Character Creation Challenge: Santa Claus

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Yes, you read the title correctly. This CCC will focus on Santa Claus. The original SC (sorry Shang-Chi) has made an appearance in many comics in various forms. At one point, he was considered one of the most powerful mutants Cerebro has ever detected. Not sure if that is still canonical, but it doesn't take away from his fascination. Submit your most whimsical, funny, or season's best creation.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Just follow 3 rules:

1. Stick to the character in the title. You may choose any depiction of that character (younger, older, alternate reality, etc.).

2. Provide some details like the colors of the powers and description. Include more if you're feeling a bit more expressive. Include as much or little detail as you desire. As long as the information is there and understandable, it is fine. As an example, I will begin the challenge with my own design.

3. You may utilize someone else's ideas, but give them credit. Chances are, we will all come up with some of the same ideas. Post them freely, but give credit to the inspiration for your idea, if any.

Constructive discussion is encouraged. If you have any suggestions for a future CCC, leave a comment.


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  • Akoni
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    Santa Claus (Old St. Nick)
    5 Star (Epic)

    Affiliation: Heroes
    Health: High
    Match Damage: Low

     Good Tidings 7  AP
    Hopping in his reindeer drawn sleigh, Santa Claus goes airborne for 2 turns to deliver presents to those who are nice and a lump of coal to those who are naughty.
    (PASSIVE) When Santa Claus returns from airborne, convert 3 Black tiles to Team-Up tiles, grant a burst of 505 health to friendly Heroes, a burst of 253 Health to enemy Heroes, deal 505 damage to enemy Villains, and deal 253 damage to friendly Villains.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: 561 and 281 health; 561 and 281 damage
    • Level 3: 660 and 330 health; 660 and 330 damage
    • Level 4: 825 and 413 health; 825 and 413 damage
    • Level 5: 1100 and 550 health; 1100 and 550 damage

     Christmas Joy 10  AP
    Santa spreads joy, making even the coldest heart feel warm and fuzzy inside. If there isn't one, create a 3-turn Yellow Countdown tile targeting one of Santa Claus' enemies or allies. While this tile is present, the selected character's passive and fired powers are disabled, is treated as a Hero, and gets a burst of 224 health each turn. Friendly Team-Up matches increase the count of this tile by 1.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: 248 health
    • Level 3: 292 health
    • Level 4: 365 health
    • Level 5: 487 health, Team-Up matches increase the count of this tile by 2

     Elf Force 8  AP
    Once all are asleep, Santa and his stealth elf unit get to work. Stun one of Santa Claus' enemies or allies for 1 turn and convert 1 tile in the target's weakest color to their strongest color. If an ally is stunned this way, also convert 1 tile in the target's second weakest color to their strongest color.
    (At level 255) 
    • Level 2: stun for 2 turns
    • Level 3: convert 2 tiles in the the target ally's second weakest color
    • Level 4: stun for 3 turns
    • Level 5: stun for 4 turns; convert 2 tiles in weakest color; convert 4 tiles in target ally's second weakest color
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    As MPQ nears 300 covers (currently 297) I came looking for inspiration for a 300th, and believe this is it,