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  • HoundofShadow
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    Each repeater gives 6% damage reduction. Looking at his abilities, I would classify his class type as:

    80% defensive 
    20% aggressive

    Making his repeaters stay on the board as long as possible to reduce damage makes sense, and the self-fortification each turn, which is a first in the game, seems to support this. Making his repeaters move from top to bottom make his damage reduction less effective. Other benefits of his repeaters are making free matches as well as messing up match-4 or match-5.
  • froggerjohn
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    Fair point about the damage reduction, but that doesn't really help in a game that's mostly speed-based. I'd much rather have the damage packets, and the ability to accelerate their usefulness.

    But I will withdraw the 'only two possibilities' part of my earlier post, in light of that observation.

    While still wishing that they moved the other direction.
  • acescracked
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    I am still fairly new in this game, stuck in 2* and 3* land for now, still learning the characters... I've played only the loaned 1/1/1 version of the character in the current PvP event. But I think Lizard is a little too good, he has basically everything...  has a stun that doubles as a heal, an AOE nuke, added tankiness while his purple's special tiles are SLITHERING their way up the board... little bit too good imho... not sure if he was intended to have a weakness, as he doesn't seem to have any 

     Whoa, hope D3 doesn't nerf him!