Character Updates - September 2020



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    I'm a little sad with what happened to Worthy Cap. Creating multiple countdown tiles was his whole shtick. I don't even know how to use him now. Maybe a battery for Gambit? We'll see. Sucks to be the guy who favorited Hawkeye and Coulson just a few days ago.

    How does this sellback thing work?
  • DyingLegend
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    Not terrible , would have liked to see Gritty get wacked, maybe next time 
  • SnowcaTT
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    bluewolf said:
    Sooooooo happy!

    Oh no.....what will players complain about now?  Polaris isn't even good on defense!

    Oh, Support distribution, I guess......maybe that'll be fixed next week.   ;)

    Thank you for the attention to balance and the game as a whole.  The last few months have seen lots of improvements.

    You're saying I'll be able to get supports?

    Bishop nerf long overdue, good to see no 4* will be able to take out huge 5* teams with ease.

    Wait, what's that you say?
  • winter37
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    Me reading about Bishop finally being rebalanced:

    Shortwingspillowfort on Twitter sickos Haha yes Yes

    In all seriousness, thanks for not just addressing the overly powerful;, but looking at chars who need a bump
  • KGB
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    This might even get me to dip my toe in 5* land now that I won't be facing a wall of Bishops. I'll decide that once everyone sees how things shake out without him and Worthy Cap.
  • y4747
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    ding dong, the bish is dead!
    speaking as a 5* player:

    bishop nerf: it's about time. i hated myself for always using him in pvp but he was just too good. don't care that he'll be thrown into the big pile of obscurity in the middle of the 4* pack, totally worth it. thanks!

    worthy nerf: he wasn't as bad as bishop, as others have said, but totally get the nerf. i'm ok with the changes, though i think there could have been a happier middle (4->2 CDs instead of 1, maybe 2 turns), where him and 5HE could be good on offense without being OP on defense.

    jubilee, thing, cho: err.... ok. they were fine. now they're... slightly more fine?

    AA - a good change, though the lack of an airborn meta in 5land means he still won't be used except on hard pve nodes/pvp with vulture.

    i'll second daredevil by asking for similar changes to other, older 5s. some of them have great kits but just can't withstand current numbers. my lvl 452 apoc has 80% more health than my lvl 488 strange. to emphasize the point, you nerfed two characters here known as the stun brothers, and yet still no-one ever used surfer despite his immunity. goblin and phoenix stand out to me - awesome kits but old numbers. these should be easy to implement.

    long-term, there are a couple that need an overhaul (wasp, banner, kp).

    good work on bishop though. will be happy to see him gone from my q (... to be replaced by hulkoye ;P)

  • Anon
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    Wow... they actually did it...
  • JHawkInc
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    I like the changes.

    I like seeing a bundle of them at once. That kinda balances out the news a little for people who aren't excited about any one change.

    I like just having a little bit of explanation written into it all, instead of a clinical "opinion-free" chart of before and after. (I think I might like this part more than the fact that there are changes to begin with)

    Also, a month before Anniversary? All things considered this has been a pretty fantastic year (weren't rebalances on the bottom of the list when things were getting shifted from the office to work-from-home earlier this year?), looking forward to ringing in the next one for MPQ!
  • CNash
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    Totally Awesome Hulk was a great green battery during the Galactus event (helping Iron Fist out massively), and now he’s an even better one. Thanks!
  • fmftint
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    fmftint said:
    Not that anyone cares but too long to bring me back, my MPQ days are long past
    But you still lurk on the message boards for a game you don't play? 
    I check the forum from time to time,  yes, never know if something may catch my attention
  • DyingLegend
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    My question is, with worthy cap, does he negate the damage of a 4 match ability as well, such as prof x or onslaught?
  • Borstock
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    I was never against Bishop. I'm still not, but at least people on here will stop whining about him. We can also see some new teams in PvP, maybe, possibly.
    The Worthy nerf is absurd. He's only even useful against the CN as part of a team. Hate this change.
    I don't see any of the buffs as game-changing, but all those characters needed one, so can't be a bad thing.