weak! I hope that isn't coz we are getting a free cover - keep the cover and up those numbers!!!! His powers seemed really interesting but he won't even make the bench with those stats. 😭😭
  • KGB
    KGB Posts: 2,872 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm hoping these numbers are a cut-n-paste mistake in that they are showing the values at 1 cover only with the max being 1 cover L270.

    There's no way they can be that low for 5 covers.

  • Vhailorx
    Vhailorx Posts: 6,085 Chairperson of the Boards
    as noted by many others, these numbers are laughably low, even for a 2*.  I have no idea what demi expects us to do with this character and can only assume that they are so scared of the 'immortal' mechanic that they nerfed everything else he does into the ground.

    (and as always, I continue to believe that additional dev/player resources expended on the 4* tier is wasted. the tier is already bloated beyond all use and new characters, good or bad, do not provide good return on investment.)

  • Rhipf
    Rhipf Posts: 294 Mover and Shaker
    Shouldn't "Black is the Soul" be the black power and Knight Time/Knight Eternal the green power?