Using the Main User Interface

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Using the Main User Interface

This is the Main User Interface. There can be a lot to process, but have no fear! This guide will help you navigate your way around the game, and have you playing like a pro in no time.

1. Player Profile
This is where you can find all the details about your Profile, Battle Tiers, and Inventory. You can also access the Support page from this area.

You can find the name of your account, the name of your Alliance, your Player Level, your Battle Tier, and your Faction listed here.

Battle Tiers
All the rewards unlocked from various Tiers are listed in this section, and are accompanied by the number of Trophies required to unlock them.

This is essentially the Settings menu. You can toggle the Music and SFX on and off here, sign into Facebook or Google Play to save your progress, and/or access a variety of other informational pages: Language, About, Terms of Use, and more!

An important area to note is the ID section at the bottom. This is the ID that Customer Support will request, should you find yourself needing to reach out to them for assistance.

You can see a brief overview of your inventory here. It will list all the Speed-Ups you have, as well as how much Currency you have in the Faction you're currently playing as. Speaking of Factions...

2. Switch Faction
You can freely switch between both G.I. Joe and Cobra factions without impacting your building Countdowns, Currency, nor progress in general. Keep in mind though that while you will not lose any progress if you switch, both Factions are independent of each other, which means there is no shared Currency. 

In other words, the progress you complete on the G.I. Joe side won't transfer over to the Cobra side when you switch.

3. Video Ads
Who doesn't like free Diamonds? Simply watch a quick ad video, and you'll earn yourself 25 Diamonds each time. 

4. Ranking
Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you motivated for your next battle! Check out the Ranking page to see how you fare against your fellow G.I. Joe or Cobra players. Not only are you ranked individually by PVP, League, and Region, your Alliance is also ranked.

To climb higher in rank, you'll want to acquire Trophies from completing events and battles!

5. Alliance
This is where you can Search, Create, or Join an Alliance! We talk more about this topic here: Joining / Creating An Alliance

6. Store
The Store is where you can find not only Defense and Support Buildings, but also Special Offers, and ways for you to exchange Diamonds for other currencies. These are split between 5 different sections.

This section highlights two different things: the current event Buyout Box, and any available Special Offers. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, and time is of the essence, then this is where you'll want to go.

Looking to acquire Diamonds fast? Check out this page. Not only that, but you can take the Diamonds you have and exchange them into the other currencies.

Want to open some Cargo Shipments, but don't have any available to unlock at the moment? Here you can buy Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cargo Shipments with Diamonds.

Looking to bolster up your Base's defensive line? Look no further. This is where you can find everything from Tank Traps and Barracks to Rocket Salvos and Sea Laser Batteries. The more advanced the building, the more Oil and Headquarters Level you'll need.

Everything you need to keep your base running efficiently and effectively is right here. You can increase your currency production by building a Mineral Excavator or an Oil Rig, or you can increase the range of your map by building and upgrading a Radar Dish. It's all here!

7. Squad
Want to take a look at your collection of cards? This is where you'll want to go! Here you'll find all the Heroes, Vehicles, Troops, and Command cards you have unlocked. You can sort them with a variety of filters, such as Unit Category, Rank, Action Points, and more!

This is also where you can go to Upgrade your Units and unlock their abilities. You can learn more about this here: Upgrading a Unit

8. Alliance Chat
If you're in an Alliance already, then this is where you can chat with your Alliance-mates!

9. Cargo
This is where you go to open up any Cargo Shipments you've earned! Cargo contain a variety of things, such as Troop Cards, Currency, and Speed-Ups. There are 3 types of Cargo Shipments: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The higher value the Cargo Shipment is, the better and/or more content is within them.

There are Free Cargo, Battle Cargo, and Cargo Shipments earnable through a variety of ways, such as mission rewards or daily login gifts. You can hold onto a maximum of 4 Cargo Shipments, with Free Cargo having their own independent max storage slots.

Each Cargo Shipment has a set unlock time which can be seen at the top-left corner of their image. By tapping Unlock, you start the countdown timer to unlock it. You can open it immediately though by spending a small amount of Diamonds.

