Character Updates - September 2020



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    Bishop's Overclocked can be fired only once and if you try to fire it again, it will tell you that condition is not met. It looks like his only build is 3/5/5. 

    I think I might give BRB/Bishop/Polaris a spin to see how good he is. 7 blue tiles on the board per turn could be interesting. However, it will be less useful as Polaris fills up the board. I need to find other protect tile spammers for him, apart from this team. 

    I just tried the following in Combined Arms with Bishop and:

    1) 2* Bullseye, 3* Spiderman
    2) 2* Bullseye, 3* Magneto

    The blue cascades are nice, but they take some time to ramp up. So, I think the potential for Polaris/BRB is there.