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pheregaspheregas Posts: 1,531 Chairperson of the Boards
Ok team, it is time to start clocking this until official language is, or isn't given out.

I pulled 6 standard tokens, and got one 3*.  In the summary screen I also got 50 x 3* Bonus Shards for my assigned 3* (this could be related to the old BH rules for standard tokens.)

I got no Bonus Shards (trying not to call them Bee.eSS. to avoid filter problems) in my 7 x heroics.

I pulled 11 Classics.  Of those, I got 3 x 5s (still a 13.4% pull rate :neutral: ).  I got 50 Bonus Shards for my Sharget 4* for only one of those three 5* draws.  I received no bonus shards for any of the 4* pulls.

An alliance mate confirmed that they received 50 x 5* bonus shards (again, on their sharget) after pulling a total of 5 x LTs and only got the bonus shards off of a 4* pull.  These were in Latest, though, not classic like my pulls.

To recap, 4 or 5* bonus shards can be rewarded via either a 4* or a 5* token pull.  However, it is unknown whether or not the difference in payout is due to pulling a classic token versus a latest token.

I do not yet have any data on mighty, heroic, or elite tokens as of yet.  All pulls of those three have been nonexistent or negative for bonus shards.

Please add to the data set as you can, my friends.



  • PiMacleodPiMacleod Posts: 753 Critical Contributor
    A heroic pull today gave me 50 3* shards.  No extra 4* ones.  of course, I'm thinking this may be random?  maybe a luckier pull can give 4*s too?

    Got 50 3* shards from an elite as well, but there's no other option there... unless you could get MORE?
  • ThanosThanos Posts: 621 Critical Contributor
    68 heroics and no bonus shards.
  • Waddles_PinesWaddles_Pines Posts: 847 Critical Contributor
    20 heroics, 15 mightys, 10 elites, 32 standards.... zero bonus... seems about right :/
  • lvsmr2lvsmr2 Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    Opened 5 classic & 5 legendary - no bonus shards
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 3,132 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 19 March 2020, 21:10
    l started pulling after I saw players posting about their bonus shards at reddit.

    All these pulls

    Standard Tokens: 23
    Elite Tokens 10
    Mighty Tokens: 3
    Heroic Tokens: 32

    Hollowpoint Kiss Tokens: 3

    netted me zero bonus shard.

    It seems 50 bonus shards are common.

    It's probably 1:20 for 50 shards and 1:33/250/266 for one full cover. Whales (10x/40x) get better rates.  >:)

  • A_Wise_ManA_Wise_Man Posts: 153 Tile Toppler
    15 standards, 21 elites, 10 heroics, 15 mighty tokens, 15 LT and classic pulls, no bonus 
  • Ed_DragonriderEd_Dragonrider Posts: 476 Mover and Shaker
    15 standards, 21 elites, 10 heroics, 15 mighty tokens, 15 LT and classic pulls, no bonus 
    Roughly the same rate for me too... no bonus shards either.
  • mega ghostmega ghost Posts: 1,120 Chairperson of the Boards
    I've received no bonus shards to date.
  • elko90elko90 Posts: 68 Match Maker
    Pulled 7 standard tokens and got bonus shards 
  • rawfsurawfsu Posts: 287 Mover and Shaker
    I pulled 6 Standard Tokens and got 50 Bonus Shards. A nice little touch by D3 in my opinion. Not quite the same as BH, but a little something to add that feeling of anticipation when pulling tokens. 
  • The rockettThe rockett Posts: 1,956 Chairperson of the Boards
    200 Heroics. 
    50 elite 
    40 Mighty

    Not. A. One. 
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,437 Chairperson of the Boards
    are they the same as bonus heroes were, where your 4* favorite comes from 4* pulls, 3* favorites come from a 3* pull? or is it arbitrary per token?
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    Why are so many people drawing before we have official confirmation? If you've been saving this long why let it go without knowing what to really expect?
    I mean, yeah it may take longer than we would hope, but..
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,341 Chairperson of the Boards
    Here are my results after it was announced the bonus shards were live

    I opened:
    a 50 pack Elite (7 3*)
    18 Heroics (17 2*, and one 3*, yuck)
    12 Mighty (11 3*, 1 4*)
    1 Legendary

    No bonus shards at all.. :(
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 4,792 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 20 March 2020, 10:22
    In terms of official information.....D3 is located in CA which was just ordered to shelter-at-home so they are not allowed to go to work for the time being (other than work from home).

    So stay safe, D3.  It might be a while before we hear from you again.


    If the idea was to "make up" a little for the shortfall we got from shards vs BH it would not be a very large % at all.  Maybe like 1%, or 0.5% or something.  We've seen that lots of people are opening around 100 tokens with no bonus shards. could reasonably assume that they would have some odds per token type, so pulling a variety of different tokens is less likely to see a proc than a string of the same type.....maybe, in theory.  Or maybe the rate of proc stays the same but the amount per proc changes?

    I think the appropriate attitude towards this feature will be "Oh hey, that's nice" when it happens vs "Why am I not getting any bonus shards?!?!?".
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,308 Chairperson of the Boards
    Not trying to be snippy but there have been more than one occassion where this website was updated in the middle of the night and Brigby in the past indicated even when he wasn't in the office he could "pop in and see how things were going".

    So I don't see how a "stay at home" policy would have any effect on this website?

    Now if there isn't going to be any new content because of stay at home - that I could understand but again - no reason they can't tell us that. Except for financial ones about worries in terms of keeping people spending - that said if people are bored at home they will probably still spend on forms of entertainment, you can only spend so long counting your toilet roll supply numbers everyday. I bet the Whales have thousands stockpiled! ;)

  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 4,792 Chairperson of the Boards
    Look, Brigby was Brigby and D3 is looking for workers so I just figure set your expectations very, very low......even lower than before.....

    Who knows what people can or can't do, but working from home is usually not as productive.

    I would not want to be in the entertainment industry right sir.  
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,437 Chairperson of the Boards
    making games won't be going anywhere, particularly games like this one with no mocap or voice recording that requires humans to congregate, but anything live action is basically at a standstill right now.
  • PiMacleodPiMacleod Posts: 753 Critical Contributor
    Yeah.... the internet is wonderful, as we all know.  I'm working from home right now, in a conference call (which I should be listening to)... and since data transfer is so easy, I don't see this game or forum being affected as much as some might think.

    I would hope that it wouldn't hinder it, anyways... There's enough mom-n-pop shops that are hit hard by this, but a purely online mobile game without mocap, actors, etc, should be easy enough to maintain status quo.

    Unless, for some reason, the workers don't have the software on their HOME PC/laptops... in that case, well, then there's the issue.  I can work at home because my company gives me a laptop filled with the programs and data i need to work and connect with a VPN to the company's network.  If D3 doesn't have something similar, or maybe even a smaller amount of the employees that actually have the prerequisite programs/data to work with... then I can see how it would definitely hinder what they are creating.  This is, of course, just for creation... not for forum usage and maintenance.

    Personally, I hope they're all equipped and ready for it.  No better time to focus on a mobile game and its sales than during a quarantine when your audience can't really escape!  :) 
  • pheregaspheregas Posts: 1,531 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 20 March 2020, 14:57
    RickOShay said:
    Why are so many people drawing before we have official confirmation? If you've been saving this long why let it go without knowing what to really expect?
    I mean, yeah it may take longer than we would hope, but..
     I mean, they posted confirmation yesterday in another thread...  Five minutes before my post.

    IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,439 Site Admin
    Confirmed that Bonus Shards have gone Live with this morning's patch. 
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