Free Cargo
1 free Cargo Shipment is made available every 4 hours and you can store up to 2 of them before you max out of space. Make sure to open them up, so you can make room for the next 4 hour free Cargo!

Battle Cargo
Achieve objectives in battle to earn Battle Cargo.

10. Map
The Map is where you'll go to see enemy bases to attack, and how far your territory has expanded. We'll talk more about this topic here: Navigating the Map

11. Tips
Tips not only give you helpful advice on how to play the game, but it also rewards you for accomplishing them! You can earn plenty of Diamonds by completing these Tips.

12. Events
Events are a great way to acquire more Currency and Units! By fulfilling conditions of the event, you gain special event coins used in the Event Store to open specially-tailored Buyout Boxes! Each week there will be a pair of events with one being unique to G.I. Joe and the other unique to Cobra. You can play both side to earn both their rewards!

Every event has a variety of Challenges for players to complete. Each Challenge has 3 levels of difficulty, and the higher the level of accomplishment, the higher the reward. Both the G.I. Joe and Cobra factions have their own Challenges, independent of each other.

These Challenges give special event coins that will allow you to dive into the Buyout Box for awesome items like Cards, Currency, and Materials.

Buyout Box
Buyout Boxes contain rewards you can earn by spending your special event coins. There are a finite amount of rewards in a single Buyout Box, and once you acquire all of the items in it, you'll unlock a Final Bonus Reward! You can use special event coins that you've earned from both G.I. Joe and Cobra Factions to open the Buyout Boxes.

13. Rewards
This section not only contains the 30 Day Rewards and Streak Rewards, but also your News and Mail sections.

30 Day Rewards
Every single day you log into the game, you'll earn a reward from the 30 Day Rewards calendar. If you log in 30 days out of the month, then you'll earn a Platinum Cargo Shipment!

Streak Rewards
Not only do you earn rewards for each day you log in, but you'll earn more rewards if you log in consecutively! Logging in 7 days in a row will earn you a Gold Cargo Shipment!

You can find all of our news and announcements in this section, including release notes, FAQs, and more! Not only that, but by scrolling to the bottom of the right-hand column, you can find links to find us on our social media channels.

Sometimes we'll send out gifts to all players, because all of you are awesome, so if you want to receive those goodies, then this is where you'd go to find it!

In addition, if you're working with Customer Support, and they send you any items, then this is also where you'd go to receive them.

14. Currency
This is where you can find various resources you've earned, such as Minerals, Oil, Credits, and Diamonds. They each have their own unique usages in the game.


Minerals are used to resupply Units that have been defeated in battle, recharge expended Commands, and to access locked areas on the map. You can earn Minerals from completing missions, defeating opponents, and passively from Drills. You can also exchange Diamonds for Minerals in the Resources section of the store. 

By tapping on its icon, it will reveal how much Storage Capacity and Production per Hour you have of it. In order to increase Storage Capacity, you'll want to upgrade your Mineral Depot. In order to increase Production per Hour, you'll want to build and upgrade your Drill.


Oil is used to upgrade and construct buildings in your base. You can earn Oil from completing missions, defeating opponents, and passively from Oil Dredgers. You can also exchange Diamonds for Oil in the Resources section of the store.

By tapping on its icon, it will reveal how much Storage Capacity and Production per Hour you have of it. In order to increase Storage Capacity, you'll want to upgrade your Oil Depot and/or your Oil Dredger. In order to increase Production per Hour, you'll want to upgrade your Oil Dredger.


Credits are used to level up Unit and Command cards. You can earn Credits from opening up Cargo Shipments, opening up Buyout Boxes, and passively from controlled areas. You can also exchange Diamonds for Credits in the Resources section of the store.

By tapping on its icon, it will reveal how much Production per Hour you have of it. In order to increase Boat Credit Capacity, you'll want to upgrade your Radar. In order to increase Production per Hour, you'll want to control more areas on the map.


Diamonds are used to complete actions immediately, to exchange in the store for Cargo Shipments and/or other currencies, or to acquire special Packs in the Store. You can earn Diamonds from Missions, Battles, Cargo Shipments, and Video Ads. You can also acquire them in the Resources section of the Store.
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