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    So, dianetics this character moved from being boring, not fun and the most uninteresting release of the year to needing a nerf.
    Do you have some grudge on poor ikaris? Have you already seen the movie and it was so bad? (by the way I heard a preview saying the movie is as eternal as the characters).

    Nevertheless, play riri's node with polaris and you all will understand the carnage I was talking about: just collect blue and multiply strike tiles, nothing more than that.
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    He's one character where you might want animations on.  If you down him early, his resurrection just sort of happens and all of a sudden one of your characters are downed and you have no idea how it happens.  I had that occur about three times before I noticed and now make certain to down him last.
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    Not keen on having to use him on his own, going airbourne and watching the AI play the game for me is just not what I'm wanting from the game. Actually enjoy looking for matches myself. 

    Looks like he will be useful when needed as a required character, be interesting to know how 4* players feel about him and if he will become widely used or not
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    Wow. Looks like he feeds IHulk. 
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    What's the link between iHulk and Ikaris besides their revive in MPQ?
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    It's because they play the same. They are both immortal beings with a revive. It's a similar situation like Storm and Thor. They are characters that either play similar, or play very well with one another. And honestly, Ikaris probably would play rather well with IHulk because of being airborne and having a revive. 
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    Thanks for the replies.  I thought there's some kind of link in comics. :D

    Anyway, Karnak and Dark Beast would like to make their existence known. They increase match damage by 560% and 1710% respectively.

    Assuming you have 30 yellow aps, his strong colours match damage would be 
    85*8.5=723 red
    74*8.5=629 purple
    65*8.5=553 yellow

    Even if you add in the 380% boost,
    It's 2747, 2390, 2101 damage respectively.
    Overall, it's 3120% increment. However, to
    to get to such a high damage, you need to accumulate 30 yellow aps, which will take a long time, unless you have yellow battery.

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    Same. It's rather easy to get the purple needed to keep him airborne especially if you have a purple generator on your team. I suppose the strategy against Ikaris is to match all purple to keep him from going airborne while taking out the rest of his team. It's a simple enough strategy, but his team is the real issue.

    I'm thinking some of his most annoying teammates are going to be Colosssu5, Scarlet Witch (both), Vulture, Mysterio, and Heimdall. I'm sure I'm missing many others. Unfortunately, 5Archangel is pathetic, but I have Elsa champed.
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    Akoni said:
    dianetics said:
    He is still boring. He is not fun. His in air match damage feels high.
    His damage in his tier while airborne is near col5.
    TBH the last marvel movie I saw was endgame.
    I don’t care about specific toons.
    you are right about his match damage, and I never denied it. I only said he was boring and not fun, and he doesn’t pair well with heimdall.

    I use the characters that help me win. I don’t care who they are, but after using him in the welcome to shield he does not feel balanced at all.
    Why did this get a flag? I don't see anything offensive or against forum rules. 
    People still seem to think that flag is the same as dislike. It isn’t. Or if someone considers calling a character bad should be considered abuse they need to stay away from the Ultron sub. Or everyone will end up flagged. 
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    Btw, it was just posted on Reddit that Ikarus feeds iHulk. I assume because they’re both immortal.
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    Btw, it was just posted on Reddit that Ikarus feeds iHulk. I assume because they’re both immortal.

    All The Eternals are immortal! iHulk could end up with a lot of feeders using that logic if we get more of them! :D;)
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    I just realised that when Ikaris is alone and airborne, both his passives (make a match when he doesn't have any active ally and deal 380% match damage) will trigger. Imagine him being a 5*.  :o
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    Ikaris and Vulture managed to complete the 5e on the Welcome to Shield event without whales, so there is that. He joins Hydra Stomper in accomplishing that feat with my pathetic 4* roster.  Though Ikaris did have to revive after eating a few Yancy Street Specials. I used Polaris against the 4e because Peggy made staying airborne with Vulture very difficult and the strike tiles with airborne Ikaris made short work of Capt Britain.  Ikaris can definitely help cheese some of the harder nodes. 
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    dianetics said:
    Hound you are right but the only problem is that he airborne for 4 turns for 6 ap.
    With be4st and Karnak they are most likely jumping in front eating incoming damage.
    You can stun them, use powers on them, or knock them out.
    Ikarus is doing anywhere from 400-2000 every turn with little you can do about it.
    Using him it just feels like that damage is too high and could possibly use a slight adjustment down from that 380.

    5star Archangel. Stuns airborne enemies passively

    If c5lossus is tanking, he will take minimal damage. 
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    Ikaris in WTS has level 530: no 4* character is allowed to be beyond level 370.
    So obviously any ikaris anyone will face in pvp will deal less damage. 
    On his strike tiles application he won't be limited. However that will be the product of the sinergy on partners.
    I think he is probably the best 4* release this year and he has a lot of sinergy with 5* characters. 
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    dianetics said:
    His damage is great no doubt.
    I put teams out to turn purple ap to get him airborne forever.
    I wanted everyone to get knocked out so he could stay airborne forever.
    I had no trouble clearing these events. I made no matches while I watched the ai crush the nodes in front of me.
    I literally spent about 5 minutes just watching the ai play against itself.
    If you like that way... You have a deathwish on the characters offering purple to be crushed floor down, for to deal chip damage anyway....
    With polaris I went trought the 2 hardcore nodes in less than 3 minutes. 
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    I only have a 255 sighclops. So I pushed purple hard and sent the other 2 to the wolves. The two got knocked out but ikaris ended it with 100% hp.